Christmas Gifts for Food Lovers

Day Five Christmas Gifts for Food Lovers that Last – Sous-Chef:

Personal involvement with a wonderful idea and great concept is something that thrills me in a totally irrational way.  A couple of months ago I met a very enthusiastic and passionate lady at an Olives from Spain event and chatted a bit to her about the business she was involved in launching.  She explained to me that it was a concept that would allow food lovers and cooks to buy all those things that are just not widely available.  Foods, equipment, gizmos and gadgets.  It was going to be called Sous Chef.

So, when I started mailing around and asking for ideas for this particular series I was actually rather thrilled to be approached by someone from Sous Chef.  I didn’t remember her name, she didn’t remember mine, but it turns out that it WAS the lady I met…and the business is now up and running and really rather fabulous!  I love the range of products.  If you want a Sous Vide so you can cook like Heston, well, they have one.  Or perhaps you need snail pincers?  No?

Seriously, there is the most amazing selection of gifts for aspiring chefs.  And, while you might not want to give someone snail pincers for Christmas, there’s a selection of things that would make a great present.  How about ‘Jerusalem‘ – very topically named, but actually a copy of the eponymous book and collection of essential ingredients to allow you to cook like Ottolenghi.


Or a Takoyaki Octopus Ball Kit which you can use to make your own takoyaki – a Japanese seafood snack. The pan creates batches of 14 dumplings using flour, eggs, soy sauce, and dashi stock for the batter. The kit even includes hashi cooking chopsticks for true Japanese-style cooking.



Or a Dolsot Bibimbap Kit, complete with stone bowl, sushi rice, Gochujang Red Pepper Paste and Sesame Oil…

Or this rather lovely Rose Infused Truffle kit, with 54% couverture chocolate, to complement the delicately scented rose petals; a melon baller for shaping the truffles; and two bags of edible rose petals.



They have gifts to suit every pocket with plenty of stocking fillers as well as a few luxury gifts like the sous vide!  I’m thrilled that the site described to me has launched.  And I’m even more thrilled that it’s somewhere I know I will return to for those impossible to find ingredients and cooking utensils

Sous Chef offers next day delivery, free of charge for orders over £30.  So, take a look and make your food loving friend or relative VERY happy!



5 / 5 stars     
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