Evans and Peel Earls Court

Special Investigation at Evans & Peel:

Evans and Peel Detective Agency

Somewhere just off Earls Court Road, you’ll find this ordinary enough black door marked Evans and Peel Dectective Agency.  Yeah, you might think you don’t need a detective agency, but you’ve got the wrong idea. Let me tell you my friend, if you need to quench your thirst with something a little stronger than the coffee bar on the corner has to offer,  it’s a place you need to know about, right now.

Ring the bell, if you are lucky the door will open.  Just make your way down the stairs pronto, and if things go well when you are interviewed, you might just find yourself getting admitted to somewhere rather particular.  The charming detective will greet you and check out your credentials before he finds you a space to sit (no standing room in this joint!)

evans and peel interior

Make sure you know why you are there.  He won’t suffer fools.

Evans and Peel Radiator

I’m not planning on spoiling the mystery.  If things go your way, you might pinch yourself and think you are back in the 1920s, somewhere downtown in the USA.  And, you know, it might just be a little shady…but these guys are careful who they let through the doors.

Very careful…

evans and peel cocktail

Charm the mixologist and your glass won’t just have OJ or cola.  And what’s more it won’t hit your pocket too hard at £9.50 a go.

evans and peel sliders

Feeling peckish?  The whole caboodle includes smokey sliders full of tender pork and beef smoked in house, a comforting mac and cheese, a smoked deep fried goat’s cheese and some sweet potato salad just to keep you on the right side of the track.  And your wallet will be lighter by just £30 for sustenance for you and your partner so you can enjoy the ambiance and a little more of the honeyed nectar on offer.

Evans and Peel Drawers

This joint already has their regulars.  Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve discovered that for a favoured few, their liquor gets stored in individual drawers behind the bar, their tables are always ready and the door opens like magic for them.  Ask nicely and you might just get an invite.


But, I’ve said enough already.

The detail you need to know is

Evans and Peel
310c Earls Court Road

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3.5 / 5 stars     
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