About Peas and Beans

I’m really pleased to report that there are pods on their way!

I planted 5 pea plants this summer – a couple survived the snails without any damage, the others are a little battered but still growing.  As you can see, the strongest plant is now in bloom and there’s even a baby pea pod!

balcony gardener

perky peas



My beans are rampant, but as yet there’s no sign of a pod…just a lot of orange flowers and some battered looking leaves.


balcony gardener beans

blooming beans


And most of the chili plants have survived, despite regular attempts by the resident snail population to munch through.  Some varieties are flowering already, others just have buds showing.  As you may remember, I had 8 different varieties planted.  Sadly all my sticky labels fell off (now I see why *real* gardeners use lolly sticks) and I have no idea which is which, other than the ‘Bulgarian carrot’ which is on my kitchen windowsill because it looked a little poorly.  I THINK this is a Tabasco.


balcony gardener chilis

championship chili


My main challenge has been a nightly snail hunt.  I have set beer traps and I go out each night with a torch to collect up the evil beasties.  I’m amazed at how quickly they work their way through my plants.  So far, I’ve lost a couple of bean plants and I have some slightly chewed chilis and peas.  But, if I miss time my hunting expedition the next morning there are some rather sad plants!


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