Skating at Somerset House and the Lavazza Lounge

OK…WATCHING the Skating, DRINKING the Coffee:

There is a strong possibility that I am one of the worlds least sporty people.  I come from a family of sportsmen and women and my total lack of co-ordination married with my lack of any kind of athletic talent was always a source of embarrassment to my parents.  I’ve tried skating once and failed dismally.  I watch friends, graceful, co-ordinated, or just plain enthusiastic, having an amazing time gliding round an Ice Rink and I just can’t bring myself to be embarrassed again.

If, like me, you are a spectator rather than participant, then there are two things which matter about choice of Ice Rink.

Firstly location.  I’m actually quite happy to watch for half an hour or so (preferably with something warm and alcoholic to sip) if the Ice Rink is somewhere beautiful.

Secondly of course, good food and drinks.

christmas tree somerset house

Somerset House is one of London’s prettiest Ice Rinks.  This year it’s particularly well set up, with a gorgeous Christmas tree at the front of the splendid building.

cupcakes lavazza coffee

There are also a couple of options for food and drink.  Toms Kitchen is the all year round venue at Somerset House and is  quite well known, but there’s another almost secret coffee bar in the West Wing run by Levy Restaurants in conjunction with Lavazza. Now, apart from the fact that you will get great Lavazza coffee, this little Lounge was a peaceful haven when we arrived because it’s a pop-up just while the Ice Rink is in place and not quite so well known..

lavazza lounge

We enjoyed Lavazza coffee, naughty hot chocolate (in my case – with a shot of baileys) and yummy cup-cakes.

lavazza tins in Christmas Tree Formation

And watched the skaters and browsed some of the rather unusual shops.

skating at somerset house

And left for home.

You know what  – it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas:)


If you’d like to try skating at Somerset House tickets are available online or from their on site box office (very limited availability) and the Ice Rink is open from 10am till 10.30pm (later on club nights).  The Lavazza Lounge by Levy Restaurants is open for coffee, hot chocolate and cocktails, with cupcakes and other naughty treats available too!

Somerset House Ice Rink
Strand, London, WC2R 1LA


Disclaimer:  I was invited to visit the Lavazza Louge  by Levy Restaurants and received a free drink and cupcake(!)

4 / 5 stars     
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  1. says

    Looks like lots of fun there. We have skating here in So. Ca but you have to pay for every little thing, from skates to getting on the ice not to mention parking. I think just watching is a better idea.

    • says

      The first time I came to NYC, I went and watched the skating in Central Park. It was well before anything like that happened in London and I really do remember being in awe….

  2. says

    Loved stumbling across this post! I thoroughly enjoy ice skating so this post made me smile! Though I may not be the best on ice, it looks like it would be an amazing experience. I will definitely be adding this to my bucket list. Great post, thank you for sharing!


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