Balcony Gardening Blossoming

Balcony Gardening - Peas

Proliferation of Peas

Expecting Vegetables Soon – Balcony Gardening

I am getting very excited. My balcony gardening is beginning to look as if it will bear fruits (well vegetables and herbs).  I have a real proliferation of pea pods and when the sun shines through them, I can see the peas inside growing.  I’m quite impatient and I’d like to try cooking the peas in pods with some shoots in a little butter.  But I don’t want to waste them so I am trying hard to resist temptation!  I’ve got tiny (fingernail sized) beans and little green tomatoes too.  My nightly snail hunt still bears fruit (well, snails…) but the plants are a little too large now to be completely destroyed by a few munching gastropods.  My dill is fantastically ferny, my beets are near to popping and my carrots look fit for the fattest rabbit!

Balcony Gardening - Green Tomatoes

Small green tomatoes

My current issue is just how long do I wait till I start picking things!  Obviously the tomatoes are easy and I think I will be able to tell when the peas and beans are ready.  But what about the things that grow under the soil?  I am growing a variety of beet that is called Bolthardy, so I suspect it doesn’t flower and bolt…and I can just see the beet body poking up through the soil.  I’ve tried uncovering a few carrots and they are definetely ‘forming’ but are still pale coloured.

Blooming Beetroots - Balcony Gardening

Blooming Beetroot

It’s really quite hard for a beginner to know, and I don’t have enough space to have ‘spares’ of anything so I don’t want to pull things that are not ready to be harvested.  This is the hardest part of balcony gardening I’ve found so far and I really don’t have a great deal of patience.  Plus I have some plum tomatoes that I am growing which are still in pots and really could do with being planted into larger containers. If  there is an expert in balcony gardening out there with advice for a novice, please let me know!




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  1. says

    I’m really impressed that you’re growing beetroot on a balcony. One of my dreams is to have a vegetable patch one day. At the moment I make do with a chilli plant on my windowsill!

    • says

      well who knows whether I will get proper beets. I had planters built to fit the balcony and then bought balcony boxes which hang from the railings, The beets are in deep planters along the wall, so fingers crossed!

  2. Judy Beba-Thompson says

    Sounds good! I’m impressed. I’m new to vegratables myself – I’m trying a French bean but there’s so signs of beans yet… But for info, ask at the Gardeners’ World site – they know everything! You’ll be able to have your own Harvest Festival soon!

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