Tabasco Bloody Mary Challenge & Giveaway

Tabasco® and Bloody Mary – A Challenge and A Giveaway:

Earlier this year I spent a happy lunch time trying twenty or so fabulous Bloody Mary cocktails and variations!   It was, of course, the Bloody Mary Challenge, held this year at the American Bar at Brasserie Zedel, an event that attracts the UK’s top mixologists.   It’s believed that the Bloody Mary was invented in the 1920’s by American bartender Fernand Petiot when he was working at Harry’s New York Bar in Paris.  When he returned to New York, he took the drink with him and the American palate demanded a spicier version, so the recipe evolved to include black  and cayenne pepper, Worcestershire sauce, lemon, and a generous splash of  Tabasco® Pepper Sauce.  An American classic was born.

Tabasco bloody mary challenge

Now, I like my Bloody Mary fresh, chilled and spicy.  But this challenge went way beyond anything I might normally concoct in my kitchen.  The contestants were mixologists  from some of the top bars in the country and their challenge was to create the ultimate ‘classic’ Bloody Mary – and then to create an alternative!  We were in auspicious company too in the form of the judges, Charles Campion, Kate Spicer,  Russell Norman and Tristan O’Hara.  And, whilst we tasted most of the entries, I have to admit by the time we’d worked through the ‘classics’ I was finding it quite difficult to keep a fresh enough palate to understand the full skill of each drink.  When the alternative cocktails appeared we had dry ice, foam and plenty of ingenious presentations!

The winning classic recipe came from Gareth Evans’ of Pollen Street Social, who produced this:

Classic Bloody Mary 

35ml Absolut vodka,
125ml sundance tomato juice
2 dashes Tabasco® Pepper Sauce
15ml Worcestershire sauce
10ml lemon juice
Pinch celery salt
Pinch black pepper

Throw three times, serve on a board garnished with a candy striped straw, small piece of celery, nocelara olive and cherry tomato, with a side of heritage tomato salad and horseradish snow, plus a miniature bottle of Tabasco®.

tabasco classic winner

And, the alternative winner was Marco Piroli of the LAB bar in Soho with

Mary & the Soldiers 

30ml garlic infused vodka
15ml punt e mes
15ml lemon juice
125ml tomato juice
Pinch of black pepper, celery salt and sugar
7 drops of Tabasco® Pepper Sauce
1sp balsamic vinegar

Combine all the ingredients in a tin roll it with ice and strain in a highball glass. Garnish with Bovril, celery salt and chili flakes rim, boiled quails egg and soldiers.

Tabasco Challenge alternative winner

Now, if you’d like a chance to concoct your own Bloody Mary,  Tabasco® have kindly offered me a hamper of goodies to give away.  There will be   a selection of different flavoured Tabasco sauces, a branded apron, oven glove and a table cloth as well as a Tabasco Bloody Mary Mix and some caddies.  The perfect solution for a New Year’s hangover cure!

tabasco goodies

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  1. A good slug of dry madeira. Celery salt. A squeeze of lemon. These are the essentials alongside the tomato and tabasco. All else is a trimming :)

  2. I love the way the cocktail was tweaked. Perfect for holiday time actually!

  3. Good quality tomato juice

  4. Lorraine saeed says:

    A good squeeze of fresh lemon

  5. A secret…try clamato instead of tomato juice…

  6. Old Bay Seasoning is an absolute must!

  7. Michelle Sykes says:

    Extra worcester sauce and a splash of lime

  8. add salt and lime juice instead of lemon

  9. Old Tom tomato juice, no celery salt just a celery stalk in the glass itself.

  10. a teeny bit of horseradish to the mix gives it a real kick!

  11. Good quality tomato juice and that Worcester Sauce/Tabasco combo

  12. Sarah James says:

    It’s not a great favourite of mine; I don’t really like the texture of the tomato juice – and I have to say that the garlic vodka sounds vile! So for me – just give me the ice chilled vodka and a dash of tobasco and I’d be happy!

