Crumb Pie with Summer Berries

Crumb Pie – Smulpaj!

When is a crumble not a crumble?  Well, obviously, when it’s a crumb pie!  In fact although the ingredients for this dish are very similar to an English crumble, the method is rather easier, although in some ways less practical if you are catering for a family.

I was sent the ingredients for this by Sunvil Holidays who are running a virtual supper club at the moment and inviting us all to try recipes from their destination hotels. This particular one, while definitely not suitable for the 5:2 diet IS something I really have enjoyed making and eating .

crumb pie

The recipe, here, suggests you make the crumble mix by melting butter and then mixing that into the flour and sugar mix.  Obviously that is a lot quicker than the English ‘rubbing in’ method that I was taught by my mother.  She used to keep a large coffee jar of crumble topping in the fridge because once made up, it keeps well for a few weeks.  And putting together the final crumble was then a matter of seconds.  This version isn’t one you can make up in advance, but it is really quite quick to do.

So, the question for me was DOES IT WORK

crumb mix

I followed the recipe, but halved the quantities because for me, something that starts with 250g of butter is going to be more than I can use in a week.   I did use demerara sugar and whole wheat flour for extra crunch, but otherwise followed the recipe through And although I know crumble freezes well, you need space in your freezer to do that, and right now I have none at all!  As it turns out half the quantities in the recipe makes about the right amount for four people.

uncooked crumb pie

Melting the butter to make the crumble mix was simple and worked very well.    And, using berries meant I didn’t have to peel or slice any fruit.  So this whole thing took about 5 minutes to prepare.

I used individual pie dishes for the mix and popped them in the oven for 20 minutes.

A perfect, simple dessert – definitely not for a 5:2 diet fasting day though with all that butter.  I thought it was a lot in proportion to the flour, then I checked my mum’s crumble mix recipe and it’s pretty much the same (half fat and sugar to flour).  So, if you want to make a healthier version for non fasting days on the 5:2 diet, I’d suggest using a deeper pie dish and a higher fruit to crumble ratio!

crumb pie


Disclaimer:  I was sent the ingredients for this dish and the recipe by Sunvil Holidays

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