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Creatively Different Blinds…designs that are as individual as you are!

My kitchen is constantly in a state of flux as I move things around and try to keep it looking smart.  I am particularly pleased with this fabulous blind I got last year.  I have a really big sash window and I wanted something that would cut out the sun (sometimes it comes directly in through the window so that I can’t see what I am doing) but not look too heavy and formal.  And ideally I wanted something unique.   I chose this fig design and the blind was made to measure for me in a plastic covered material that I can wipe down – perfect for messy cooks like me!

figs - my kitchen


I’m thrilled to say that Creatively Different are prepared to offer ONE Of you a great opportunity to dress up your own window with a fabulous prize of a blind up to the value of £300.  It doesn’t have to be a kitchen window – if you win, you can choose where YOUR blind will work best.

Kitchen butterflies cropped brings you a distinctively different design concept in window blinds to change the style of your home. Whether you are looking for something subtle, or want to make a bold statement. Take a look through their extensive Gallery where you will find over 6500 images from some of the world’s most creative minds, past and present. With images to suit every age, style and taste, they can create for you a Designer blind -whether it be a Venetian, Roman, vertical, panel or roller – that is truly individual, and will add an exciting new dimension to any room in your home.

Tom Fedro_Idol VERTICAL cropped

All you have to do to enter is let me know what your favourite blind is from the Creatively Different website by posting a comment at the bottom of the blog.  You can get a few extra entries by following the rafflecopter and, you’ll be pleased to know that ALL entrants will be offered a £30 gift voucher to be used against the purchase of a blind from Creatively Different (one only per household and minimum purchase of £200!).

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  1. Angela LIthgow says:

    Monica Asleep on Thistle is my fav. design. It’s very cute and would make me smile everytime I pulled the blind.

  2. jackie moos barber says:

    Wow xxx

  3. Ashleigh Allan says:

    I love this –

    Its very different from anything else i have seen before!

  4. Elizabeth Smith says:

    Love the Laughing Dog design as it couldn’t fail to make me smile

  5. I really like Mixed Colours Wonky Pixel: Hemingway Design
    there is something about this design which makes me tick 😉

  6. Maya Russell says:

    I like the Red Japanese Maple Leaves one because the red would make the room look warmer.

  7. Reallly nice designs 😉

  8. Roller Blinds are my favourite because they can be fitted with 100% black out.

  9. I love the black cats and also the V&A pears, decisions, decisions!

  10. I like Malcolm sanders shells one from the living room, as it would easily go with any decor and looks stylish and nice but also a bit tempted by having one with lovely scenery like the seycelles or blue beach bay, in the bedroom window – would give you a boost to get up in the morning!! lol. very unique

  11. ooooh I’ve just spent weeks looking at sites with blinds, as we need new one’s in four rooms. Excellent timing.

    I love Gherkin’ Traders, City of London – because it includes the church I got married in!

  12. that’s really quite lovely!!

  13. i love the Twilight London one, it makes me happy to look at it

  14. Clare Woodman says:

    I love the ‘Beech trees in Autumn Sunset’ – so beautiful x

  15. Agatha Anna Coltman says:

    Really like Geisha, 19th century – it will look great in music room

  16. Sarah James says:

    I like the geisha 19th century. I think it would add a certain something to the bedroom!

  17. Sheila Reeves says:

    So many great designs! I love the Abstract Water Pattern as it would really add a new twist/talking point (!) to our bathroom

  18. melanie stirling says:
  19. Michelle Sykes says:
  20. Fiona Harris says:

    These blinds are simply stunning I really like, The Three white Gerberas, among many many others!! I sat for a long time trying to choose this!

  21. Designs are fab! really like the Misty Sky over Mountains..

  22. Cheron Titus says:

    Works of art…simply beautiful!

  23. Isabel O'Brien says:
  24. rebecca austerberry says:

    I like the endless summer one – black and white looks so effective!! Good luck everyone!!

  25. Colin Wright says:

    Dawn, Buachaille Etive Mor It’s such a beautiful scene!

