My Funny Valentine Giveaway – Heat Holders Socks!

Valentine’s Day Giveaway – Heat Holder Socks

Not so long ago I was looking for suggestions for a giveaway to run on London Unattached for Valentine’s Day.  Now, most of us think of flowers, champagne and chocolate.  Or, perhaps a meal out.  Or if you are REALLY lucky an overnight stay in a hotel in Paris…

Not so the lovely people from Heat Holders, who wrote to me and suggested a ‘his and her’ pair of socks.

After giggling a bit, I tried engaging brain and realised that actually it was a very good idea…after all, when the weather is cold, what do you want to do?  snuggle up with your loved one and keep warm.  And these wonderful heat holder socks will genuinely keep your feet warm, leaving you free to concentrate on other things!


heat holder socks


They have an amazing TOG value of 2.3 and are seven times warmer than normal socks, with a thick fluffy lining.  I was sent a sample, which I’ve been wearing all through the cold weather and they are really fabulous at keeping your feet warm.

I’ve got two pairs of these socks (not necessarily stripey – you get to chose the colour and size!!!) to give away to a lucky winner (RRP £7.99 each).  So, why not have a go and enter my very simple giveaway!

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  1. Michelle Sykes says

    Heat holders socks are fab – they keep you lovely and warm – my son has raynards and he swears by these.

  2. Saran Benjamin says

    I would give them to my hubby knowing that he would not wear them if they are pink. Win win situation as I would having given him a gift but I would get to wear them.

  3. Tracey Belcher says

    Oh my friend lives on a narrow boat (rosie and jim style) but has trouble keeping his feet warm and would so love these (mind you I would love them myself)

  4. ann scally says

    I could not give these socks away I would keep them myself to keep my feet nice and warm. Selfish I know but I dont think anyone else would appreciate them as much x

  5. Susi Galley says

    I’d love to try these heatholder socks. I get cold feet sitting all evening at the computer :) Usually roasting in bed though snuggled up with a blanket my granny did knit me 30 years ago which produces unbelievable heat – wished my granny would be still here to knit socks and blankets for me.

  6. Stacey Rowe says

    I’d give a pair to my mum, she’s always saying “if your feet are warm so is the rest of you” so she would love these!

  7. Tracy Hughes says

    I would give them to my best mate, we are going caravanning in a few weeks and last year it was very cold in the van at night!

  8. Penelope Hooper says

    My hubby has the most freezing feet in bed, so for St. Valentine’s sake, I’d give them to him. 😀

  9. Ursula Bingham says

    I would keep these for myself – as a wheelchair user my feet are always freezing due to lack of movement. If I don’t win them I’ll have to have some for a present!

  10. Wendy Lam says

    I’ll give them to my grandma as she is always in layers trying to keep warm, 6 different layers of tops, 3 pairs of trousers and 2 pairs of socks. At least with these socks she will only a pair and that would save her a layer.

  11. Tom says

    I would turn them into sock puppets and invite them to tea parties and singles meet-ups…no i mean just the tea parties

  12. Isabell Stewart says

    My feet get so cold that I would selfishly keep them for myself and then I’d have warm toesies all winter. Bliss!

  13. Alison Wakefield says

    I would give them to my hubby with him working in a factory which deals with Pork so its freezing all year round

  14. anthony harrington says

    my Wife, she suffers with Reynauds Disease which means her hands, feet and nose are always icy cold even in the summer

  15. Caroline S says

    I’d give a pair to my dad – he’s just got out of hospital and his little tootsies are always cold so this might cheer him up a little

  16. Hazel Christopher says

    I would give a pair to my ex partner because he goes fishing and hunting in all weathers and I think these would keep his feet nice and warm :)

  17. Louise Cavey says

    I’d give them to my mum, she lives in a small town in Scotland so I’d like to make sure she’s keeping warm.

  18. Lisa Wilkinson says

    I would keep them for myself. I have arthritis in my big toes (too much heel-wearing – Grrrrr!) and these would be a great help on these cold days!

  19. Jeremy Hards says

    I would give them to my girlfriend as she always complains about her feet been cold and she really appreciates nice socks as presents

  20. jellie says

    I would keep them for myself as a present to my hubby – I usually warm my feet up on him so he would be mighty grateful for these socks!!

  21. Stephanie Whitehouse says

    I’d keep them – but only so I don’t have to thaw my freezing toes on my poor husband! It’s altuistic. really…

  22. says

    I never used to feel the cold, but changes in my system have meant I do now and, more particularly, I really feel it in my feet. I would love a pair of heat holder socks to keep my tootsies warm.

  23. Fran Light says

    I’d give them to my lovely friend Dawn – she has a long walk to work every morning and she mentioned the other day that it’s usually lunchtime before she can feel her feet again, so these would be the perfect gift for her!

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