Getti, Piccadilly

Getti, Jermyn Street, Piccadilly – Meeting Big Brother:

Rather sadly my regular lunch companion had to cancel our date at Getti at the last minute…so I ended up going alone.   There are advantages and  disadvantages to dining alone.  For once I was able to concentrate completely on the food and surroundings, without the distraction of conversation.  And, I could eat at my own pace (I tend to find I am being rushed a bit) and take photographs without being pestered to hurry up.  But, instead of having 4 or 6 dishes to review, obviously I was limited by what a single person could eat!

Truth be told, I rather enjoyed the experience.  I have done a fair amount of dining alone before, but it has always been when I’ve been on a business trip or similar.  And, as I think I’ve mentioned before, one of the benefits of blogging for me has been that it’s made me actively critical about what I am doing.

Getti is the big brother of Assaggetti which I visited a couple of weeks ago.  The Jermyn St branch is less than a 5 minute walk from Assaggetti (there’s a second ‘brother’ in Marylebone High Street) .  It’s somewhere I’ve meant to visit for some time so, one of my friends must have recommended it.  It’s a little more formal than Assaggetti and a little more expensive with an a la carte where most starters are around £10 and mains around £20.  But, there’s an express menu with two courses at £13.50 and three at £15.50 if you are dining pre-theatre or looking for a quick lunch.

Scallops at Getti, Jermyn Street, Piccadilly

I started with Capesante Saltate con Zucchine Alla Griglia – sauted scallops and grilled courgettes.  The scallops were nicely cooked, served with coral which the purist might dislike, but which for me just reinforced the ‘simplice e buona’ message on the menu.    They were dressed with a herby and buttery sauce.

The main course was a very easy sell!  Apparently the special promotion of the day was a half lobster on linguine (Linguine All’Astice) served with a glass of champagne, for just under £25.  I do like lobster and I love champagne.

Linguine all'Astice Getti, Piccadilly

The lobster itself was fabulous and well flavoured.  I’ve been served lobster  that just tastes a bit ‘watery’, perhaps because of the cooking or perhaps because of the beast itself.  I asked the source of this particular crustacean and was told that they used Scottish Lobster.  Thus reaffirming my love of Scottish seafood!  I did find the linguine a little overwhelming and would have preferred a smaller portion of pasta, with the same amount of sauce and tomatoes.  As it was, I ended up leaving about half the pasta, though all the tomatoes went,  along with every scrap of lobster.

For dessert I chose one of the smaller dessert options and thoroughly enjoyed my rich chocolate gelato with Frangelico.  It was quite a large ‘small’ dessert, but I was spying on other diners and it wasn’t just for the benefit of a review meal, other tables were also getting good, healthy appetite portions!

Gelato at Getti Piccadilly


I enjoyed my lunch thoroughly.  I’d recommend Getti for friendly, well cooked Italian food with professional service.   It would be a good business lunch venue, midweek it was quiet but not dead, or work well for a pre-theatre meal if you wanted something a little more formal than Assaggetti.  And make sure you are hungry!

Disclaimer:  I dined as a guest of Getti

16/17 Jermyn Street
London SW1Y 6LT

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  1. Rosie says

    Seriously, you need a new dining companion. Your current one is taking you for granted.

    They get to dine in wonderful places because YOU are invited to review them, this includes taking photos, notes, and spending time observing the staff, diners and soaking up the atmosphere.

    If this companion is hurrying you up, it’s because they are selfish, entitled, and think they are doing you a favour by coming with you, when in fact, it’s the opposite.

    Stop being so “nice”. You’re the one posh restaurants want, not him/her. You’re a beautiful (although you don’t know/act it), talented, funny, kind and witty lady. Any normal person would be happy to spend a relaxed evening or afternoon in your company, regardless of whether they are getting free gourmet food or not.

    • says

      LOL Rosie, I am quite happy with the people I dine with (there are several). I think we all tend to arrive ‘hungry’ because the expectation is that we will eat a full meal. So, sometimes it’s just difficult to be patient. And, not all my meals are review meals, I subject my friends to the wait whether or not I’ve been invited to review or just gone along for my own enjoyment;)

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