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Maroush Bakehouse Earls Court

During that quiet period between Christmas and New Year (well quiet for those of us without children on holiday!), I took the opportunity to check out a new Bakehouse that has opened just a few minutes walk from where I live.  Now, the name did sound familiar and I realised later that I’ve eaten in one of the Maroush restaurants on the Edgeware Road.  But that was a long time ago (probably more than 10 years).  As I remember, at the time it was remarkably good in a London that was considerably lighter on good International restaurants than it is today.


maroush bakery

The Bakehouse is something slightly different.  Unlicensed (you can bring your own beer or wine), with a relatively simple menu and the main bakehouse clearly visible from the dining area, this is a casual, friendly place where you could sit drinking coffee for hours, although you might just be tempted by the rows of delicious looking pastries if you tried to do that!

sweet flan maroush bakery


There are some fine looking breads too, as you might expect

maroush bakery breads


Now, the bakehouse is popular for takeaways.  But they also have a few tables for 2 or 4 and a large sharing table for groups.  And, the food is very well priced and rather excellent.

maroush bakery business lunch 3

I think we were both suffering from post Christmas indulgence when we visited and so we selected the Business Lunch Platter, a mixed plate of hummous, moutobal, taboullah, falafal, fatayer and two grill skewers of chicken and lamb.   I particularly enjoyed the grilled chicken with a slightly spicey marinade and the silky smooth moutabal.  The dish arrived with a separate plate of taboullah which was wonderfully fresh and warrants a special mention.


And, of course, BREAD

bakery breads of lebanon


Which was delicious, fresh, soft and somehow pulled all the dishes together.  Khobez bread apparently has a central role in a Lebanese meal, something that a good host will ensure is always available for their guests to dip into mezza or wrap their favourite fillings or eat with the main course.  And, you can see the Khobez being baked while you eat, maybe just a little overwhelmed with the heady aroma of fresh baking.

Maroush bakehouse is the sort of place where I could spend time with friends, eating, talking and generally relaxing.  It’s informal and not overly expensive and the food is fabulous.  So, if you are looking for a relaxed dining experience, from early in the morning to late at night, why not try eating Lebanese style.

Maroush Bakehouse Earl’s Court
131 Earls Court Road, London SW5 9RQ

4 / 5 stars     
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  1. says

    Hey Fiona,
    The environment there at Maroush Bakehouse is so reminiscent of the simple life – friends, family, and good eats. On Guam we use to have so many little shops like this. It’s not just a good place to eat – it’s more like a hub that encourages the community to come to together. I absolutely love that. BTW I’m in love with hummus I’ll eat it everyday of the week, seriously 😉

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