Nikis Organic Balms Giveaway

Valentine’s Giveaway – Niki’s Organic Balms

In the lead up to Valentine’s day, we all need treats – those in a relationship will want to look their best, those who are not will want a little pampering so that they really feel great.

Niki’s Organic Balms are a range of moisturising and healing balms that are made with a blend of organic oils, essential oils and beeswax and no petroleum, parabens or anything else that you really wouldn’t want on your skin.  I’ve got two goodie bags worth £25 each  to give away with a 50ml Rose balm and a 10ml Original balm in each bag

Nikis Organic Original Balm.

Niki’s Organic Original Balm was the first balm ‘flavour’ in the range and the one with the gorgeous sweet lemon smell that people love. It really does smell ‘like a little pot of sunshine.’ Made with tea tree and lemon tea tree essence is has a wonderful and invigorating effect. An effective moisturiser   it is naturally antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal. It is really useful for all kinds of cracks, chaps, splits or cuts in the skin.  Perfect for winter weather soothing.

Nikis Organic Rose Balm

And the Rose Balm is a superb facial moisturiser. Light and non greasy, it can be used both morning and night and makes a marvellous base under foundation. Made with argan oil which balances oil production it is suitable for all skin types  moisurising dry skin and reducing oily patches in oily or combination skin. Gently scented with rose otto essential oil, this is a luxurious and effective moisturiser.

So will you win?  Try the rafflecopter and chance your luck!

Or if you want to buy now…I’ve got a superb discount of 10% on any purchases you make. Just use the code LDNUJAN when you check out!

Find out more about Niki’s Balms on her website


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  1. anna m says

    drink water, get enough sleep and eat clean natural foods like fruit n veg nothing too greasy

  2. Wendy Lam says

    Cut a grape in half and rub the sides on the face once a day. The acid in a natural cleanser =)

  3. Laura Harris says

    Drink water, live a calm life and relax at bedtime to sleep well. (I didn’t say any of this was easy by the way!)

  4. Mia Fergusson says

    Raw onion cut in half and applied to my spotty areas helps clear them. I learnt it off a nurse who said it helps draw the puss to the surface LOL

  5. Denise says

    My mum has always washed her face in cold water and says never to use hot, seems to work as she doesn;t look her age.

  6. Alice Hindley says

    Naturally beautiful skin needs moisture from the inside out. don’t drink fizzy drinks r or, if you’re bored by basic H20, add a splash of lemon or lime

  7. Emma Jackson says

    I can’t think of better advice than to say drink plenty water and be happy in your own skin x

  8. Christine Dodd says

    Rose essential oil (just one drop) in a sweet almond oil carrier (one tablespoon) makes an excellent night cream

  9. Debora Hercock says

    if you haven’t got any toner always wash your face with cold water after using warm water. it’ll close your pores & means moisturiser doesn’t clog your pores.

  10. says

    In an ideal world a good night’s sleep could do wonders, but in real life it doesn’t happen often, at least to me. For the tired eyes put two warm camomile teabags on your eyes and lie down for 5-10 minutes. Also make a mask from any squashed-looking strawberries (mash them with a fork), rinse after 5 minutes and your skin will be rejuvenated, lol

  11. says

    I suffer from dark circles around my eyes, and find that dabbing a little bit of cold green tea at night helps look refreshed in the morning. Its something my great gran recommended.

  12. maria molly taylor says

    if your hair is greasy but you dont have time to wash it sprinkle some talc on and comb or brush through,dont overdo it unless you like the grey haired look

  13. caroles says

    For dark hair – Dash of vinegar in final rinse. Makes it shiny but not too much or you smell like a chip

  14. Joanne thomas says

    sap from your aloe vera plant is brilliant for soothing and curing minor skin irritations or burns

  15. Monica says

    Slices of cucumber on your face beats fancy facemasks esp in the summer, they’re so cooling.

  16. Hazel Christopher says

    To exfoliate dry lips you can make a home made lip scrub using honey and sugar, gently rub over the lips to remove dry skin for soft lips :)

  17. helen battle says

    Vaseline Vaseline and more Vaseline!
    You can use it for loads of beauty things
    ie: removing make up,softening dry skin,as a lip balm,eyelash conditioner etc etc

  18. Cyndi Johnson says

    Mix 1: 3 ratio bicarbonate soda to shampoo and wash your hair with it if you have product built up. 1-2 shampoos with this will get rid of the build up.

  19. jonathan reed says

    Try not to rub or touch your face too much, the oils and dirt from your hand are not good for it

  20. Joelle Gilbert says

    Your skin reflects your inner workings. If your skin is dull, spotty or dry and flaky it means you have not been looking after yourself. You need to eat plenty of water, eat fruit and veg and give your insides a nice clean out. Try to relax and get some good sleep ( there is sleep and there is good slee, I mean good deep sleep). Finally give yourself a good scrub and apply a good moisturiser.

  21. says

    Rinse your hair with an infusion of camomile flowers in hot water to bring out blonde highlights and make it soft and shiny (strain out the camomile flowers first :)

  22. Penelope Hewitt says

    Dab a bit of toothpaste on a spot before you go to bed, and spot will have gone by morning

  23. ClairejB says

    Oatmeal makes a great natural skin scrub – just mix ground oatmeal with a a small amount of warm water (enough to make a paste) and apply to the skin. Gently massage onto your face with a circular motion and then rinse with warm water. :) Lovely giveaway!

  24. Cheryll H says

    Has to be drinking lots of water and ‘an hour (of sleep) before midnight is worth 2 after’ :)

  25. ROS Thompson says

    mashed avocado makes a really good moisturising face mask – leave on for 10 minutes – you need to be lying down to stop it falling off

  26. Jennifer Rhymer says

    Drink lots of water and get a good night’s sleep are the best tips I have…A popular choice so they must be the best :)

  27. Maisie Young says

    Nutrition! Feed your body right and you will glow, be naturally beautiful and filled with energy! xxx

  28. yasmine choudhry says

    my favorite tip is to mix honey and some sea salt this will exfoliate the lip and leave them looking great

  29. Mary Anne Robbins says

    Lie down in a quiet place and put slices of cucumber on your eyelids, it reduces puffiness in the eye area.

  30. Sheelagh Thompson says

    Cut out alcohol, do exercise and eat lots of veg. Unfortunately, the only one I am good at is eating my veg as I love all veg!

  31. denise cross says

    Drinking lots of water and getting enough sleep … even if it means a granny nap in the afternoon