  13. Rebecca Jayne Smith says:

    Plenty of Worcester Sauce and Tabasco, of course!

  14. The finest ingredients money can buy put together by the finest mixologist one can find.

  15. I’ve never had one, so maybe I could find out if I win!

  16. Lynn Savage says:

    It’s all about the quality of the tomato juice and lime juice

  17. Darlene Taylor says:

    Enough lime & Tabasco to mask the taste of the vodka would be nice :)

  18. Good quality vodka and tomato juice. Bloody Mary tomatoes, made by marinading fresh cherry tomatoes in vodka and seasonings, are pretty awesome too!

  19. melanie stirling says:

    Fresh tomato juice

  20. Diana Cotter says:

    Smooth, clean vodka and enough Tabasco to make your eyes water

  21. Jo Hutchinson says:

    a squirt of lemon and a lemon slice on top.

  22. hayley pemberton says:

    smooth tomato juice

  23. Mmmm! I think I need a bloody mary now!

  24. Worcester Sauce and Tabasco!

  25. Good quality tomato juice and good quality vodka, like Stolichnaya. Don’t use cheap vodka, as you’ll only get a hangover as a result. lol

  26. nicola barter says:

    would have to be lots of Tabasco i like it spicy!!

  27. Bohdan Kuczynski says:

    Good quality ingredients, that you would have on their own is a good rule of thumb.

  28. emma cella says:

    Good quality tomato juice

  29. Definitely no ice, but plenty of Worcestershire sauce

  30. Tina Holmes says:

    Chilli :-)

  31. I use V-8 juice, it’s amazing!

  32. rebecca austerberry says:

    good quality tomato juice makes the best ones!

  33. decent ingredients

  34. Lindsay Burton says:

    Try clamato juice instead of tomato

  35. Victoria Riley says:

    Fresh lemon juice is always good, and I’ve usually got some on a morning after the night before :)

  36. Quantity? 😉

  37. For me the best Bloody Mary has to include A decent vodka, a glug of chilli infused sherry, some freshly grated horseradish,tomato juice, a few dashes of tabasco, a splash of Worcester sauce,a squeeze of lemon and finally a sprinkle of celery salt on top. Swirl together with a celery stick and enjoy! Make a jug as one is never enough!

  38. Maya Russell says:

    Good, red tomato juice.

  39. EMMA WALTERS says:

    extra tabasco!!!

  40. whack it in, its great xx

  41. Laura Pritchard says:

    Really good tomato juice, nothing too sweetened!

  42. Christine Dodd says:

    The location you are drinking it – preferably on board ship where the BM has been made for you by a lovely waiter

  43. Pat Stubbs says:

    Good quaity tomato juice and not too heavy with the tabasco

  44. Simon Smith says:

    I use tabasco in a lentil bake but have never explored is alcohol uses :-)

  45. GLENDA PROFIT says:

    tomato juice and worcester sauce

  46. Polly Bastow says:

    Good quality ingredients = good taste

  47. Gotta get the right quantity of Worcester/Tabasco sauce in there…

  48. Mrs Marian Fievez says:

    Good tomato juice and tabasco

  49. Just the right amount of ingredients.

  50. julie rogers says:

    sprig of fresh mint

  51. Mr John Taggart says:

    Worcester Sauce & Tabasco :-)

  52. Kirsteen Mackay says:

    The quality of the tomato juice

  53. Claire Smith says:

    Do you know what I have never had one but I would guess it is about getting the right amounts of everything!

  54. A good, thick tomato juice. It ruins a good Bloody Mary when cheap, watery juice is used!

  55. Jill Frances Garratt says:

    Lots of ice, and celery is not necessary!

  56. fiona waterworth says:

    Smirnoff Black makes it extra smooth


    ……….quality ingredients and …… great company

  58. P Wendy Clayton says:

    vodka is my preferred spirit but I have never had a Bloody Mary. Perhaps I need to win this so that I can try one!