  26. Lucy J Morgan says:

    I love ‘My flowers – violet’

  27. Jane Willis says:

    I’d go for an “upload your own image” blind and use one of my husband’s superb kitchen garden photos to create a bespoke blind for the kitchen

  28. Sandra Clarke says:

    I like the Fab Photography blinds and would choose the photo by Mark Bauer “The telephone box at Studland Beach” for my study window. We did have an original telephone box outside this window which had to be removed recently to build an extension so, together with my love for the coastline, this would be ideal.

  29. Lindy Hine says:

    Wow! What a lovely selection of fabulous designs. I think I’d go for this one though because I live near there (and it would go well in my blue and white bathroom!)

  30. Laura Pritchard says:

    I like Little Deserted – I could look at my bathroom window & believe (kind of!) that I was in the Whitsundays!

  31. mellissa williams says:
  32. Trudi Walsh says:

    I love the Malaysia Sunset, this blind would be perfect for my attic conversion

  33. Julie Booth says:

    I love this picture as it reminds me of the sunset’s we saw over the desert in Dubai when we stayed at the Al-Maha desert resort recently. It was the most amazing experience.

  34. Margaret Akel says:

    I love the Malaysian sunset, perfect for sweet dreams

  35. Annita Marquardt says:

    I love van Gogh’s sunflowers. We’ve just decorated our spare room/home office in a lumitec white with a hint of yellow which reflects the light. So important in a north facing room that never gets direct sunlight. This blind would just finish off the room so well as there is a standard Edwardian style window frame.

  36. Matthew Fuller says:

    Great prize and havn’t decided should I be lucky enough to win…

  37. Emma J Lowe says:

    i would love to choose my own design onto a blind, if i was to be a lucky winner

  38. nicola barter says:

    i love the ballerina fairies as it would be perfect in my little girls room

  39. Lorraine saeed says:

    I love this stained glass one, would look perfect on an entrance doorway


    I love how bright this is. Its really needed in our kitchen.

  41. Those are stunning! I have a very empty kitchen window where one of these would look fabulous. :)


    I like this one – I love the colours and I love wine (although I gave up drinking it this summer).

  43. Judith Eddington says:
  44. Alex Brownlee says:

    I would love the Tyne Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne as a blind in my new kitchen. Because it’s a local image that means alot to me

  45. I have a boring plain blind and would love the picaso type blind to liven up my kitchen.

  46. Laura Farnworth says:

    I’ve spent ages choosing and browsing but settled on this one,

  47. Tina Holmes says:
  48. hayley pemberton says:

    I like the one called torquoise. the butterflies are beautiful

  49. There are loads of designs I like but the scotty dog one jumped out at me … as it were!

  50. LESLEY BINDER says:

    i just love all the london shots !!! my daughter is obsessed with union jacks and london buses etc. …………. this bustling trafalger square shot would make her day if it was on her blind at night !! ….hope the link connected ok ..

  51. Christina Marriott (@chrissy4116) says:

    Think I would want the fairies at play blind for my little girls room x

    We would like it because she’s now a toddler and we need to update her room so that its growing with her as she’s no longer a baby x Would love it to look more girly as its so neutral at the minute x

  52. Sue Bowden says:

    I would love this, it reminds me of my honeymoon in the Maldives and the wonderful time that we had

  53. Tracey Belcher says:

    I love the Storm Front! The window I would love this for overlooks the sea and I find the photo amazing so would love to see this when my blinds were down!

  54. I would choose Going to Work by LS Lowry – I have always loved this as a picture (my headmistress had it on the wall of her office in my infant school, which was in Salford, btw), and I always remember it fondly. I think it would make the perfect blind for my kitchen

  55. amanda egglestone says:

    i like the liberty print in blue, very pretty.

  56. EMMA WALTERS says:

    Blue, Pink and Green Buckets , would look fab in my new kitchen, hoping to use it as a focus point & use the colours in my kitchen to accentuate the blind

  57. Oh wow!! I want these blinds in every room. I have just been looking at the Cornish ones. To have a view of a beach in Cornwall would be fabulous.

  58. Rachel Sanders says:

    I love the Cool View for a bathroom. Gives a real feeling of sunshine & long lazy days relaxing by the beach.

  59. Christine Dodd says:

    Blue anenome on white is my favorite. I’m a flower lover and this would give me some kitchen/garden fusion.

  60. Kirsty Fox says:

    I love the Pansy Orchid – Miltoniopsis (South America) on Pink because it is so bright and pretty it makes me think of summer.

