A Flurry of Fionas

The Fiona Project…

Now, I am just a little camera shy.  It takes a lot to get me to even consider having my picture taken.  But, I WAS curious when I was contacted by an Austrian photographer

“my name is Fiona Rukschcio and I am an Austrian artist working since some years
now on a foto project that involves other women with our first name.

Here you can see more about the project

I am in London till the 26th of June at the moment and would like to meet and fotograph you.
I know it is very last minute, but maybe you can switch me in? It takes around 30 minutes and is outdoors.
I can come anywhere it is convenient for you. We can also do the foto in September.
It would be a pleasure if you would agree participating in my project!

Sincerely, Fiona Rukschcio

In the end, I decided that I’d like to meet my namesake…and since she has a facebook group and had arranged a ‘Fiona’ gathering at Ffiona’s in Kensington, I thought I’d go along.

the Fiona Project


We had a bizarre, slightly surreal but fun evening at Ffiona’s.  The photos were taken by Fiona the photographer using my camera, so for once they haven’t needed serious photoshopping!

ffionas kensington church street

Fiona the photographer ate watermelon and feta salad which she loved.

watermelon and feta salad at Ffionas

I had a rather less healthy Chicken Schnitzel with fries and the other Fionas had fish and chips. Everything seemed fine, nothing seemed spectacular. I rather suspect the best time to go is for Brunch…or Supper on any day except Sundays as the restaurant is closed on Mondays and things were running out. But, I’d rather have fresh and limited than tired food.

Ffiona's fish and chips with mushy peas

It’s a restaurant that wins on ambience rather than food – although there’s nothing dreadful about the dishes we ate, there’s nothing remarkable about them either.  It’s good, simple food.  But, people go to Ffionas because of Ffiona herself, because it’s relaxed and because for the most part you don’t need to worry about the food.

Apparently there were 6 Fionas to photograph in Berlin.  Others in France, Italy, Belgium and the UK.  Many of us were born in a cluster around the early 1960s when the name was particularly popular.  We are, so I am told, all strong minded and forceful people.

I will have my photo taken.  I loved the portraits I saw.  I love the concept of the project and, when all is said and done, I like my name and I’m proud to be a Fiona.  If you happen to be a Fiona too, please do get in touch with Fiona Rukschcio via the weblink above.
Ffiona's on Urbanspoon

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  1. says

    what a lovely piece! such an interesting thing to happen! must be a well funded person to go around photographing Fionas. I often used to walk past Ffiona’s and was not inspired to go in though always heard it was popular. Did you meet Ffiona?

  2. says

    Brilliant! I used to walk past that restaurant all the time when I lived around there and in all those tears, I never managed to eat there. Used to love Maggie’s around the corner though!
    Such an interesting project and one that has been so enjoyable to read about here :-) xx

  3. says

    I wish my lovely mother-in-law were still alive to take part in this cool project! Talk about a strong character with loads of personality. She wore the name Fiona proudly.

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