Balcony Garden 2012

Potted Balcony Gardening Take Two:

It’s still less than a year since I started writing this blog.  Looking back on last year, one of my great thrills last year was managing to grow a lot of my own vegetables on my very small roof terrace.  I’ve got about eight square feet of space and I have a table and barbeque out there too.

courgettes for my balcony garden


Right now, I am in ‘preparation’ stage.  I’ve been starting off tomatoes, early potatoes, aubergines, courgettes, peas and beans and tidying up my herbs (I have rosemary, bay, parsley, thyme, chives and sage – as well as some rather sad garlic…my cats seem to think that chewing garlic leaves is good for them!  I’ve also given in, I’m growing flowers!  Lavender and French Marigolds (both of which are edible) and I am not at all convinced the aubergines will produce ‘fruit’ but I do know that they will have some really pretty flowers!


balcony in preparation - peas

It’s a strange time for a London flat dweller.  Clearly I don’t have a greenhouse.  So, those things which need to be started early but are a little fragile are currently living on windowsills through the flat in various pots and containers (yes, those are loo-rolls with the pea-plants sprouting).  When the sun shines I transport them to the outside table.  And, I do feel a bit as if my flat is becoming home to the triffids, particularly with this year’s courgette experiment.


I’m attempting some kind of amateurish crop rotation and my tomato plants are going into the bed that had the peas last year.

I’ve also got a second potato planter (only a cheap plastic thing) so that I can attempt to grow both earlies and main crop potatoes.


This year, I’ve held off planting so many chillis.  There are just 6 scotch bonnet plants and 6 jalepenos poking their way through on the heated propagator

balcony gardening 2012

Keep your fingers crossed for me, I am concerned about the promised ‘return of winter’ next week and wondering if I will need to cover my peas, beans and potatoes (the earlies are just beginning to sprout through).

Any advice on what else I might be able to squeeze into my tiny growing space much appreciated;)







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  1. Michelle says

    I’m so impressed by what you’ve squeezed into such limited space. Well done you! Our garden’s not much bigger than your space but I do grow herbs and carrots on the patio and potatoes and rhubarb in the useless triangle of space at the bottom of our garden (think the planners were drunk). I grow chillis and tomatoes in the house. They go outside in summer and like you, I’ve dropped the numbers this year. Just not enough room!

    This link’s an idea for something else you could perhaps squeeze in. I’ve never tried it but the thought of a ridiculously long carrot has always made me smile. I really must get hold of a pipe or two at some point…

  2. says

    I also have a limited space…this year I’m trying to grow peas, beans, spring onion, beetroot, potatoes & lettuces- all in pots (I’ve reluctantly given up on the courgettes after 2 years of mouldy mildewy specimens) I’m looking forward to hearing more about the veggie successes!

    • says

      my beetroot last year didn’t work, but everything else was fine. Radishes are good too, they grow quickly and make a pretty addition to salads. I am trying courgettes this year for the first time. And tomatoes are fabulous to grow in pots and much much nicer than the shop ones

  3. bellyfulloffood says

    Very impressed with what you did in a small space. I’m waiting for my ‘pot’ vegetable garden to get going.

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