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This is my second visit to @Siam in Soho and I’m happy to say was a much better experience than the first.  This time, I took a friend who was brought up in Thailand, really so that I could get a better grasp of the food.  My personal experience of Thai food is limited to what I see as pub Thai food (green curry, red curry etc.) and a small Thai café opposite West Kensington tube station where the owner has explained to me that she cooks as if she is at home, with some adaptation for the taste of her English customers.  So to do justice to a restaurant that is aiming to serve ‘Modern Thai’ cuisine, I thought I needed some help!

Thai Iced Tea

My companion’s first foray into the ‘taste of Thailand’ was Thai iced tea.  She said it was something that she drank as a child…a strong tea, laced with sweetened milk. I did taste it, and I can see how it would work in a hot country, though it was too sweet for my personal taste.


Todd Mann Pra - thai fishcakes

We decided to start with some crackers and a Todd Man Pra to share between us. The crackers arrived in a large basket and the Todd Man Pra followed on shortly after.

As you can see, the fishcakes were beautifully cooked, moist inside and served with a really fresh and pleasant dipping sauce.


Tom Kha Goong - thai coconut soup with prawns

We’d both yearned for soup…it was one of those rather chilly autumnal days when you want something warm and soothing, so we ordered two bowls of Tom Kha Goong, Thai coconut soup with prawns, which fitted the bill exactly.  I guess if I have any criticism, it’s that the soup was just a little sweet for my taste, but since it depends on coconut milk and ginger that’s perhaps not surprising!  I also managed to mistake the end of a red chilli for a bit of prawn!

Our main dishes were a Sea Bass curry for my friend, Gan Keaw Wan Pla Kra Pong and Weeping Tiger for me, a marinated fillet steak with a hot dipping sauce.

Weeping Tiger

My Weeping Tiger was fabulously tender and the dipping sauce complimented the meat perfectly.  My friend’s Sea bass curry was a pretty bowl of fish and a mixture of vegetables.  Both well cooked and beautifully presented.  The rather lovely pottery that the restaurant uses is made for them in Thailand and branded with their name!

Thai Sea Bass Curry

@siam is a small but elegant restaurant almost next door to Ronnie Scotts.  The address has been a Thai restaurant for many, many years, but @siam aim to offer a slightly more modern menu than their predecessor.   The bill cane to just under £70 for the two of us, including a glass of wine for me, large quantities of jasmine tea and an inclusive service charge.  There are also a range of quick and well priced lunch options.

@siam thai restaurant

We ate at @siam as guests of the restaurant


48 Frith Street



(020) 7494 4511

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3.5 / 5 stars     
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  1. says

    I am meeting some friends for lunch next Friday and was wondering where to go. After reading your review and seeing the pictures of what looks really lovely food I no longer have to wonder.

    Thanks for making my choice a lot easier.


  2. says

    Sounds delcious although £70 for two seems a bit steep. I guess those are London prices. We are fortunate to have a Thai restaurant just two miles from our farm (it’s my most local restaurant) the chef is Thai and the food is excellent. So Thai food is almost always our choice for take away and often to eat in the restaurant as well. We would probably get four meals for the price of your two!

    • says

      I was there as a guest of the restaurant. There are quite a few more reasonably priced things, but of course, I chose fillet steak and my guest chose sea bass. I agree though, it wasn’t cheap…

  3. TC says

    Went to @Siam tonight for dinner and very disappointed. I am a Thai food lover and do not call this place a true Thai restaurant it’s a bit of Asian with a few red or green Thai curry’s and that is all that is true Thai about this restaurant. Found it over priced for what it was the staff constantly rushed you through ordering and eating. We ordered a weeping tiger and it came cold as if taken straight from fridge when I questioned this they put it in the microwave to heat it up and it was terrible. We ordered a lamb in Thai sauce which was so much nicer. After outer weeping tiger became a nuked dry jerky we heard an adjacent tables complaints their food was all cold as well – very disappointed considering if the food is ready they aren’t short of staff to bring it out given they are so pushy for you to eat and turn the table over. Would I recommend or go back – definitely no!!

    • says

      I took a friend with me who was brought up in Thailand so I am sure it was authentic then. We were also there at Lunch Time and it was very quiet. I had the weeping tiger myself and really enjoyed it at the time – it definitely wasn’t dry. But, it was over a year ago now, and places do change. Sorry you had a bad experience. It’s usually worth looking on somewhere like Urban Spoon for current reviews.

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