Brooklyn Bite and the Kings Road

Brooklyn Bite Plus Size Pizzas:

Going to a Pizza Joint with a non-meat-eater is a seriously flawed concept.  Especially if you are yearning for Pepperoni…and especially if the Pizza Joint in question has a reputation for, well, let us just say ‘generous’ pizzas.  Of course I went with good intentions of having a salad or something…and just a slice of The Hedonist’s Pizza…but…of course that never happened.

brooklyn bite pizza

Well, I didn’t start quite there.  It was a weekday lunchtime so obviously I needed a glass of something fizzy…

brooklyn bite prosecco

And maybe some of those mozzarella sticks I’d spotted on their website when I was checking out the place.  Yes the tomato salsa really is as fresh as it looks…and yes mozzerrella sticks are NOT what I should have been eating even if it wasn’t a 5:2 fast day…but, never mind!

brooklyn bite mozzarella

Now, I DID go on to order the  Fugetaboutit, with red sauce, mozzerella, pancetta, ham, pepperoni and salami.  The very one you see in the picture at the top of this post. And I have no regrets.  It was a serious pizza and despite ordering the smaller option (12 inches I think?) it was so laden with delicious topping that I only managed half.  The staff kindly packaged the other half up for me and I walked home with my pizza box in hand (it reheated very well too).

The Hedonist ordered himself a Benny Blanco which arrived laden with cheesy topping..Extra Virgin Olive Oil, ricotta, garlic mix, basil, tomato and mozzerella.

Brooklyn bite Pizza 1

He managed to eat the entire Pizza and a salad.  Respect the Man!

brooklyn bites salad

And then, he ordered icecream!

brooklyn bites icecream

I like this place.  It’s simple but stylish and comfy – upstairs more of a family affair

brooklyn bite

Downstairs, there’s a cosy lounge area where the Owner of the Joint Ilias Nathanail told us they showed black and white movies some evenings.  At no extra cost.  Somewhere to chill and enjoy the cocktails and pizzas.

brooklyn bite lounge 2

What was the verdict?  Well, it’s really pretty good.  The Pizzas that we tried had some of the best toppings I’ve had in years and those mozzerella sticks are truly moreish. It’s fun, family friendly and slick.  And, it’s close enough to the shops on the Kings Road to be an excellent place to drop in for lunch.  I was suprised it wasn’t busier, but I guess a mid week lunchtime is probably not the best time to see the restaurant in full swing, particularly one that has just re-opened after a major refurb.

Do go along and try the pizzas.  It’s a great place to try a bit of New York in London…
Brooklyn Bite
342 King’s Road, London SW3 5UR
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4 / 5 stars     
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