Steens Manuka Honey Giveaway

The Sweetest Giveaway – Steens Manuka Honey

It’s that time of year isn’t it.  Everyone is prone to catching coughs and colds and the weather just doesn’t seem to help.

Steens Honey

Well, I have a lovely giveaway to help three of you get through the chilly winter months.  You’ve probably heard of Manuka Honey, the sort that has proven medicinal value.   It’s excellent for the immune system, for digestive health, for wound healing, skin ailments and energy boosting.  And, of course most importantly it tastes wonderful.

The honey comes from over 10,000 beehives distributed across some of the most beautiful, remote, natural wilderness in New Zealand and is noteable for a rich golden colour.  It is raw, cold processed and 100% pure.  So, whether you chose to cook with it, steal the odd teaspoon when you want a quick snack or smother it on toast with lashings of butter, you can be sure of a wonderful flavour.  If you are tempted, you can find Steens Manuka Honey in  a whole range of shops in London and across the UK including Waitrose, Tesco, Harrods and Harvey Nichols.

I have three pots of Steens 100% pure New Zealand Manuka honey, worth £10 each to give away.  Just follow the rafflecopter instructions for your chance to win.

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  1. says

    We eat lots of honey, honestly, as soon as I buy a new jar, it is finished. We use it with pacncakes/blini and also with tea, especially the herbal infusions. Also my guys like hot milk with a spoon of honey.

  2. Lucy L Richards says

    With whisky, hot water, cinnamon and a twist of lime. Guaranteed to warm your cockles and put a smile on your face.

  3. Elena Vo says

    My mom makes this fantastic honey layered cake that makes me extremely happy. However, it kills all the good properties of honey because of the high temperature of baking, so I prefer to improvise and bake the layers separately and then put honey mixed with dairy-free butter on them. Soooo good!

  4. Monica says

    A recent craving of mine (despite it being ages old since human discovery) is honey with extra virgin olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon for an addictive dressing that goes with salads, cous cous, pasta… So healthy but oh so good!

  5. says

    this is a fab giveaway for me.. I was only looking at the Manuka honey in the healthfood shop the other day (I am tempted as it is supposed to be good for your digestions, and I have problems there) and wincing at the price!
    As for favourite ways to use it? on freshly baked bread with salted butter, IN the said freshly baked bread, drizzled over chicken in the oven, in gingerbread, oh all sorts of ways..

    But this Manuka would just be guarded like Alcatraz and eaten from a spoon by ME.

  6. Joanne Mapp says

    I don’t think you’re going to like this one! My cat was hit by a car recently and had a nasty gash on his leg. I used Manuka honey (as advised by the vet) on the wound and it’s healing properties were amazing.

  7. Wendy Lam says

    I love it with my banana smoothie. Banana and honey blended together with a few oats is a great kick start to my day. It is all I use my honey for actually.

  8. Sally Carter says

    I love honey and Greek yoghurt. I also like to have a spoonful at bedtime to alleviate a sore/tickly throat – it’s very soothing.

  9. Danielle Maycox says

    I love a hot honey and lemon drink, especially if i have a cold, its so comforting & really soothes the throat!

  10. Marycarol says

    Love honey on my porridge and if I get hoarse or have a sore throat I make a nice hot honey drink and it really helps!

  11. Susan Ovens says

    I love it in thick greek yoghurt or for making honey oat and raisin cookies and sometimes I eat it straight from the pot.

  12. says

    I would love some Manuka honey to spread thinly with low fat cream cheese on my 2 Ryvitas for a lovely 5:2 breakfast! incidentally, THANK YOU!!! For the wonderfull 5:2 recipes! Best wishes, Caterina

    • says

      ahhh glad it’s working for you! I’m about to post a Matcha giveaway, which is something that you should try to win…very expensive tea that is supposed to do wonders for your metabolism!

  13. Lisa Ellison says

    I love Honey will yoghurt, but I watched Jamie Oliver the other day and he says that it’s delicious with Cheddar and coffee granules and I really want to try that.

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