  61. Lisa Morrow says:

    i love the Natural History Museum blind. Imagine waking up to a T Rex bursting through the blind. That would get me up in the morning. Amazing!

  62. iain maciver says:

    love the 1964 mini cooper

  63. laura banks says:
  64. Tracy Gladman says:

    Ballerina Fairies would be fabulous for my daughter

  65. Kellie Faggle McIntyre says:

    I love the Night Lights, Shanghai. Its bright, bold and very unique

  66. Lemknip Pink says:

    I love ‘Chaos':

    It’s so colourful & cheerful, I’d want to close the blinds on murky days and enjoy my lovely, bright window instead

  67. Katy spence says:
  68. Victoria shallcross says:
  69. Pippa Whybourne says:
  70. Claire Smith says:

    Blue Dog silhouetted on coloured Union Jack because I love dogs and it is a funky design!

  71. laura stewart says:
  72. vicky morton says:

    i love this one its quirky modern and one of my favourite places! Its the first place my husband and I went away on our own.

  73. Gabrielle Svensson says:

    I Like the Lucky Cat design – because it looks like my cat, and you can see the design even when the blind isn’t all the way down.

  74. “Clouds of Glory” is one of the many glorious natural mineral images, in this case from a banded agate. I was tempted by the lapis lazuli image, but you only let us pick one so:

  75. I love the roller blind ‘Beach Chair Sepia 10′. It’s uplifting and the kind of scene I would not get bored of.

  76. lesley stevens says:

    This is my favourtie – such a wonderful scene to slowly wake up to while having my morning cup of tea.

  77. kim mayhead says:

  79. KATIE L WRIGHT says:

    I like the fact you can make a bespoke blind from your own photo. That would be my choice for favorite blind

  80. Helen Moulden says:

    I think this one is absolutely gorgeous and would really warm the room up!:

  81. I love the Natural History Museum’s range where T-Rex come through the window. It is quirky, fun and so unusual, perfect for my boys at home, including the young at heart dad. The Victor Schreckengost – Guerrero Still Life would really give our kitchen a much needed makeover. If I win the £300 from Creatively Different Roller Blinds, I would also love to have Quentin Blake’s illustration printed on the blind for the study in our home! That will totally stop my other half from going to the library and spend more time to study at home, which I love!

  82. Ruth Wollerton says:

    Illuminated Buildings in the Ginza district of Tokyo, Japan
    Picture by Tomoiro Ohsumi/Landov/PA Photos

  83. sarah cooper says:

    I love the ‘Beech Trees in Autumn Sunlight’ blind, I’ve always found forests to be a place of magical beauty.

  84. The City at Night is my favourite. It would look fantastic in my city themed bedroom

  85. Juli Savage says:
  86. Aideen Frances Patel says:

    I LOVE the Alicia Markova as Giselle. A real style statement :)

  87. Fiona Matters says:
  88. These are amazing. My bathroom needs a new blind!

  89. I like the Shapes of London best

  90. Kirstie Vaughan says:
  91. Neil Philip says:

    Love Laughing Dog Blind

  92. NATALIE BROCK says:

    Seagulls and Sailboats
    © Nikky Corker

    Lovely fun and happy blind

  93. The Hamburger one would look great in my kitchen, tho it might make me hungry! :o/


  94. I love the photo blinds because they are truly unique

  95. claire woods says:
  96. Richard Gallagher says:

    I love Lucky Cat as not only do we have a black Cat but the blind woud be for our black and white kitchen so this woud be idea.

  97. Emma Bradshaw says:

    Love ‘Insects and Acorns’ – Have been looking for some nice patterned curtains to liven up my lounge but this would do just nicely!

  98. sarah clegg says:

    wow amazing comp!!!! i totally love the Pure Gold – Nanven, Cornwall blind, i love the seaside/beaches and especially the sunset this would not only perfectly match the colours in my kitchen but also would put a lift in our moods whenever we see it even on a cold wet day!! 😀

  99. Ellie Spencer says:

    Have had a lovely time browsing the website! We have a really awkward-sized recessed window in our tiny living room, and a sofa lives just in front of the window. I think a Roman blind would suit perfectly, and I adore Arts and Crafts movement designs so the beautiful William Morris V&A wallpaper pattern would be my choice.

