Cadbury Christmas Chocolate Giveaway

Going for Gold with Cadbury:

It’s NEARLY that time of year again and already the shops are full of Christmas gifts, decorations, sweets and chocolates. There are certain traditions that die hard with my family – one of which is having far too many chocolates for our own good in the house. I guess we are all keeping this chap very busy at the moment!

Well, this Christmas, thanks to Cadbury,  I’ve got a delicious chocolate treasure box to offer to one of you. All the classic Cadbury favourites including Roses, Heroes, Milk Tray, Dairy Milk bars alongside Christmas chocolate goodies!  If you want to be sure of getting your hands on one, you can buy this particular collection directly from Cadbury for £25.  Looks amazing doesn’t it?  There’s something for everyone in there. You could even order one for someone else and have it delivered.

Cadbury Christmas-Gold-Treasure-Box
Contains: 1 x 200g Heroes Carton, 1 x 200g Roses Carton, 1 x 200g Cadbury Milk Tray, 1 x 100g Chocolate Santa, 1 x Santa Selection Box Medium, 1 x Kids Christmas Treasure Box which includes 1 x Large Reindeer Selection Pack which includes; Dairy Milk Caramel Bar, Dairy Milk Buttons, Chomp, Fudge, and Flake, 1 x 100g Snow Bites Bag, 1 x Wishes Star, 5 x Magical Elves, 1 x Freddo Bar, 1 x Caramel Freddo Bar, 1 x White Chocolate Buttons, 1 x Chocolate Coins Net.

You know the form, enter via the Rafflecopter and keep tweeting for extra entries.  I’ve done my best to keep it simple, so please don’t cheat and remember to actually leave a comment on the blog!  This time I’d like you to tell me what you’d most like Santa to bring you for Christmas.  Chocolatey or not, I just want to hear what you are dreaming of.
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  1. annelouise hall says:

    id like to get the new nintendo ds xl! big kid at heart

  2. PAMELA HAMBY says:

    would love santa to bring my mum to see me on christmas day and for her to sit round my table

  3. Lucy Jones says:

    Some Jeffrey campbells! xx

  4. I would love good health. Failing that, lots of chocolate to take the pain away!

  5. jackie moos barber says:

    Wow awesome prize x I would love santa to bring me Damon Salvatore hehe well I can dream x

  6. Tracy Nixon says:

    I’d love to wake up to a magical white Christmas which would excite my little four all the more! I would love the day to run smoothly – with no mishaps or upsets – just joy, happiness and good health all round! Cheers!

  7. Im crossing my fingers for the GHD Air dryer

  8. I would love Santa to send me a perfect rum stollen recipe for Christmas, I want to make my own, but I keep getting them wrong.

  9. I’d like him to bring me a new niece or nephew safely. My sister in law is due to give birth any day now!

  10. Kim Carberry says:

    A Furby!! Another big kid here….lol

  11. Lots of new clothes

  12. would really like an ipad

  13. I’ll have one of those big Kenwoods that Karen got, thanks Santa 😉 (no chance!)

  14. Winona Allott says:

    This would be so amazing! Fingers crossed for me! hehehe.

  15. Melanie Edjourian says:

    Chocolate,the kids ate all mine 😉

  16. I would like santa to bring me a new laptop :)

  17. a top of the range laptop

  18. Carolynn Crabb says:

    I would love all my family together for just one day of the year – they are grown up now but this is my time to work my butt off but have my two grown up children home for Christmas – that and an enormous box of chocolates and a bottle of bubbly x

  19. I want chocolateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  20. katie mackenzie says:

    I would like santa to bring me nice slippers x x

  21. Emma Fisher says:

    I would love santa to bring my nana good hea;th so she can join us on xmas day!

  22. Gail Staines says:

    What I want is just to create a great Christmas for family. We’ve gone through a lot recently and Christmas will be without some very special people, so I would just like Santa to bring us a happy family day.

  23. Janine Bailey says:

    A new Pandora charm would be nice x

  24. ali mckenzie says:

    A new camera as mine just gave up the ghost

  25. Lynne OConnor says:

    chocolate covered marzipan – just about the only chocolate I get to eat myself because the kids don’t like it

  26. Rainie Bish says:

    new electric wheelchair would be great

  27. I would love Santa to bring me a personal hunky trainer to help me shift some of my extra pounds i will be definailtly putting on during the Christmas season as i cant resist all the delish food and goodies xxxx

  28. an xbox 360 is what i want for christmas :)

  29. elaine leonard says:

    Santa would leave me precious time with my family and no rushing and looking after other people

  30. katherine grieve says:

    a diamond, in a ring!

