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London Unattached Creates the Perfect Bouquet:

OK maybe a bit of wishful thinking there.  I’ve done one flower arranging course with Interflora and I really don’t think I was the star pupil.  But, I love the idea of creating my own bouquet, so when I spotted Interflora tweeting about their new online virtual flower shop, My Interflora Creation, I was fascinated.

Interflora Elegance

I’ve been playing around with the application now for a day or so and created myself three bouquets (well this IS London-Unattached after all, and I doubt anyone will be sending me flowers for Valentine’s Day unless I treat myself).   I really do love it.

You can pick vase type, different flowers and different foliage to make your perfect bouquet.   There are over 70 different types of flowers and foliage and a range of vases to use.   You can select by type of flower, by colour or by meaning.  And. as you create your bouquet you can read more about the flowers and what they symbolise.  We all know that red roses are meant to mean love…but did you realise that an orange rose stands for desire and passion?  OK, so who is sending me 12 orange roses this Valentine’s Day?

Interflora Blue Ice

And, then you can SEND your bouquet to someone as an e-card (that strikes me as a great way to drop a hint for Valentine’s Day or a special Birthday or Anniversary).  Or, you can send your order directly to an Interflora florist who will create YOUR bouquet and send it to the lucky recipient together with your message.  Or just share it on your facebook page or twitter hoping the right person will see it!

So why not have a go and create your own perfect bouquet?

Disclaimer:  I offered to try this application and review it and Interflora kindly gave me a gift voucher so that I can order my own bouquet.


4.5 / 5 stars     
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