Brunch at Roast London

Brunch at Roast London

Thanks to a little competition run by LoveFood and the Good Energy Company I was lucky enough to win a brunch with Arthur Potts Dawson at Roast.  I haven’t been there before so I was really looking forward to trying it out.  The restaurant itself has a tiny entrance hidden next to the Roast takeaway stand but is on the first floor, with wonderful full length windows so you can people watch while you dine!

Windows at Roast


We were seated at a large round table and offered drinks while we waited for everyone to arrive.  The breakfast/brunch menu is quite extensive with a couple of set menus including a glass of bucks fizz and specials including lobster eggs benedict.  All the menu items are ‘sourced’ and there’s a list of some very notable UK suppliers.  And,  that is reflected in the prices.

Bubbly Menu at Roast

For the most part our table chose one of two options – either the lobster eggs benedict or the ‘full Roast breakfast’.   For my part, I am not a great egg lover, so I asked for no eggs.  And, I completely forgot to take a picture of the full Roast WITH eggs.  I can report though that the poached eggs on the plate next door to me looked perfectly cooked with runny yolks and just set whites.

Full Roast Breakfast

I really enjoyed my full Roast breakfast.  If I was looking to improve, well, back bacon might have been a little more appropriate and the sausages were just a bit pale on the outside(I like mine to have a bit of a caramel crunch), though perfectly well cooked through.  My black pudding was to die for though, so thank you to Ramsay of Carluke the supplier from Scotland.  Feedback on the lobster eggs benedict was that the portion was just a bit small, and for a dish with a price of over £13, that seems a reasonable criticism.  It looked very impressive though.

Lobster Eggs Benedict

So far as I could see though, everyone really enjoyed the meal.  Service was fast and efficient throughout the meal and the restaurant was sparkly clean with pretty silver teapots and pristine white crockery.  It’s a fun place to go if you are looking for something to do after shopping at Borough Market.  Somehow though, it just doesn’t have the wow factor that the menu prices suggest it should have.

Thank you to LoveFood, Arthur Potts Dawson and the Good Energy Company for a good breakfast and a fun Rickshaw ride to the Harvest Real Food Show.  My next post will cover more about both Borough Market and the Harvest Real Food Show where we saw Arthur Potts Dawson in action!

Roast London

The Floral Hall Stoney St
London, SE1 1TL


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    What a great start to your day! Glad to hear that Scottish food was up to scratch although I’m sure the black pudding would have been improved by some nice runny egg yolk lol! I know, I know, my hubby is not keen on runny egg either, but I love it. The big windows are lovely and I’m sure people watching would be fun. Nice little review, so many eating opportunities in London.

    • says

      I’m only sorry that we were going on to the real food harvest event so I didn’t dare buy some of the fabulous peat smoked salmon that was on sale just outside!:) and yes, there are tons of eating opportunities in London.

  2. says

    Can’t believe I just missed you by a hair on saturday! What a coincidence too! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. It’s certainly not a cheap place but I loved my little pancakes..


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