  31. I really want a tree or Paris bracelet XXX oh and lots n lots of chocolates :-) xx

  32. julie boccara says:

    something sparkly and lots of chocolate

  33. kellyjo walters says:

    a white christmas so I can get all wrapped up warm and take my dogs to the park and play for hours

  34. I want Santa to bring me chocolate (I’m cheap or I’d just go out and buy some)!

  35. Michelle Sykes says:

    I would love a kindle and lots of chocolate please Santa

  36. Lisa Holroyd says:

    I’d quite fancy a kindle or a dyson (1st one personal, 2nd one practical haha)

  37. I want Santa to bring me a blender!

  38. A luxury hot tub xx

  39. Heather Noel says:

    I would like Santa to bring me a kindle fire HD

  40. kayleigh Dawn says:

    I would like santa to bring me an iPad for my brother

  41. Shelley Jessup says:

    I would like a new mattress for my bed, as being comfortable is very important to me

  42. Tough call, because this chocolate looks amazing! I think I’d like to finally get that iPad I’ve been thinking about for a while, though. :)

  43. Some chocolate

  44. Martina mckenna says:

    my husband at home with us,as he works away

  45. A good night’s sleep. That would make all the difference. If we’re talking of things and foodie presents, I’d love a Delimann hamper as a treat.

  46. I’d love Santa to bring me a hamper that I could share with my family.

  47. My favorite chocolate EVER! I usually associate it with Easter time, but was thrilled to see the mini-eggs come out in Christmas colors this year!

    For Christmas I’d love some good ol’ fashion snow!

  48. That is a chocoholics dream!!!

  49. laura banks says:

    bones and criminal minds dvds

  50. My 2 yr old daughter sleeping till 9am (instead if 6am or earlier!), no tears or tantrums from her all day, a big cuddle and her saying “I love you Mummy and Daddy”, the turkey cooked to perfection and everything on the plate hot…and daughter eating thr lot..the dog not being sick after eating too much turkey. Daughter sitting and watching the afternoon film (or having a snooze while mummy watches it)….snow…then daughter going to her bed without any problems so mummy can sit down with a LARGE chocolate bar and a wee Baileys perhaps..bliss!

    Will it happen? Even Santa can’t perform miracles!

  51. Carolynn Woodland says:

    Bring me chocolate

  52. charlotte clavier says:

    I would like santa to bring me a MAN!! lol. If not just leave himself as a pressie, lol 😉 xx

  53. elaine stokes says:

    i should say health and happiness for me and my family, but a nice necklace would be better!!!!!!

  54. Lucy J Morgan says:

    A pot full of money to pay my rent!

  55. Helen Moulden says:

    Apple Ipad! I’d love one. However I suspect it will be the usual socks and pyjamas…

  56. With a young baby in the house I’ll settle for a full night’s sleep!

  57. iain maciver says:

    I would like santa to bring a new car if not well this hamper would be a great start

  58. Money please!

  59. Mr John Taggart says:

    An iPad 😉

  60. A bigger house.

  61. Sue McCarthy says:

    A Man!!

  62. new oven… ideally before xmass so I can cook xmass dinner in it 😉

  63. I’m hoping for a new smartphone :)

  64. claire woods says:

    PJ’s and slippers!

  65. I would love an ipad!

  66. Nia Wyn Roberts says:


  67. Michelle G says:

    A K Mix. Not happening :-( *sob*

  68. samantha swain says:

    enough money to buy a house of our own

  69. elizabeth barker says:

    I would love a surprise.

  70. A new camera

  71. Jan Wroblewski says:

    I’d like to meet up with the extended family.

  72. Dee Dmonte says:

    I would love a new laptop as mine went bang.

  73. Claire Smith says:

    A DSLR camera – I want to take up photography in the New Year

  74. I`d like theatre tickets to see Phantom of the Opera

  75. Peace and goodwill to all men …. No I’d rather have an iPad (joking honest)

  76. Julie Hogg says:

    A smaller bum 😉

  77. A kindle

  78. I’d love an ipad.

  79. kim mayhead says:

    I would love Santa to bring me a onesie, they look so cosy !