  100. Diana Cotter says:

    This is the way I’d like my garden to look, so I could just pretend somebody had been in and got rid of all the thistles, docks and dandelions

  101. Belinda Matthews says:

    I would choose Pop Art Dinosaurs for my sons bedroom

  102. siobhan kerry says:
  103. Angela - gardenteacakesandme says:

    Oh my what a choice! I like the V & A Cream/Red/Blue Hanging Linen embroidered with Silk Thread Ottoman, 17th Century

  104. jessica agyin says:

    i love the Majestic Train Ride

  105. Gillian Holmes says:

    I would like to live on the coast, this is probably the next best thing.

  106. karen hutchinson says:

    overstocked – because it’s so colourful

  107. Lucy L Richards says:

    Nelumbo Nucifera, Sacred Lotus
    Plate 44 from The John Reeves Collection of Botanical Drawings, Canton, China
    Held in the Botany Library of the Natural History Museum, London
    © The Natural History Museum, London

    For my daughters room. It would look amazing.

  108. julie mcdonald says:

    so many lovely designes but love the penguin dancers

  109. Sassie Clarke says:

    Would be a great City Sleek look for my teenage son’s bedroom

  110. These look so great. I love the design.

  111. I would have the shot of Edinburgh Castle from Calton Hill. It is a city I would love to live in and every part of that image holds a memory of a visit.

  112. Ursula Bingham says:
  113. Emily Hutchinson says:

    Storm Clouds gathering – Porth Nanven, Cornwall – love a stormy sea but I don’t get to see it very often, this would look great in the bathroom and I could enjoy a storm any time I liked!

  114. we have just had new windows placed and I was looking for some blinds

    I was looking for something different and subtle and classy!

    I think to match the character of where I live I would have to choose the Ivy
    The blinds would like lovely!

  115. Horse Galloping under Willow Tree is beautiful

  116. Horse Galloping under Willow Tree is beautiful

  117. I love this one – – why? Because I was brought up in Tobermory and my family still live there. I miss it every day.

  118. I Love Corfe Castle in the mist
    It is a local landmark where we love to go exploring with the children!!

  119. Vicki Macdonald says:

    Oh wow…spoilt for choice, i love so many of them …i cant decide !!!

  120. Carolynn Woodland says:

    Malaysia Sunset

  121. John Mcgovern says:

    Autumnal Colours with Boat, Maine, New England, USA

  122. angela muir says:

    Light through the trees Bluebell wood

  123. Samantha Atherton says:

    My favorite is Resting Up © Nikky Corker because it bring back fond memories of a beach me and my husband went for long walks along when i was pregnant.

  124. emma cella says:

    Monica Asleep on Thistle. It’s very cute and would make me smile

  125. I have always loved William Morris, and his Persian Wallpaper would look beautiful in my bedroom.

  126. Cat Williams says:

    I love I think it would be fab in rollar blind style for my kitchen.

  127. Sara Cooke says:
  128. lynne Collins says:

    Winchelsea Beach at sunset would look great in the conservatory!!

  129. I love the 1931 Bentley 4.5 litre supercharged blind but, as a classic endurance rally driver, I would love to have a blind for my den using a piccie of me at the wheel of my own car!

  130. caroline kelly says:

    Blue bay beach :)

  131. Kelly Ellen Hirst says:

    The pink ballet shoes design is favourite, would be perfect for my dancing mad daughter :)

  132. Arabella Bazley says:

    There are so many I like but having discovered the portraits… it’s a fabulous way to get historical art into the home! I think one of my favourites is Rear Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson

  133. Lovely stuff!

  134. My favourite is hangloose, love vintage campers!

  135. Sarah Welsh says:

    I love the William Morris Sunflower Wallpaper – pervect for my period property x

  136. Tricia Cowell says:

    I love the black cats

  137. Tracey Peach says:

    I would love Selection of Shells from Shell Beach for my bathroom as I am trying to do a sea side theme. The blind that is all ready there has a big splash of paint on it, not very nice to look at.

  138. Nina McFadden says:

    I love the Frank Sinatra caricature by Penny Sobr as he is one of my all time favorite singers.

