Christmas Gifts for Food Lovers that Last

Day One – Flavrbox Tasting Subscription:

Mea Culpa.  I was very kindly sent a Flavrbox to review in September.  Despite scoffing the sweeties in my box before I even had a chance to take a photo, it’s only now that I’ve had a chance to check a few more of the items and write a sensible review.  Thats partly because I’ve been on holiday in Sicily (and came back laden with various Sicilian ingredients) and partly because I’ve spent much of October to date going to food fairs.  And, as the makers of Flavrbox point out themselves, this is a bit like having the best of a farmer’s market delivered directly to your door each month for you to sample.


I love the concept.  I wasn’t entirely sure when the box was described to me how it would work, but having received my trial box, I can confidently say it DOES have things I’d be very tempted to pick up and buy if I was at a good deli or farmers market.  Now, putting the Bonny Confectionary marshmallows RIGHT ON THE TOP of the box might just have been a mistake.  I very quickly opened and ate the fruit based marshmallow pop…and liked it so much that I then continued with the Drink Dipper, without even trying to Dip.  Woops!  I can understand why Bonny Confectionary won a Great Taste Gold in 2012, the marshmallows are a million miles from those pink fluffy things that you buy from the corner shop…meltingly light and fruity.  And yes, I know if I was a real food blogger I’d make my own, but…I’m a lifestyle blogger so I don’t have to pretend I want to do that!

Speaking of food blogs – Peter’s Yard artisan crispbreads are one of those products that everyone raves about – and I’d never tasted.  Well, now I have.  They are light, nutty and crisp – perfect to eat with cheese or dips, but actually quite morish on their own as a nibble!  I paired them with a strong cheddar and some of the Eat 17 Chilli Bacon Jam that was in the box.  I wasn’t entirely sure I’d like it.  Bacon Jam is another food trend, and I’m afraid the idea just didn’t quite work for me.  Until I tried this.  Fabulous stuff – and I have plenty left to try on a home made burger.

Now, I haven’t tried everything in the box yet.  The Gusto Secco Garden Paella and Elderflower Rice Pudding are waiting for a time when I want to cook for friends.  And the Wasabi mustard is something I really want to try with the right ‘partner’ (I’m thinking of a firm fish here).  But I have every confidence, given the quality of the other items in the box, that they will delight!  And I really like the idea of putting in a tasting leaflet, with information about each one of the artisan producers so that you can read more about what makes the content of your box special.

This is the first of a series of 12 posts where I am aiming to review and write up ideas for food and drink lovers that last.  What do you give to your food loving friends?  I think it’s all too easy to forget that at Christmas we are all eating much too much  food anyway and buy a nice bottle of fizz, box of chocolate, hamper or jar of something special, which perhaps doesn’t feel quite as special as it should to the recipient at that moment in time.  And yet there are presents like a Flavrbox subscription that will last a lot longer.  An annual subscription starts at £192 and will get the recipient a box of goodies like the one I received every month.  Yum!  Or if that’s outside your budget, you could send a one -off box for £16-£20.

There’s a lot more information about Flavrbox on their website and you can also buy individual items from their online shop.  And, right now if you DO want to order some for christmas they’ve just told me that you can order and use XMAS2012 for £5 off when you pay!






4.5 / 5 stars     
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