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The Hottest Tables in Town at Bounce:

It’s relatively unusual to find me at any kind of table other than one you sit at to eat.  And, I’ve never really been interested in playing competitive sport.  So, what on earth was I doing lurking around in a basement playing ping-pong?  Read on and all will become clear.

Bounce Ping Pong's Home

When I read that Bounce had just opened and was the brainchild of the same person who started All Stars Lanes, I was keen to see how it might work.  All Stars managed to make a rather tired, if fun, activity happening in London again, so I was curious to see if the same magic would work for ping-pong.

Ping-pong or table tennis is a relatively young sport.  Although the plaque at Bounce suggests that it was invented in 1901, in fact according to wikki, people had already been enjoying playing table-tennis for some twenty years before John Jaques patented the name.

pingpong display at bounce

Bounce opened on 1st October 2012 – Europe’s first ‘Social Ping Pong Club’.  The product of a collaboration between entrepreneur and accomplished table tennis player Dov Penzik and the co-founder of All Star Lanes, Adam Breeden, it seemed like a great idea to me.  I DO remember playing ping pong as a kid.  We had a table in a room in the attic and if the weather was bad, we could spend hours up there.  It is a social game, you play facing your opponent(s), close enough to talk and to see the expression on their face when you smash the ball at them;).  And, it’s hard to be too serious when you are hitting a tiny white ball across a table badly – even if it is an Olympic table!

bounce olympic table


Bounce has a fabulous bar area and there are great cocktails on offer, along with a range of wines and beers.  There’s a restaurant with a wood burning pizza oven and a fun menu of pizzas and a few hot dishes.  We sampled a couple of cocktails, which were great, but for once we didn’t try the food!

bounce olympic table in action


bounce bar

What is evident is that this is a great fun space.  Whether you go with just one friend or with a group, whether you are a ping-pong expert or an amateur like me, it’s the sort of game where you will have fun having a go.  And, you can stay on, drink, eat and chill with your friends and watch the other tables in action.

food at bounce

We arrived early, at 5pm and the place was already busy.  By the time we left every table was in use.  There are 14 Custom designed Butterfly Ping Pong Tables in main playing area including the Olympic 2012 Table and World Championship Table and a further 3 tables in a private room, designed for a maximum of 8 people.  Table hire starts at £10 per half hour depending on the time of day and on whether or not you want to pretend you are in the Olympics;).  I would imagine it will be exceptionally popular for Christmas parties, so if you want to have a go, do get there soon!

Disclaimer:  we enjoyed a complimentary cocktail and game of ping pong at Bounce courtesy of the management.

Bounce London
121 Holborn


4 / 5 stars     
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    This sounds great! I’m sure you had so much fun! I’ve wanted to start playing ping pong since Forrest Gump came out! :) I’m sure that any (if not all) of those who frequent Bounce would beat me mercilessly, though. Great post!

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