  59. dawn hales says:

    I like mine with a sprinkle of grated dark chocolate

  60. dawn hales says:

    this might be better with a dash of tobasco- pappa di pomodoro

  61. Sharon McGuinness says:

    A good quality tomato juice, worcester sauce and tobasco.

  62. Getting it made for you by a hunky waiter!

  63. Sue Harrison says:

    ooh, I confess to never having tried one.. but I could be tempted 😉

  64. claire woods says:

    Nice tasting tomato juice

  65. Tracy Gladman says:

    Great tomato juice.

  66. Julia Nicholls says:

    I love salt and lots of lime.

  67. charlotte clavier says:

    The company you drink it with thats what makes a perfect bloody mary :) xx

  68. Lynn brown says:

    Worcestershire sauce

  69. JENNY MILLER says:

    Sharing it with good company.

  70. Becci Cleary says:

    I think a Hangover makes the perfect bloody mary – makes you really appreciate it and senses are heightened so you taste it all :)

  71. Jess Mandeville says:

    I’ve never tried one but would have thought the quality of the vodka and tomato juice would make all the difference.

  72. Tina Cleveland says:

    FResh tomato juice

  73. Carly Mckay says:

    good quality ingredients!!!!

  74. Julie Booth says:

    Good quality tomato juice, a dash of Tabasco and lots of pepper.

  75. denise cross says:

    I tend to use lime juice instead of lemon juice.

  76. Lisa Morrow says:

    Worcester sauce is a must!

  77. Kim Howard says:

    Organic Tomato Juice

  78. Lydia Houghton says:

    No worcester sauce for me – it makes a Bloody Mary taste too much like Spag Bol. I think you need to keep the flavours fresh and clean.

  79. Victoria Ashley says:

    Lime juice and Tabasco

  80. Mark Richmond says:

    Good quality tomato juice to start with makes all the difference

  81. Geoff Hibbert says:

    The perfect Bloody Barman

  82. Emily Hutchinson says:

    Plenty of worcester sauce and really tomatoey tomato juice!

  83. Lime Juice :)

  84. Justine Powell says:

    good tomato juice and a crack of black peppper

  85. Denise Walker says:

    Good Vodka
    Good quality tomato juice
    Celery stick to stir and celery salt

  86. Rob Clayton says:

    Tabasco sauce

  87. Lime juices always good!

  88. olivia kirby says:

    Good vodka. We have a tremendous bottle of Stoli in the freezer :-)

  89. Laura Caraher says:

    Good quality vodka and tomato juice :)

  90. maxime goodwin says:

    A good Vodka!! :)

  91. vicky morton says:

    oooooooo I’ve never tried one but sounds delish!

  92. Sue Bowden says:

    A really good vodka and tomoto juice with a nice splash of tabasco.

  93. A sprinkling of lime habenero salt rather than celery salt, the chef from the real Hotel California sold me some a few years back at a chilli festival and I’ve been hooked ever since!

  94. Danielle Woodman says:

    A pinch of salt really enhances all the flavours.

  95. Mandy edkins says:

    Has to be good quailty Vodka and add a dash of Worcester sauce

  96. Lisa Walker says:


  97. Steven Appleton says:

    Good quality ingredients naturally, a little pepper and just an extra little dash of Tabasco sauce :)

  98. Dave Edwards says:

    Just a dash of Worcestershire Sauce

  99. quality tomato juice

  100. The best Tomato Juice you can get

  101. Bernadette Blundell says:

    lots of ice has to be cold

  102. Kelly Ellen Hirst says:

    I’ve never had one but I’m guessing lots of Tabasco would be a good place to start!

  103. sarah clegg says:

    must have a good squeezing of a lovely fresh lemon :)

  104. Tracey Quinn says:

    Use a high quality juice that has a deep, rich flavor

  105. Emma J Lowe says:

    Tomato juice with a splash of worcester sauce

  106. Gillian Holmes says:

    2 ice cubes
    6 dashes Worcestershire sauce
    3 dashes Tabasco sauce

  107. Katie Kingsbury says:

    Fresh, organic tomato juice.

