Ceviche – a taste of Peru in London

 Ceviche Soho:

Martin Morales’ recently opened Ceviche bar at 17 Frith Street does just what it says on the tin!  As you open the door there’s an overwhelming smell of lime. And, even on a chilly afternoon in early March a real South American vibrancy.  It’s fresh and lively – I can imagine this place will be very popular when we finally get some consistent sunshine.  In the meanwhile, you can pop in early evening and get to eat and drink very quickly!

Bar at Ceviche Soho

We intended to go in there to try out the Pisco sours but, were tempted enough by the menu to order a plate of ceviche each.  Now, as you may have spotted, I’ve tried making my own ceviche and I’ve also ordered it when I’ve been eating out.  I wanted to try the ‘real thing’ and this seemed to be the best place to go

I ordered Don Ceviche, the house seabass ceviche in ají amarillo chilli tiger’s milk, ají limo chilli and red onions.  The Hedonist chose the Alianza Lima  ceviche of the fish of the day, prawns, squid and octopus in rocoto chilli tiger’s milk and giant choclo corn.

Restaurant Review Ceviche Soho London

Generous plates of fish in a citrus dressing were really a very refreshing snack.  Neither of us really needed to eat,  but these were light and yet somehow filling.  The fish was incredibly fresh tasting, a bit like the best sushi and the marinade was nothing like as hot as I’d anticipated.  I’ve made ceviche at home and my version tends to have a real chilli kick to it, although I don’t use hot chillis like rocoto and amarillo.  And, although the dishes had a light citrusy taste,  in both cases the fish was the hero.  So, I will have to revise my version!

Pisco sours were fun drinks rather than heavily alcoholic, think along the lines of the sort of Mojhito you might serve at a barbeque.

This is light, informal, drinking and dining.  Dishes are mostly under £10 and cocktails £6-8.  There’s a barbeque grill for hot food and ceviche is made in front of you, cured for less than two minutes and served up to you by friendly bar staff.

So for something fun, different, fresh and healthy why not try Ceviche!


3.5 / 5 stars     
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  1. says

    Quickly made its way to the top of the ‘must do’ list. One of our best friends is Peruvian- we’ve had some great/messy nights on pisco sours. Think it’s time to relive the magic.

    • says

      It was very good;) probably going after Lunch at Pollen Street Social is just a little OTT…plus I think it would be great fun in the evening…there’s much more on the menu than I expected;)

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