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Bone Daddies London – Ramen in Soho London:

An invite to review Bone Daddies Ramen in London! So far as I know there is no particular way to qualify as a restaurant reviewer. In my case I have always loved food and eating out.  When I first left university I earned next to nothing and got rent rebate from the local council.  And, I used to save it up and spend it going to very nice, very expensive restaurants.  Which I really doubt is what the council intended.  Nevertheless, in no way am I an expert,  and my reviews are simply a reflection on what I enjoy and on what I think other people might like.  When I am invited to try something that is new for me, I do always feel a little insecure.  I try to find out what I SHOULD be experiencing and rather enjoy the learning process.  And then…

bone daddies London exterior

Well then, I just decide if I’ve enjoyed the food.

bonedaddies London menu

Ramen according to Wikipedia is a Japanese dish with Chinese origins.  It is a noodle dish with a stock base.  As I discovered when I was checking the menu to see who to take with me on this occasion, all the Bone Daddies ramen dishes are based on a meat stock of some sort (chicken or pork), so it’s probably not the best place to try if you don’t eat meat.

We arrived on one of the coldest days of the year so the idea of a warming bowl of noodles seemed entirely appropriate.  But, not till we’d sampled a couple of the starters.

bone daddies Soho London softshelled crab

I loved my soft shelled crab with green chilli ginger sauce.  Beautifully crispy, succulent mouthfuls which exploded with flavour.

bonedaddies Soho London yellowfin sashimi

And the yellowfin sashimi was pretty and delicate.

When our ramen arrived, after taking the statutory photos, I’m afraid I transferred the egg across to my companion.

bone daddies tonkotsu ramen in Soho London


He ordered the tonkotsu ramen which comes in a wonderfully creamy rich 20 hour pork bone broth and is served with a slice of chasu pork.  

bone daddies ramen (chicken) in Soho London

I’d ordered extra shredded chicken with my tantanmen chicken ramen, so despite having passed the eggs over,  I struggled to finish the bowl.  And that was not because I wasn’t enjoying it, but simply because I’d already eaten three softshell crabs.  My companion was happy though, I think he preferred the spicy heat of my ramen to his own more subtle dish and so he managed to eat what I couldn’t!

bone daddies London

Meanwhile I sipped away on hot sake (more about that later!) and looked around.  Oh, and then tried some of their fruit infused sake (very dangerous…shots of fruit juice with a kick!)

infused saki at Bone Daddies Soho London


On Peter Street in the heart of Soho, Bone Daddies is perfectly located to pick up lunchtime office traffic as well as evening diners.  Long bars seat happy diners and the staff are on hand to explain the detail of each dish.

Perhaps the real measure of success is whether or not I think I’ll be back.  And, it’s a resounding yes…a great place to eat well at a reasonable price.

Disclosure:  I dined as a guest of Bone Daddies, London

Bone Daddies
31 Peter Street,
London W1F 0AR
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5 / 5 stars     
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    wow. If you keep posting food like this, I can’t keep looking at it. It’s REALLY great. . We just don’t have all of that here — or at least where I can find it

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