  108. something along the lines of the classic version, but plenty of pepper and as fresh tomato juice as poss


  110. VICKI CULLEN says:

    Good quality ingredients always works wonders x

  111. Mandy Wan says:

    the best ingredients, although i’ve yet to try a bloody mary :/

  112. good tomato juice

  113. I love putting Tabasco sauce in a beef stew!

  114. A great vodka and tomato juice and Tabasco Sauce makes all the differnce!

  115. Anne O'Donnell says:

    Lots of vodka!

  116. Ursula Bingham says:

    Tabasco makes all the difference

  117. Good quality ingredients.

  118. Peter Callcut says:

    Apart from the tabasco, it is the quality of the tomato juice that makes all the difference

  119. Someone else drinking it! Love Tabasco and tomato, but can’t stand Bloody Marys!!

  120. I’ve never tried one! I can’t believe it.

  121. Chelsea McBride says:

    Good quality alcohol and tomato juice! and extra lime!

  122. dragonfly63 says:

    Worcester sauce and Tabasco with celery salt.

  123. kerry Locke says:

    Has to be Ice Cold to be perfect !

  124. It has to have great quality smooth tomato juice!

  125. I’ve never had one, but a good quality chilli sauce has got to be a key ingredient.

  126. Kellie Faggle McIntyre says:

    A sexy bar man to make it ; )

  127. esther james says:

    Tabasco, pepper and worcester sauce!

  128. Jean Bolsover says:

    An extra dollop of worcester sauce!

  129. Freshly pulped tomato juice and a good glug of Worcestershire sauce!

  130. Tabasco! =)

  131. natalie holland says:

    tabasco and good quality tomato juice x

  132. Isobelle forde says:

    Decent quality vodka and V8 Juice, alcoholic yet still one of your five a day ..

  133. Claire Louise Jones says:

    Good quality tomato juice and that Worcester Sauce/Tabasco

  134. Rebecca Phillips says:

    good quality ingredients; not the cheap stuff

  135. sandy port says:

    as several people have already said – really good quality ingredients.
    Cheap watery tomato juice is a real no no.

  136. Ben Audsley says:

    lots of tabasco sauce!

  137. emmasmith says:

    I’d love to try different combinations.

  138. I always add a splosh of sherry and a big squeeze of lime!

  139. Greig spencer says:

    good quality vodka

  140. Catherine Thorp says:

    Definitely all good quality ingredients – no cheap imitations

  141. Karen Whittaker says:

    The best vodka you can afford and a really good quality tomato juice

  142. Tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce,Tabasco sauce and dont forget the vodka

  143. katherine grieve says:

    Loads of tobasco and worcestershire sauce

  144. Rachel Hartwell says:

    good tomato juice and a stick of organic celery

  145. Sarah Smith says:

    Lots of them!!

  146. Cat Williams says:

    Worcester Sauce and lots of salt and pepper

  147. christina brown says:

    A good infused vodka such as Absolut Peppar :)

  148. Mark Rayner says:


  149. Anthony Clements says:

    Good quality tommy juice

  150. Wendy burgess says:

    Tabasco and quality vodka

  151. Phil Darling says:

    a splash of lime

  152. Wendy Lam says:

    I use V8 instead of tomato sauce for more flavour, a premium vodka and definitely ice cubes and a squeeze of lime.

  153. A good quality vodka

  154. Michele Hemmings says:

    Good quality ingredients and not skimping on the tabasco :)

  155. Laura Harris says:

    Good quality tomato juice and the right level of kick!

  156. conrad edwards says:

    The people you drink it with…

  157. nisha koya says:

    clamato tastes amazing in bloody mary

  158. Hugh McLaughlin says:

    fresh lemon juice

  159. Fresh tomato juice.

  160. Lynne OConnor says:

    heavy on Worcestershire sauce and a couple of dashes of Tabasco

  161. claire nutman says:

    Black pepper x

  162. Kate O'Neill says:

    Loads of vodka and a straw. And maybe a little cocktail umbrella.

