Cadbury Essential Easter Giveaway

A Nest of Essential Easter Eggs from Cadbury

What do you do at Easter time?  I remember when I was little we used to spend hours trying to make pretty dyed easter eggs with real chicken eggs.  If you want eggs that will last, first you have to pierce a couple of holes in the eggs – one at either end, and then blow the content out into a jug or bowl.  Then, you are left with a shell you can paint or dye.

There’s an easier route which is to hard boil your eggs, wrapped up in lace or with fresh leaves pressed to the shell and then wrapped up in fine muslin or similar, with onion skin in the water.  I seem to remember that gives you a lovely yellow shell with the imprint of whatever you’ve used to decorate your egg.

Anyway, with this lovely hamper of Easter Eggs, you will have plenty of gifts for friends and family.  The Cadbury Essential Easter Egg Collection has a range of Eggs that you can give away or keep


Cadbury Essential Easter Hamper
Contains: 1 x 277g Cadbury Variety Large Easter Egg, 1 x 307g Cadbury Roses Large Egg, 1 x 167g Cadbury Crunchie Medium Egg, 1 x 101g Buttons Egg with Monkey Soft Toy, 1 x 117g Cadbury Creme Egg 3 Pack, 1 x 251g Cadbury Mini Eggs Treatsize Bag, 1 x 229g Cadbury Easter Egg Trail Pack, 2 x 77g Cadbury Eggheads in a Cadbury Purple Organza Gift Bag, 1 x 100g Cadbury Creme Egg Minis Bag.

If you can’t wait to see if you are lucky enough to win, you can buy this from Cadbury Direct for just £30

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  1. says

    Lots of baking here. Planning to do an Easter egg hunt with my guys, if the weather is clement, in the garden, if it’s bucketing, then indoors

  2. Alison Waldock says

    We still do Easter egg hunts through the house following clues even though my kids are 18 and 15!

  3. Nabeela Iqbal says

    For Easter, I just relax and use it as a perfect excuse to eat more chocolate than I already do :-)

  4. Olivia Cumberbatch says

    As a family we all go to church then back to my nans house for a big home cooked traditional Dominican dinner!

  5. Tracy Grant says

    We go to Mass first, then have a great big family dinner, the children then have an easter egg hunt in the garden x

  6. Chris Fliss says

    Easter egg hunt, it’s fun for young and old alike and you’re never too old for chocolate :-)

  7. Isabell Stewart says

    We usually have family over so an easter egg hunt, I think, will be the order of the day. Followed by a roast lamb dinner if anyone has any room left after guzzling all the chocolate.

  8. Tracy Nixon says

    I make Easter eggs with the kids, we also decorate hard boiled eggs and have a little hunt! We usually go to my parent’s home on Easter Sunday, for a nice roast dinner!

  9. says

    I fancy myself as a bit of a cook and for the past few years have attempted to make hot cross buns…so far I have failed miserably! Here’s hoping for baking success in 2013! :)

  10. HelenB says

    I meet up with all my sisters and their children for a big family lunch and we all decorate an egg shell to put on the Easter tree (a large branch in a pot).

  11. Barbara Webster says

    For the grandchildren I make Chocolate Nests, I make these using Shredded Wheat. For the eggs, I use Cadbury’s mini-eggs which I place in the middle of the nest :)


    Family day normally at a National Trust or historic property to do an Easter Egg hunt and spend time together in the great outdoors.

  13. Carrie Brown says

    We make our own Easter cards for family and friends, along with Easter theme decorations to put up. We melt down chocolate and make lollies and novelty shape chocolates. The childrens school has an annual egg hunt which we take part in, rain or shine which is great fun too! We also have an egg hunt at home with clues on a sheet/map to where the eggs are hidden. I always make a fun Easter pack for the children by printing off Easter theme word searches, crosswords, puzzles, colouring sheets etc off the internet.

  14. Nicola Biven says

    We have an easter egg hunt with my daughter either in the garden or in the house, and I usually sit and stuff my face with whatever my daughter can’t finish !!

  15. Paula Smith says

    We are pretty rubbish at ‘doing’ Easter but we always have a day out probably more to celebrate being together as a family than the actual Easter story, a big Easter dinner and of course masses of Chocolate Eggs

  16. Ann Weir says

    we usually have a get together for my dad’s side of the family (they are spread out all over the uk), hopefully that will happen this year :-)

  17. Michelle Best says

    Family get together, exchanging eggs, playing family games – bit like christmas without the presents and Santa!

