A Pandora Bracelet for London

London-Unattached gets Dolled Up for Christmas:

I’ve always longed for one of these Pandora Bracelets.  So, when I saw the John Greed Blogger Challenge to design your own Pandora, I couldn’t resist trying to create my own perfect Pandora Charm Bracelet.

Now, I write mostly about London, or things with a London connection, so it stands to reason that my entry will have links back to the City.  And, as it’s the year of the Queen’s Jubilee I’m starting things off with my own little tribute in the form of this very pretty bracelet complete with crown charm and side sunburst charms.    Lovely isn’t it – and is priced at just £99.  Jewellery of all sorts makes me feel like a princess – so I think I really deserve  my own crown.

It would be quite pretty just as it is, but the joy of Pandora bracelets is that you can personalise them by picking charms to make them uniquely yours.

pandora crown charm bracelet

Then, because I like to think I  could still play Cinderella rather than the Ugly Sisters, and because this has to be the ultimate Year of the Royals I’ve picked this little carriage made from silver, 14ct gold and pearls.  It’s £85, but look at the detail!  I particularly like the pearl set in gold.

pandora carriage charm

Finally, I’m adding in this gorgeous silver charm with a gold heart.  Why?  Well partly because I think it’s a beautiful and simple design.  Partly because it helps to balance the bracelet – having picked one charm with a touch of gold, I like the idea of a little bit of symmetry.  So, my two additional charms would sit in between the crown and the starburst – one on each side.  And of course partly because this is the year of regal love.  From the marriage of William and Kate to the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

pandora silver and gold heart

Having said that, Despite everything I’ve written so far, I am not a great royalist and I did choose this final charm over and above the Royal Wedding commemoration charm because I like the idea that this is MY bracelet and I really like this symbol of love.  Heart of Gold – isn’t that special?  It’s just £65 which makes the total for my bracelet £249 – just under the budget set by John Greed.

Great events in public history that will stay in our memories combined with things of great personal importance – isn’t that the perfect combination of designs for a charm bracelet.  I’ll remember 2012 for ever, whether or not I win this beautiful bracelet.

What would you pick to go on your Pandora bracelet?


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  1. says

    you hit this brand before I did! good for you (and for me, because now I can send them to your blog to read about it). The beauty of Pandora is that you can add on beads much like a charm bracelet without all the clanking but have it more meaningful for everything in a woman’s life

    • says

      They are genuinely very pretty and stylish. There’s something about consistency of design that makes this a much more acceptable charm bracelet for me!

  2. says

    I love Pandora bracelets. I have one that I add to every time I travel – it’s a great way to collect souvenirs. It also makes it easier for people to buy me Christmas presents

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