  163. horseradish

  164. David Paterson says:

    Some lime juice

  165. PENNY RUSSELL says:

    Fresh tomato juice and lemon

  166. Michael Clarke says:

    Celery salt, tabasco, Lime

  167. sue mason says:

    a good quality tomato juice

  168. sarah fleck says:


  169. Plenty of worcester sauce and plenty of tabasco!!

  170. Ice cold tomato juice

  171. valerie mccarthy says:

    It is my favourite drink…
    I love celery and toothpicks with many green olives stuck to it.. mmmmmm. I want one now.

  172. Charley Foulds says:

    finest ingredients and having it in a fun atmosphere with your friends!

  173. A stainless steel cocktail-shaker (to retain the cold)

  174. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    Good quality fresh tomato juice

  175. Go easy on the Worcestershire sauce!

  176. Sarah Lamb says:


  177. miriam krutska says:

    good quality smooth tomato juice

  178. Lots of crushed ice and fresh lemon

  179. Svetlana Lemantovic says:

    vodka and tomato juice

  180. kayleigh beirne says:


  181. Leanne Lunn says:

    Homemade tomato juice

  182. Laura foulds says:

    Big squeeze of lemon

  183. Karen Shuttleworth says:

    I’ve never had one, so I’d have to experiment a lot if I won!

  184. laura banks says:

    not sure but i had them in turkey and the heat and being on the beach made them fantastic

  185. jessica cook says:

    a very good tom juice, has to be just the right one x

  186. roy brittain says:

    the spicier the better in fact id use the habenero sauce

  187. tamalyn roberts says:

    brtivic tomato juice does it for me, cannot drink it with anything else x

  188. Kim Drillingcourt says:

    good quality tomato juice and Lea & Perrins

  189. Alice Hindley says:

    A spicy sauce and a smooth tomato juice

  190. Tink Rhonda Lee Mse says:

    Loads of worcester sauce.

  191. Emma Jackson says:

    Really good quality ingredients x

  192. Rachel Sanders says:

    Plenty of worcester sauce

  193. Sarah Morris says:


  194. Suzanne Cooke says:

    I’ve never tried it I am a wimp and get tipsy very quick lol.

  195. zainab hassan says:

    black pepper

  196. jennifer thorpe says:

    good tomato juice and worcestershire sauce

  197. Paul Wilson says:

    Good quality ingredients.

  198. Jill Webb says:

    Good ingredients

  199. Nazrana Haque says:

    good quality tomato juice

  200. Lyn Bosomworth says:

    Good quality tomato juice

  201. Amanda Richardson says:

    Tabasco and a squeeze of lemon

  202. Cold but spicey for me please !

  203. Sue Obrien says:

    Tomato Juice, Vodka, Tabasco Sauce lots of ice in a tall glass with a stick of celery as decoration and for stirring. Yummm!

  204. Alison Wakefield says:

    A dash of lemon juice and quality tomato juice

  205. Amy Ripley says:

    Good tomato juice is a must!

  206. Good quality ingredients

  207. donna maclean-walker says:

    Definately quality tomato juice :)

  208. James Holyland says:

    Get the Worcester sauce in

  209. Chris Maddocks says:

    Practice makes perfect

  210. Smirnoff Vodka tomato Juice and Tabasco Sauce then give it a good stir.

  211. Barrie Phillips says:

    freshly ground black pepper

  212. Salt and lemon

  213. shane weir says:

    Tomato juice with a splash of worcester sauce

  214. liz denial says:

    as a vegetarian I have to make sure that it’s a vegetarian worcester sauce

  215. Tabasco and Worcester sauce is the winning combo in my mind

  216. Janet Dring says:

    Decent vodka

  217. Cutting her head off

  218. Tomato juice, grey goose, celery salt and tabasco

  219. Louise Smith says:


  220. Clare Hall says:

    Tabasco of course!

