Honey Roast Side of Salmon – Review

DelishFish Honey Roast Side of Salmon:

As you may have noticed I do love fish!  And, one of the treats I generally buy for Christmas is a large pack of smoked salmon.  The sort that is already neatly sliced up and can be used for salads and sandwiches, or maybe for scrambled eggs.

This year, John at DelishFish kindly sent me a side of Honey Roast Salmon – something that he produces every year as a Christmas Special – to see if he could convert me!  Now, for a start I love the fish that DelishFish supplies.  It’s always fresh, beautifully packaged and has a good shelf life.  And, it is usually portioned up into packs for one or two people so that you can make something better than a ready meal with absolutely minimal effort.  The Honey Roast Salmon is something different though, designed to be the centrepiece of a holiday feast, it should easily feed 8 to 10 hungry mouths.   It is made with a secret recipe, you’ll get a taste of citrus along with moist, tender Scottish salmon and can be eaten hot or cold.  And, because it’s not pre-sliced it is quite a substantial dish!

honey roast salmon from DelishFish

I took mine down to Sussex, home of my friend The-Hedonist, so that we could all enjoy a family feast in the country.  They present quite a challenge at meal times.  He  and his wife are both pescatarian.  But their three children have converted over the years and now want meat! Well, this particular dish was enough to satisfy the cravings of even the most die-hard carnivores!  Served simply with a watercress and orange salad and some salad potatoes, this was a great, easy meal.  Leftovers?  Well there were none that day.  But, if you do have any left, you could use it to make the most luxurious fishcakes or flake it into some pasta along with a little crème fraiche.  Or how about a luxurious cream of salmon soup.  Or just use it in sandwiches and salads!

honey roast salmon from DelishFish

Sides of salmon are available to order for Christmas from DelishFish for £25 – John prepares all his fish in his own smokehouse and shop in Petershead, right by the fish market,  so you know you will be getting something VERY special indeed/



5 / 5 stars     
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    IT is the MOST wonderful fish isn’t it Fiona? And the flavour is just out of this world. Yours looks very regal in the centre of that table, and I am sure it was devoured with gusto! Thanks for mentioning my giveaway, John has been most generous! Karen

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      John is always most generous;) Peckhams is Adrian’s house in Sussex…you’d love it, a tudor shooting lodge that has been extended and is now a slightly crumbling family home. I use it as my escape to the country…and his family are my extended one, so something like the salmon was perfect to share with them!

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    The salmon looks like quite the holiday treat! I’m a huge fan of salmon — prepared any and every way. I’d definitely try this fish as I’ve never had honey roasted salmon before.

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