  80. Victoria C says:

    New laptop

  81. I’m hoping Santa brings me some new running shoes as the ones I have have been worn into the ground!

  82. Christina Massue says:

    Hoping for some new games for my kinect x

  83. Would love a Kindle fire :)


  84. Sarah Jauch says:

    A soup maker :)

  85. An engagement ring – but I think I’ll be waiting a while longer!!

  86. fiona waterworth says:

    my brother whos in norway

  87. An exercise bike, some new trainers and some square plates … I like practical presents!

  88. I wish Santa would bring me an iPad mini … I can dream! x

  89. I would love a new phone

  90. Nicola Marie Reynolds says:

    I would love a Kindle Fire HD

  91. even at my age id love a furby lol

  92. nicola sommerville says:

    yum I would love some yummy chocolate

  93. Easter chicks Chocalates world peace and slimmer xx

  94. melanie stirling says:

    Just for one day I’d like my teenage son to answer me instead of scowling and muttering under his breath!

  95. If he could but I know they dont often stock it at Lapland I hope Santa can bring me slightly better health, if not I’d love a snuggly electric blanket xx


    For my family to be happy and healthy! xoxo

  97. olivia kirby says:

    Just a bit of choccy and perfume, and lots of smiles from my kiddies!

  98. A kindle.

  99. A candy floss maker, I’m just a big kid still 😉

  100. Julie Marlow says:

    Please Santa, can I have a kindle?? :)

  101. Heather Haigh says:

    Some elves to do the dishes!

  102. Lyndsey Brett says:

    I’d love a kindle please Santa, I’ve been such a good girl!

  103. Tiffany Oconnell says:

    Chocolate and a bottle of baileys 😀


  104. Jane Willis says:

    a diamond tennis bracelet. But since even Santa doesn’t do miracles, some perfume is more realistic

  105. I’d like him to bring time so I could get some extra sleep!

  106. mellissa williams says:

    an iphone 😉

  107. Id like breakfast in bed, not much to ask for. 😀

  108. Dianne Brewin says:

    I would like to Santa to bring me a stress free xmas and for my kids to have a fab time and love all their presents…

  109. I’d like an automatic potato peeler. I don’t know if they even exist, but I hate peeling spuds, so that’s what I want!

  110. Sheila Reeves says:

    an automatic vacuum – or failing that something that actually removes dog hair from every nook & cranny of this house!

  111. Hannah Oneill says:

    A new watch or a drill!

  112. Ali Thorpe says:

    I would really like a decent treadmill! I don;t think Santa will bring that though but I’m lucky as he always brings me things I like!

  113. natalie holland says:

    A mountain of chocolate!! & some bailies…and some vouchers to buy shoes…ummm can I go on? Lol, I will be happy with chocolate!

  114. Crystal Mse says:

    A sack full of chocolate so I can share them ! x

  115. Fiona Matters says:

    A boysenberry kitchenaid mixer – think I may have to get it for myself later in the year though 😀

  116. I would love some new clothes, like a pretty top or a dress and delish chocs to share would be amazing! :)

  117. Hannah WHitling says:

    I’d really love the latest iPad

  118. Emma Goldsmith says:

    I’d like a nice pair of earrings, a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine. :)

  119. kelly williams says:

    a black pug puppy :)

  120. Kelly Daugherty says:

    I want Santa to bring my 3 year old an amazing Christmas!! That is all I want!!

  121. A trip to the UK, and Italy in 2013! Oh, and Cadbury’s chocolate-the real stuff, not the US was version! 😉

  122. *wax version

  123. Laura Pritchard says:

    The new Justin Cronin book, perfume, snuggly slippers & pyjamas!

  124. Diana Cotter says:

    I’d love an iPad, but failing that, lots of chocolate :)

  125. I would like a voucher for White Stuff

  126. Some chocolates and trainers ha :)

  127. Think I commented in the box on the rafflecopter form, but either a lorryload of dairy milk or a lottery win!

  128. A nice new boyfriend would be nice!

  129. Rebecca Beesley says:

    perfume and pampering goodies x

  130. Diane Carey says:

    Gift cards for clothes stores

  131. kerry Locke says:

    I’d Like Santa to bring me the Christmas Dinner – already done!

  132. I’d be happy with some chocolate.

  133. Sophie grayling says:

    Would love a kindle!

  134. i want santa to bring me ipad mini!

  135. Colin Wright says:

    i’d rather he took than gave – a couple of inches off my waistline please!

  136. Mark Allen says:

    A lovely big telly would do me.

  137. A lovely day for me and the kids. xx

  138. Lynn Savage says:

    I’d love Santa to bring me a new smart camera

  139. Some perfume :-)

  140. Some nice winter boots

  141. Jenna Parrington says:

    A nice bottle of perfume!

  142. A debt-free Christmas please!!

  143. A years supply of delicious non fattening chocolates

  144. A hamperful of chocolate and a very very warm jumper!

  145. Charlotte H says:

    a new laptop please :)

  146. world peace – or an ipad mini!