  221. Rebecca Fitzgibbons says:

    I’ve got to admit, these cocktails scare me a bit!

    I think it’s the vodka :p

  222. Janice Street says:

    Have to make sure I use gluten free worcestershire sauce and tabasco sauce

  223. Rudy Roversi says:

    Good quality tomato juice and a generous splash of tabasco

  224. Tabsaco and celery!

  225. Julie Picton says:

    Worcester Sauce

  226. plenty of tobasco

  227. aly carter says:

    A perfect man to drink it with!

  228. Bonnie Brooksbank says:

    Drinking one in Prague makes it perfect!

  229. Good quality tomato juice and original Worcester Sauce

  230. Frances hopkins says:

    Quality Vodka!!

  231. Gary Humphrey says:

    Fresh tomato juice

  232. Avvie Cunnington says:

    No ice and a little worcester sauce.

  233. Amanda Oakley says:

    Top quality tomato juice

  234. hannah oneill says:

    Good tomato juice!

  235. Nikki Stewart says:

    A hint of lime!

  236. kristy brown says:

    Good friends to share it with!

  237. Joanne Crosby says:

    A little dash in a home made shepherd’s pie :)

  238. Joanne Crosby says:

    Perfect bloody mary = the quality of the tomato juice

  239. mark beynon says:

    good company

  240. andy powell says:

    Good vodka thats been in the freezer at least a day ,fresh tomato juice and as many drops of tabasco to your own taste

  241. Annamarie Riddiford says:

    Extra worcester sauce

  242. Harry Letham says:

    A little Horseradish too.

  243. Super-fresh high quality tomato juice

  244. good quality tomato juice

  245. Rebecca Townsend says:

    Mine always have to have a good squeeze of lemon juice in them

  246. Gemma Clark says:

    worcester sauce & only the best tomato juice :)

  247. Someone else making it for me! :)

  248. Hel Jones says:

    Plenty of Vodka! And the right amount of Lea and Perrins!

  249. Good quality tomato juice and plenty of Worcestershire sauce.

  250. Chilled and good quality tomato juice.

  251. JOANNE ROXBURGH says:

    Splash out on a good quality juice and lots of worcester sauce.

  252. julie Brooke says:

    The best quality tomato juice that you can but ….. or even better make your own

  253. Sally Poole says:

    Good quality ingredients

  254. Chilled tomato juice (from a bottle, not a carton) a pinch of white pepper and celery salt.

  255. I’ve never had one! But I love a bit of tabasco sauce or just chilli on everything! Call me an addict.
    Erica xo

  256. Lisa Ellison says:

    The perfect Bloody Mary needs LOTS AND LOTS and Vodka.

  257. Angie Hoggett says:

    good quality tomato juice and a good bartender ;o)

  258. Fresh tomato juice and a little chilli

  259. Emma Wolski says:

    oodles of worcester sauce, decent tomato juice and vodka, a splash of salt and tabasco and a celery stick to dip in it!

  260. jennie jackson says:

    A spinkle of pepper on top

  261. Lime instead of lemon and extra tabasco

  262. add salt and lime juice instead of lemon

  263. Isabelle Smith says:

    more than one ;D

  264. Laura Dye says:

    Making sure you get the best quality vodka – and perfecting the amount of Tabasco!

  265. Emma Andersson says:

    Fresh tomato juice and lime

  266. Liz Mitchell says:

    tomato juice ice lemon and a drop of sherry, not forgetting the vodka and tabasco

  267. Good quality vodka

  268. Su Williams says:

    Has to be Tabasco

  269. donna baxter says:

    Good quality ingredients make a better bloody Mary. A good quality vodka, and tomato juice and a good slug of tabasco for a big kick!

