42°Raw, Royal Academy Piccadilly

42°Raw -in their own words
“What is More Fun than saying detoxifying antioxidants?
Eating them!”

As you may have noticed from my reviews and recipes I am something of a carnivore.  So, a visit to 42°Raw for lunch was not top of my personal wish list.  It sounded a bit too alternative for me, and I have no intention of following a raw food or vegan diet for anything other than a short detox.   But, you know, I try to be open minded.  Heck, I even try eggs every so often…

From the press about 42°Raw it started to sound a little more interesting.

a brand new cult dining concept, which is brought to you by founder Jesper Rydahl, who opened the first 42°Raw in Copenhagen in 2009, and Kofler & Kompanie, the creators of the internationally renowned PRET A DINER pop ups that brought The Minotaur to the Old Vic Tunnels during Frieze Art Fair last year’

And slightly scarily healthy

42 Raw Piccadilly

‘we only use 100% plant-based foods and our philosophy is that food must be served in its most natural state.  Untouched by sugar, dairy product, preservatives and coloring’

So, I arranged to meet the PR for 42°Raw and the Editor of  MyChicCity there for lunch.

The Café is at the back of the Royal Academy in a lovely space with high ceilings and a feeling of light and air which suits the ambience of the place.  Feeling rebellious and rather unhealthily I ordered an Americano, with milk… and then had pangs of  guilt watching my companions sip on a stunningly coloured smoothies.

Raw42 Piccadilly Tapas

My tapas lunch was delightful.  The café does seem to have succeeded in its attempt to:

Create a healthy, fast casual dining experience that would serve as testament to the future of healthy eating around the world’.

Vegetables were beautifully flavoured and balanced with the textures of creamy nut and avocado dressings.  Nuts, seeds and rosemary crackers added depth and flavour.  By the end of our lunch we both felt full but not bloated and in my case, oh so virtuous!

The real test though, is would I go back again?  And the answer is a definite yes.  Prices are no more than the stale dishes you get in the local coffee chains with smoothies and muesli at £4.00 and lunch and dinner dishes ranging from £6.00 to £10.00 for the tapas. There’s even a rather lovely sounding ‘warm thai soup with lemongrass, lime leaves, chili, mushrooms and bok choi.  As well as some rather splendid looking desserts and cakes that we didn’t sample.  It’s refreshing in more than one way to find such good food in central London.  I’d love to try a week of detox with the food from here…but, it just wouldn’t have the hair-shirt credibility, so instead I’ll impress my friends and bring them for lunch.

Chocolate Cake Raw42, Piccadilly


Disclosure:  We dined by invitation of the Restaurant.
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4.5 / 5 stars     
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    Update – I HAVE been back and unfortunately the cafe has started serving their food in takeaway style paper and cardboard packaging. For me, that really undermines the decor and ambience. What a shame!

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