Blogger Lunch at the Ship, Wandsworth

What’s in a Blogging Event then?

For me, finding that there were real people behind the blogs I’d been following for a while before I started my own was an unexpected bonus.  I was very lucky last year, about a month into starting my own blog, to win a place at Food Blogger Connect.  Slightly shell-shocked at the Hempel, I really was in ‘finding my feet’ mode.  But I made a few friends and learnt more in a few days than I would easily have done by myself in a month or so!

Ever since then I’ve been exploring ‘real life’ meetings of bloggers.  I’ve been to Bite n Write in Birmingham – a great first out of London blogging event and I’ve been to a Meet-Up.

I’d heard about blogger events at the Ship – quite a few ‘by the way’ enthusiastic comments, but never actually had the chance to go to one.  Then I saw last Saturday’s event being tweeted.  And I messaged and asked if I could come along!

The Ship, Wandsworth, Pork and cider Pie

The Ship is one of those pubs that everyone in South London knows.  I used to go there quite regularly when I lived that side of the river…and I’ve always been interested in how it might  have turned out.  It used to be quite an earthy place, with a barbeque but not much else in the way of food.  Now, well, it’s still an earthy place.  I don’t think you’d dub it a gastropub, although the food is good enough to warrant that label.  But, it’s definitely first and foremost a pub and secondly somewhere to go and eat, as my twenty-something trainer made clear this morning when she told me she’d been there to drink a lot – that there was often live music at the weekend and that it was a really cool place.

Now, a blogger event probably isn’t the fairest assessment of the food at any venue.  The Ship lunch had about 35 bloggers.  For our £20 we were given a welcome glass of champagne (and yes it WAS champagne) and what appeared to be unlimited wine through the lunch.  And then sharing plates of some really great food.


As usual when I’m enjoying myself, I start to forget to take pictures.  So you will have to excuse the fact that I was WAY too excited about the fois gras and brioche and that I completely missed the venison scotch eggs, which even I managed to enjoy.

Apart from the aforementioned dishes, here are just a few snaps of the food we were served.

A great onion soup

The Ship, Onion Soup

Some really pretty scallops accompanied by a fennel fritter

The Ship Wandsworth scallops

Plaice wrapped in pancetta and served on a bed of samphire

Ship Wandsworth pancetta wrapped plaice

A tender Guinea Fowl dish

The Ship Wandsworth Guinea Fowl

The famous Ship Burger

The Ship Wandsworth, Burger

A fabulous chocolate fondant pudding

The Ship Wandsworth Pudding

And treacle tart with a gingersnap and icecream

There could well have been more!


Apart from the chance to meet some new faces and a few people I’ve seen before…well, that must have been the best value lunch I’ve had for a long, long time.  Lovely to see Kavey again and to meet Ailbhe (whose blog I DID know – who could forget those fantastic illustrations!)

Thank you to Gail Doggett , the other people who helped make it happenand to The Ship for a great Lunch.

4 / 5 stars     
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    Lovely to meet you too Fiona. Great lunch, love The Ship. Hope your lurgy didn’t linger, all that good food must have helped. Excellent day.

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