  270. Lindsey Dudgeon says:

    A little fresh chilli

  271. Mickie Bull says:

    The celery stick makes it complete

  272. claire fawkner says:

    Plenty of tabasco

  273. Heather Smith says:

    a good dose of salt and pepper

  274. A big slug of extra hot tabasco 😉

  275. A Friday evening! :)

  276. Fancy tomato juice!

  277. Paula Phillips says:

    Plenty of vodka.

  278. Holly Boyd says:

    Good quality tomato juice.

  279. Emily Jayne Phipps says:

    Worcester sauce and a good amount of it!

  280. Leanne Bucknall says:

    A good quality tomato juice, some are just too watery. The rest is all dependent on taste.

  281. Sandra May says:

    Plenty of tabasco & worcester sauce

  282. Claire Nelson says:

    Good quality ingredients and the right amount of tabasco

  283. Paul Witney says:

    Quality ingredients, especially the tomato juice

  284. lots of fresh lemon

  285. Steve Wigham says:

    Whats the question? lol

  286. Ali Thorpe says:

    The best tomato juice you can get!

  287. Sarah Mills says:


  288. Claire Butler says:

    Quality ingredients

  289. Lani Nash says:

    Decent vodka makes all the difference

  290. Barbara daniels says:

    olive oil and peppercorns

  291. Claire Appleton says:

    Quality ingredients

  292. Becky John says:

    Good quality tomato juice and jalapeno pepper to garnish as I love them

  293. the tomato juice

  294. Leanne Court says:

    The hotness!

  295. Tracey Belcher says:

    The Tomato Juice is the key quality needed

  296. Rebecca Collins says:

    Good quality tomato juice :)

  297. Sandra Foreman says:

    good quality sauces

  298. Best quality vodka

  299. a really good vodka and ‘proper’ sauces

  300. Sue lempkowski says:

    authentic worcester sauce and chilled tomato juice

  301. a good quality vodka for a smooth finish

  302. Get someone else to make it

  303. Good quality tomato juice and vodka

  304. Matthew C says:

    A hint of mustard goes a long way!!

  305. Janice Smith says:

    A good quality potato vodka, with a healthy helping of pepper and, of course, Tabasco.

  306. Marian Fievez says:

    good quality ingredients, and chilled tomato juice

  307. Karen Harrison says:

    A great fresh tomato juice.

  308. Joanna Sawka says:

    Tomato juice I think

  309. Katie Richards says:

    I’ve never tried one – always wanted to but never have had all the ingredients at home at the same time!

  310. Good quality tomato juice.

  311. Joanne Mcgawley says:

    A good fat glug of tabasco!

  312. rebecca leon says:

    Quality vodka

  313. Alison Davies says:

    Good quality tomato juice..

  314. Judith Luscombe says:

    tomato juice, loads of vodka and Worcester Sauce

  315. Alisa Moore says:

    celery salt + a good spicy kick from Tabasco

  316. Caroline James says:

    Good quality tomato juice.

  317. stephanie kerr says:

    loads of good quality tomato juice

  318. Tracy Hughes says:

    Good quality ingredients.

  319. Emma Holness says:

    Plenty of vodka

  320. Sylvia Paul says:

    Organic tomato juice

  321. Deborah J says:

    plenty of everything – especially Vodka & Worcester Sauce/Tabasco

  322. Lindsey Jones says:

    A splash of lime

  323. mark milsom says:

    Splash in the Habanero !!!! Give it some NUTS !!!!!!

  324. Natalie Henderson says:

    Celery salt! very important!! :)

  325. Kate Williamson says:

    Oodles of Worcester sauce, pinch of celery salt, good splash of Tabasco and a great glug of tomato juice

  326. Lots of alchohol

  327. Sarah Parker says:

    spice :)

  328. Good friends to drinks it with

  329. DAWN TOTTON says:

    A good quality and fresh tomato juice.

  330. Charlotte Jones says:

    Lots of tabasco! The spicier the better! :)

  331. Hannah Smith says:

    Chocolate syrup!!

  332. John Lynch says:

    sacrilege…. but coriander

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