  139. The Anas Clypeata – Northern Shoveler – perfect for winter and the ducks make me smile

  140. Joanne thomas says:

    Old Harry Rocks from Knoll Beach, this one would look stunning in te bathroom

  141. miriam krutska says:

    i love this one for my daughter room as she has a american theme going on at the moment

  142. Alison Joyce says:

    Butterflies Shades of Brown I love butterfly motifs and this design would perfectly compliment my bedroom furniture.

  143. Still life of apricots in sunshine would sit perfectly in the bay in my dining room window. x

  144. wow! love all the designs it’s so hard to pick out just one, but i think my fav is light through bluebell wood. fingers and toes crossedxx

  145. Alison Wakefield says:

    Love the twin towers one

  146. Portia Mattinson says:


  147. Laura Harris says:

    I love “fluffy clouds”….brings the outdoors in, and you can still see the sky, even when the blind is drawn!

  148. What a great idea to cheer up a room, the Dendroica Petechia – Yellow Warbler is lovely, there is so much choice, next time I re-decorate, I will be visiting their website

  149. natalie fairhurst says:

    Red-crowned Crane

  150. Anja Meissner says:

    Wow…great products !!!

  151. Clare F Wood says:

    I like Spigs of Herbs on Hessian it would fit perfectly in our kitchen

  152. Diane Ireton says:

    I Love Arrival at the monument, My Bathroom is black & white, so it would look really good, plus my Dad was a London Cab driver.

  153. WOW they are outstanding, what an amazing idea… stunning and how about to personalise it with kids the picture…


  154. Paul Green says:
  155. Alice Hindley says:

    Gate to the Sea would add a nice splash of colour

  156. Stephanie Whitehouse says:

    The V&A Museum Stained Glass Window, Stucco and Glass, Egypt or Syria, 1700-1900 would be perfect on my stairs window

  157. angela sandhu says:

    i love this one Dress Fabric by The Calico Printers Association, 1931

    very classy

  158. Julie Picton says:

    love the Labradorite 102, bright and original

  159. Megan Bayford says:


  160. William Morris Persian Wallpaper: V&A

  161. claire mcevoy says:
  162. I like – it would look great on my french doors which I have to have a blind on and close in summer to keep the sun off the furniture. I like the idea of being able to look at the clouds instead of a plain white blind.

  163. Ruth Tesdale says:

    I love the Red Japanese Maple Leaves as it goes with the maple tree ouside my window

  164. Michael Clarke says:

    The Pop art one is cool.

  165. Sophia Kearney says:

    love the venetian blind with the garden route on

  166. Allan Smith says:

    Happy Cats because it makes me smile!

  167. Hugh McLaughlin says:

    There all so great

  168. Kate Kibble says:

    Going downtown – Paul Kenton


  169. kerry Locke says:

    Perfect for my Bathroom which is undergoing a refurb …

  170. David Paterson says:

    Coral Waves – lovely pattern and colours

  171. Amy Ripley says:

    Wow! I love the Lula on Pink Gingham with Flowers for my daughter!!!!

  172. Big Ben and Underground is fab – but I love so many!!

  173. Jill Webb says:
  174. Leanne Lunn says:

    The Rumps Peninsula – Panorama I don’t have a great view from my windows so looking at this everyday would be great.

  175. Zachary Hudson says:

    Lake District Jetty

  176. Love these so much, I’d love to show one of these off in my home :)

  177. Dee Dmonte says:

    Love the Laughing Dog, my kids and dogs would approve.

  178. Heather Shaw says:

    Owl Be Watching You – Blue Grey – So cute and makes me smile :)

    Great for kids too

  179. Frances hopkins says: Love this!!! Would look fantastic in my kitchen, fantastic colours!!

  180. Karen Donald says:

    love this one – would chill me out after a long day at work

  181. Cheryl Edwards says:

    The blinds are so lovely

  182. FionaLynne Edwards says:
  183. Svetlana Lemantovic says:
  184. Red Japanese Maple Leaves

  185. Linda Hobbis says:
  186. Nicola Blacker says:

    I redid my kitchen last year on a very tight budget, which included fittign a second-hand kitchen and putting back the blinds we had originally. They now look out of place and shabby. I really love the design “Detail from The Forest” by William Morris, which would tranform the kitchen into a work of art.