  147. Some inspiration to help me finish my Phd!

  148. I would anything I don’t know about! I never get a surprise as I write a list and pay for it myself the only thing I don’t do is actually buy it! So a SURPRISE would be lovely #nohope

  149. Cathy Glynn says:

    Anything that my little girl has made, she loves making presents x

  150. Joy:)

  151. Emily Hutchinson says:

    A 3DS although it won’t happen!

  152. A leather jacket!!

  153. elisa wright says:

    Something I haven’t asked for but that I actually really like!

  154. Ursula Bingham says:

    some furniture for my newly acquired doll’s house

  155. Greig spencer says:

    would love a new ipad

  156. JULIE BANKS says:


  157. Mark Whittaker says:

    Having my sister in the Uk would be great for sister

  158. i would love a new microwave! mines broke and i love to melt my choclate init to make choclate rice crispi cakes with my children xx

  159. rebecca austerberry says:

    I just want him to make sure mu kids have enough – money tight this year so I want nothing for myself.

  160. shelagh milne says:

    I would love a kindle

  161. Eleanor Powell says:

    Jon Bon Jovi covered in chocolate 😛

  162. Patrick Moran says:

    I would like santa to bring me a nice gold chain 😉

  163. Some new clothes

  164. an iPad or other tablet – not gonna happen but I can dream can’t I :)

  165. Sallie Guest says:

    chocolate!!! yum yum

  166. Sheri Darby says:

    Lots and lots of chocolate

  167. Katherine Coldicott says:

    Need some new Uggs

  168. Tracy Grant says:

    Same as last year would love some GHD’s, got a toaster last year lol, have already had the most precious early Christmas present, My gorgeous Granddaughter was born 24/11/12, so she will be a month old at Christmas, so really doesn’t matter if I don’t get any GHD’s this year xx

  169. Karen Shuttleworth says:

    I’d love an ipad…. dream on! :o)

  170. Pat Stubbs says:

    I would love a spa day

  171. Janine Atkin says:

    id love a nice pair of earrings

  172. sian hallewell says:

    I’d love a new laptop

  173. Love, Peace and happiness xxx

  174. Lee Preston says:

    Anything but coal. I’ve been a good boy this year 😉

  175. Tina Rowlands says:

    A white gold bracelet… hubby asks me every year what I would like and every year I say the same…..I have yet to get one!!

  176. Health and love.

  177. Health, wealth & Happiness

  178. Oh & lots of chocolate ps mmm lol!

  179. Angie Hoggett says:

    some earrings that I have hinted for!!

  180. An overdraft

  181. Fran Morgan says:

    Some good karma

  182. I’d like a job please :-)

  183. Brad Pitt 😉

  184. Fiona Usher says:

    I would like Santa to bring me a ‘Day Off’! Where the hubby puts all the toys together, makes the breakfast, cooks the dinner and then tidys the house later….Perfect!

  185. Hazel Christopher says:

    Kindle fire

  186. ideally scarlett johannson but more likely a hd telly for my games room :)

  187. Sarah Cooper says:

    A Wii U

  188. Hayley Colburn says:

    Well I wanted a bottle of pefume until I saw this prize lol

  189. Julie Brooke says:

    I would love a ipad but doubt I will get one!!

  190. Emma Thackery says:

    a new car!

  191. Tracey McPartland says:

    A Pandora Baraclet pretty please

  192. Vicky-Louise Robinson says:

    A carpet cleaning machine

  193. nikko turner says:

    A cadbury Christmas Gold Treasure Chest of course

  194. Mia Fergusson says:

    I’d love some new boots.

  195. Some Winter proof boots or an omlette pan!

  196. I would of course also like a huge pile of chocolate!! (because let’s face it…..who wouldn’t?)

  197. Lindy Hine says:

    A big fluffy, fleecey dressing gown – forget fashion, I’m going for comfort lol

  198. kristy brown says:

    I would love some nice slippers

  199. lorraine polley says:

    i would like George Clooney, wrapped in nothing but a big red bow!!! well, a girl can dream!

  200. all iv asked for is some Lush shower gels and some slippers. If I get these I will be a happy girl.

  201. A surprise! However, i have hinted & left catalogue pages open for some new warm jumpers!

  202. Kirsty Sparks says:

    Lots of chocolate 😀 mmmmmmm 😀

  203. A new watch strap would be lovely

  204. A sewing machine!

  205. I really really want a Kindle.

  206. Kayleigh Butler says:

    Some waterproof shoes.

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