Fast and Fabulous into 2013 – Diet and Delights!

Looking Back at 2012 for a  Moment and Forward into 2013:

I’m not planning on dwelling on 2012.  I’ve had some truly wonderful experiences which, for the most part, I’ve shared here.  And, I’ve tried a lot of new things, been to some wonderful places and with the 5:2 diet and my regular fasts found a way of life that works for me and seems to be holding back some of the weight management and health  issues I’ve had.

5-2 Diet Chicken and Aubergine Stew

My favourite experiences of 2012?  Well of course the visits to Tuscany, Barcelona, Sicily and Anjou, but also some of the trips around the UK – I’ve been to the English Riviera and all around Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire as well as going to food festivals out of London in Boscastle and Aldeburgh.  And some of the rather special places where I’ve eaten – The Cube stands out for amazing food in a wonderful setting as does the Orient Express.  And, I’ve learnt how to make macarons with Kenwood, to barbeque food perfectly with Weber and Casillero del Diablo and to arrange flowers with Interflora!

Interflora Flower School

So for me, I’m seriously wondering if 2013 can get better.  I’d like to think so.

What are my resolutions and plans for London-Unattached?

  • I’m going to re-shape London-Unattached a little.  I’m planning to include up and coming events, as well as writing about things when they’ve actually happened.  After all, it’s good to share things that we can all do.  And I’m hoping to do a little more writing about design
  • I’m hoping to travel more and with that in mind, I’ve enrolled in a short travel writing course with the objective of getting some insight about what I could do better when I’m trying to share!

sea - marzamemi sicily

  • The 5-2 diet and meals I’ve created for my diet fast days has become a very important part of London-Unattached by accident.  But, personally I have gained a lot by following the 5-2 diet fast plan and I’m very happy to share my 5-2 diet recipes and tips with London-Unattached readers.  I really don’t regard myself as a recipe blogger and those recipes I do post, whether for the 5-2 diet or for the general recipe section, are usually simple and hopefully easy for everyone to do at home.  I’ve already ordered Michel Mosley’s book, The Fast Diet, about the 5-2 diet and intermittent fasting and I’m hoping that next year I’ll continue to lose weight so that by the summer I can get out of my ‘fat clothes’ for good!
  • I love London, but for 2013 I’m planning on remembering there’s more than Restaurants to visit!  Perhaps that’s not being entirely fair on myself – I did get to the David Hockney exhibition and the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy and out to the theatre and opera a few times.  But there’s so much more in London!

I’m hoping to find more time for my old friends too.  And of course to keep in touch with some of the fabulous bloggers I’ve met this year – online and in real life.  Many thanks to Karen and Janice, Simon and Adrian and a whole host of other people I’ve been involved with through writing London Unattached. Thank you too, to some of the lovely PRs who have encouraged me, sent me invitations and generally worked with me.  I’m genuinely grateful for some of the wonderful opportunities.  And a very special thank you to John at Delish Fish for the wonderful fish he’s sent to me to cook with.

perrier jouet glasses


So cheers – here’s to a wonderful year ahead – I wish you all the best for 2013.



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  1. says

    Cheers to a fabulous year for your site! I love your resolutions, and I look forward to reading along to hear all the delicious things London has to offer! So glad I got to know you via the blogger world in 2012!:-)

  2. Caroline S says

    I love the photo of the champagne glasses and bottle – what a brilliant change of perspective to add real drama to a photo

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