Christmas Shopping Guide Day 7

Give the Gift of Steak!

I got this offer by e-mail this morning and it really made me smile.  On the face of it, it’s just plain silly.  After all, who would want a steak for Christmas?  But actually it’s rather clever.

You may remember I’ve been testing some food for Westin Gourmet.  You can find steak, pork and chicken dishes on the blog that I’ve made from their last sample box.  So, I know their products are great quality.

Westin Gourmet chicken

What they have on offer are some discounted gift vouchers you can buy and have delivered by Christmas so long as you send in your order by 22nd December.  For £10, you get a £15 voucher, for £25, you get £40 worth of vouchers and for £50 you get £75 worth of vouchers.  Or, in Westin Gourmet terms, 220 cumberland sausages.

They’ve also discounted their loyalty card and thrown in £15 worth of vouchers too, for just £25.

Westin Gourmet meat isn’t always the cheapest you can buy.  But the quality of everything I tried was superb, so this is a gift that will bring a smile to the face of any red-blooded carnivore.

Westin Gourmet Steak and Chip!

And, it will probably be the most unusual gift you give this Christmas!




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