  187. shane weir says:

    Monica Asleep on Thistle

  188. I adore the Rosa Black Barraca design – My bedroom is designed in shades of purple and this would be a magnificent window treatment. It would give the room that wow factor it needs and would tie it all together.

  189. The City at Night would look really cool in my bedroom

  190. Fran Light says:

    I would choose the Skylight – Stained Glass blind because it reminds me of the stained glass gallery at the V & A Museum. I think it’s all been changed now, but when I was in my twenties, the gallery was a cool, dark room in one corner of the museum and I used to spend hours in there, just sitting quietly, and anonymously, thinking …

  191. Jay Scales says:

    I absolutely love the Fountains Abbey blind. We have National Trust membership, and it’s only about 40 minutes from us, so we have loads of free days out there all year round!

  192. Saran Benjamin says:
  193. elaine stokes says:

    Sunset, Beit Shemesh, Israel is perfect

  194. I really like Cat in the garden because it’s a piece of art and would add n extra dimension to the room.

  195. MANDY DOHERTY says:

    Would love ‘Follow the Yellow Brick Road – St Michaels Mount for my bathroom.

  196. Ceri jones says:

    Blue peacock feather as my daughter has just decorated her room with this design!

  197. Eleanor Powell says:

    I love the Lake Of Tranquility, how soothing and relaxing that could make a room

  198. Pietro Grecp says:

    I really need some new blinds! :)

  199. Donna Lawton says:

    Deserted Doop without a doubt! My idea of a little slice of heaven…lol x

  200. Donna Lawton says:

    I meant “piece” not “slice”…oops x

  201. Red Japanese Maple Leaves. It would match my decor

  202. SARAH LAMBERT says:

    I just love the Golden Hues of Autumn, Berkhamsted Common design i would have to stand all day at my sink looking at the blind as its a stunning picture :)

  203. These are pretty cool !!

  204. Anna Emslie says:

    I love the New York blind called Electric Avenue. It would look fantastic in my office!

  205. Saska Brenard says:

    I liked the London traffic. The effect was greatly insane somehow. I bought some fabric from Ikea with faces on it and “posted” it to the outside world. Similar insanity :)

  206. esther james says:

    I love this image Early Morning at Keem Strand, Achill Island, Co. Mayo- It just reminds me of a much loved trip to the highlands

  207. Paula Phillips says:

    My favourite is the Red Japanese Maple Leaves as I love the colours.

  208. Faye Lester says:

    Dubsun as I love VW’s!! Especially camper vans!

  209. Danielle Preira says:

    Malaga Wallpaper by Palladio Wallpapers

  210. I really like this Machu Picchu design because I loved trekking there and visiting it!

  211. Rosalind Sargent says:

    I love this Blind because it reminds me of lovely memories and a very special occation I celebrated on the famouse Wheel with my Husband

  212. sairz eastham says:
  213. Debora Hercock says:

    They’re all beautiful, what a tough choice! But one that stood out was Helen Dixon’s Sunset at Land’s End!

    • Debora Hercock says:

      just to add I love it because it’s peaceful and would go with the colours in my bedroom

  214. i like “Sunrise over the beach at Tynemouth” which I would use in my kitchen so I don’t have to look at the darkness outside at night

  215. Diana Webb says:

    buzzing bee on beige. minimalistic, great for my dining room

  216. sam bailey says:

    Charoite 102

  217. kate knight says:

    I like Red Maple leaves

  218. Cheryll Hastie says:

    I’d love a new blind for my kitchen window. It’s only small but this one would be perfect:

  219. I would like the unknown lilies on two small venitian blinds in my porch. My lovely Mum was called Lily and they would remind me of her.

  220. francis lee says:

    the Laughing Dog design is great


    This one would really brighten up your window on a cold wintery day. So sweet and summery feeling.


  223. melanie crumpton says:

    the bird of paradise is beautiful

  224. wendy moore says:

    I love African Evening Sky. Would be fabulous as a roller blind

  225. Michelle Rayner says:

    Group of People, L.S. Lowry I love the simplicity yet genius of all thing Lowry

  226. Rebekah Powley says:

    I LOVE all the Weston images but I would love in a Roman Blind….utterly gorgeous!

