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Turning Japanese in Soho:

I love Japanese food.  Or, to be more accurate, I love what I *think* could be authentic Japanese food.  But, I don’t really know very much about it – bizarrely, I learnt most of what I know from a boyfriend who had previously been seeing a Japanese girl and decided he could tell me everything I needed to know. But, for whatever reason, I am still convinced that eating sushi and sashimi must be healthy and washing the mixture down with a generous helping of sake is not really like having wine with a meal.  Especially if you order tea!

satsuma tea

Anyway, Satsuma is a great example of accessible Japanese food.  The menu is all in English, with some photos and the staff are friendly and will make suggestions if you ask.  The restaurant has recently been refurbished after a small fire.  I didn’t see the previous orange pod version of the restaurant, which apparently met with mixed reception, though I did pop downstairs where the dining space still has some pods…and I rather like them as a way of getting a little privacy in what is for the most part an open bustling cafe.  There are a good mix of small and large tables, so you could probably come in with a party of eight or ten and all sit together.

I took the easy option and ordered a Satsuma bento box which came with a bowl of miso soup,  Sashimi, chicken yakitori, Satsuma ebi katsu, sushi maki and ‘seafood salad without rice’.  I also ordered tea and sake.

satsuma sake


My bento box was really beautifully presented

satsuma bento box

Everything came in quite generous portions…and I particularly like the ‘seafood salad without rice’ which seemed to be almost entirely scallops and the ebi katsu, deep fried in some kind of Kataifi.

The sake was warm and comforting and I liked the lively atmosphere –  on a Friday lunchtime it was pretty much full and still managed fast, efficient service.  Is it authentic?  Well, I’m no judge of that.  But I did enjoy what I ate – it was tasty and well balanced as a lunch box.  And I still believe it is healthy even though I managed all the sake;)



56 Wardour St 
Soho, UK W1

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3.5 / 5 stars     
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    I love what I think is Japanese, too. I must admit, I’ve never been to Japan and don’t know much about “authentic” Japanese preparation. What I’ve had presented to me as “Japanese”, though, has always been quite tasty. It sounds like a great restaurant. Thanks for sharing, Fiona!

  2. says

    Your bento box is gorgeous! I went to Japan 2 summers ago and, considering I eat neither fish or meat, must have lost 5 pounds…it was in EVERY dish. Even the breakfast buffet at our hotel was fish and noodles mixed with pork bits…needless to say, white rice, edamame, and I became very good friends that trip:-)

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    I love Japanese food and Bento boxes are my favourite. It prooves that it’s not all sushi. I’ve not been to Japan but my eldest daughter has been into all things Japanese for about 11 years. Our favourite restaurant is Mount Fuji in Birmingham where they do lovely Bento Boxes. I do draw the line at octopus though even though my daughter loves it.
    Next time we are in London we’ll have to look up Satsuma.

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