Global Feast 2012

Global Feast 2012 – An Olympic Dining Experience:

Last night’s preview of Global Feast 2012 at Stratford, London was buzzing with enthusiasm.  There’s a bit of a party atmosphere around Stratford, home to the Olympic park, which has extended into the pretty  courtyard of  the Old Town Hall, just across the road from the Olympic Park.  During the Olympics themselves, Kerstin Rogers has curated a pop-up supper club event where you can, literally, eat your way around the World courtesy of some of Britain’s top supper club chefs.

global feast - perugia

There’s a slightly surreal and fantastic table/sculture of the world, 15 metres long and 6 metres wide, round which all the guests will be seated.  Created by Alex Haw, you could find yourself dining in any part of the world, sitting in an ocean, dining off a coastline, mountain range or city skyscraper using bespoke plates produced especially for the occasion.  And, depending on the evening you chose to visit, you might be treated to Persian/middle eastern food courtesy of Sabrina Gayhour and Sally Butcher, Thai and Vietnamese food from Uyen Luu and Poonperm Paitaywat, Japanese food from Yuki’s kitchen, or North American food from Scott Ball of Kooky Bakes!

global feast flower map

We snacked on some fabulous canapés produced by some of the hosts to give us a taste of what was to come.  How about these wonderful soy infused eggs from China courtesy of Cherry Smart who runs FedbyTang supperclub?

global feast - japan

Or splendid East African Chips?

global feast - east african

My personal favourite, these slightly strange looking canapés, chwee kueh rice cakes, creamy and delicious with a real kick in the spicy topping,  from Goz of plusixfive supperclub, representing Singapore.  They were so fabulous I think I ate about 6 of them!

global feast - singapore

There was a real global feast going on last night with many of the chefs there in person presenting tasters of their menus – the intention is to showcase the diverse and collective approach of the supperclub culture in Britain  in the area hosting the majority of London 2012 Olympic events.

So, whether you happen to be going to the games and want to eat something VERY special after an afternoon at the park…or if you simply want to enjoy international FOOD rather than international sport for an evening or two during the Olympics then why not book an evening at Global Feast 2012.  Tickets start at £55 person for a full meal, welcome drink and the bar stays open till 2am.  What better way to celebrate 2012!

For more information, menus and a calendar go to Global Feast 2012.


4 / 5 stars     
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      it was fun! I half wish I was going to the olympic stadium during the games because I’d sneak in a global feast afterwards…but, instead I’m watching volleyball at Earls Court!

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      I’d just like to spread the message that there’s some fantastic food on the doorstep of the olympic park I know if I was going to an afternoon session, I’d stay on and eat at the global feast because it’s really quite special!

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