  227. Gary Humphrey says:

    I ike the twilight london design

  228. Lindsey Jones says:
  229. Loving the London scene – so hard finding just the right thing for a teenagers room that we can all live with – this would be perfect

  230. Angie Hoggett says:

    This one is perfect for winter, I would love it in my bathroom….

  231. Suzanne sendell says:

    Modern Brazilia

    Plain and simple design but very eye catching

  232. Amanda Mallows says:

    My favourite is the seal on a blue background – it would look perfect in my little boy’s bedroom.

  233. Paul Witney says:
  234. Andrea Shaw says:
  235. Sarah Mills says:

    Red Japanese Maple Leaves looks lovely

  236. Deb Hambleton says:

    My favourite is ‘Grey doors by the sea’ – it would really brighten up any room

  237. Maxwell and Monica gather Strawberries, would be perfect for our baby’s new room :}

  238. Karen Lloyd says:

    I love the Bubba, Hudson and Hawk blind, so cute. It would make me smile every morning when I walk into my kitchen at 6am to make some coffee. Not many things make me smile at that time of morning

  239. ruth davies says:

    Love the fairy Girl white very different from anything else i have seen.

  240. Natalie Henderson says:

    I love the breadmaking blind – it would look lovely in my kitchen and I do love baking bread!! :)

  241. Kevin Dooley says:

    ‘Beech trees in Autumn Sunset’ look really cool to me.

  242. love gardening and these are my favourite flowers giving colour to winter this would literally bring the outdoors in. so this blind would be amazing Helleborus X Harvington ‘Double Apricot 2005 Selection

  243. I love this one:
    We absolutely love chilli in everything in our house, would be so perfect!

  244. Emma Hawkins says:

    I love April Showers

  245. hannah oneill says:

    I love this because its pretty and would look awesome!

  246. emma jones says:


  247. Fairy Friends, would look so pretty in my girls’ room. It’s absolutely beautiful x

  248. Antonia Rookley says:

    Up and Above – Eastbourne, East Sussex
    © Helen Dixon Photography 2008

    It’s my town and captures why I love it!

  249. Laughing dog is really quite superb!

  250. Sarah Parker says:

    My flowers – violet

  251. Deborah Bird says:

    I like the Moon and Waves, Hengistbury Head.

    Sooo many to choose from though!!

  252. Judith Luscombe says:

    The Black and White Dog design is very modern and would be highly suitable for my sons bedroom window. His colour scheme is black and white and he is a great dog lover.

  253. Lauren Purdy says:

    My favourite is the sheep by Jane Bristowe. Very cute :O)

  254. Darren Humphreys says:

    I love “Porlock Hill, Exmoor”! Escapism!

  255. Lila B taylor says:

    I love the Trouble and Squeak blind, the mice are cute and its a contemporary style.

  256. Lesley Bain says:

    I love the Quirky Castle design. It would make my wee boy’s room such a magical place :)

  257. I love the Agapanthus – African Lily – on Black as it’s really pretty.

  258. Steven Edwicker says:

    Quite a range, but in the end I chose this –
    So different to what I thought i would go for.

  259. I think my favourite is Huskies preparing for Sled Dog Rally – so beautiful, it would be lovely to wake up to see that each morning.

  260. Tina Moores says:

    I love the Africa designs, especially
    reminds me of my honeymoon

  261. Lisa Waugh says:

    the red japanese maple leaf design would be stunning in my front room but they are all amazing.

  262. sue willshee says:

    I love Bruiser – he’s so cute!

  263. Sarah Price says:

    I like ‘Tulip Fantasy’ – my favourite flowers.

  264. Chevaune Taylor- Stanley says:
    My dreary old bathroom is just crying out for this Ranunculus Asiaticus Mount Herman! So cheery!!

  265. I love the “Grey Doors by the Sea” – would look fabulous in the bathroom

  266. Stacey Hill says:

    The laughing dog is right up my street as a huge dog lover, very unusual and appealing!

  267. Janet Coates says:

    City Scene 2 would be a lively addition to my country view kitchen.

  268. Loving the endless summer one, if only!!!!!

  269. Judith Lightfoot says:

    Lake Bled, Slovenia with Chapel of Santa Maria memories of a wonderful holiday. These blinds are amazing pieces of art I would them all over the house!!!!

  270. vanessa bowers says:

    Light diffusing through trees in bluebell wood
    Truly beautiful blinds

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