  18. Ellie Bromilow says

    well we like to have a little family get together and we like to have our nephew to stay to keep our son company and so they can have a lot of fun. Ive given up chocolate and chocolate related products for lent so it will be some time before i shall be enjoying the divulgence of such yummy chocolate…. mmmmm its gonna be hard to wait til the end of lent….lol

  19. Ruth Lurring says

    We usually go away in our motorhome for Easter and this year our little boy will be 2 so he will be able to run about and eat all his chocolate!

  20. Charlotte Ingham says

    I don’t really celebrate Easter anymore, just have the usual Sunday Roast and eat a bit of extra Chocolate!

  21. Lisa Williams says

    We have a nice family dinner, make an easter egg hunt for my nephew and play games like rolling hard boiled eggs down the hill we live on to see who can get it to the bottom without cracking it to pieces :)

  22. Cyndi Johnson says

    I dye chicken eggs with food colouring, then hide them around the house. It’s great fun! Just remember how many eggs you hid or you could have an unpleasant suprise in a few days…

  23. Joanne McGonagle says

    This year I think I’ll make an Easter Egg Hunt for my daughter as she is now old enough.

  24. anthony harrington says

    we usually end up spring-cleaning and getting ready for Spring (in-between stuffing chocolate of course!)

  25. Dianne says

    An Easter Egg hunt around the garden. All the neighbouring kids join in and great fun is had by all.

  26. Amanda Hurst says

    We visit our Grandchildren and have a great weekend with easter egg hunts and large family meal’s. :-)

  27. kayleigh Dawn says

    I get the kids to decorate boiled eggs and I hide them throughout the garden. We then make easter nests and add eggs to them before we all eat them.

  28. Emma Lewis says

    All the family gets together and has a nice dinner. The kids usually don’t eat their dinner as they feel sick from all the chocolate 😉

  29. Sarah Birkett says

    I used to love easter egg hunts, but apparently teenagers are above all of that and they just want they chocolate as soon as possible

  30. says

    Me and my two sisters and our families go to my Dad’s where we paint eggs and roll them down the small hill in his garden. It’s great fun and sometimes a bit competitive :)

  31. Karen Foster says

    We love decorating eggs, and of course scoffing as much chocolate as possible without actually being sick ;o)

  32. Jemma Beynon says

    Usually have an Easter Egg hunt in the morning followered by a family roast dinner in the afternoon

  33. says

    I am one of those odd people who doesn’t celebrate Easter and actually works overtime during the public holidays; however, I know my friends and their families do, so I always buy a little something for the kids if I visit during that time.

  34. suzanna gentle says

    Is a lovely long lazy weekend full of chocolate, blockbuster movies lasting 3 hours and turkey. Can’t wait :)

  35. Louise Smith says

    I do an Easter Egg hunt either in the garden or in the house (depending on the weather) for my daughter who is 4, our cat always helps her to find them

  36. jasmin holland says

    Set up an Easter egg hunt for my children & have an Easter dinner with all the trimmings :-) I used to watch the films that were on TV about Jesus and the ressurrection but they rarely put them on any more

  37. George Worboys Wright says

    Spend time with loved ones over the long weekend and maybe have a chocolate or two in front of the tv!

  38. says

    I always liked dying easter eggs.. but you can’t hide them with a dog around. However .. a few pieces of great chocolate is sufficient.. unless it peeps.. which then I nuke them in the microwave

  39. Rachael Lines says

    We have family come to stay, who live 200+ miles away normally. Its a great time to celebrate and we always take the children out to the national trust park to participate with the easter egg hunt. Even as a teenager, my eldest daughter still loves it as much as she did when she was a tiddler.

  40. melissa says

    It’s more fun for me watching my little cousins try to find the hidden easter eggs around the house and garden :)

  41. Carrie Talbot-Ashby says

    Well, last year a friend lent us a huge pink bunny costume so my husband could dress up as the Easter Bunny for our four kiddies, but it backfired totally when it scared our two youngest daughters so much, it put them off their chocolate! This year we plan to just do a simple egg hunt with the kids! Even my super cool 14 year old ( who would kill m for saying ‘super cool’, loves the easter hunts! Rain or shine, we hide em everywhere lol. :-)

  42. stephanie tsang says

    I always have a little easter party and easter egg hunt for my daughter and her little friends.

  43. Sue Tyler says

    Our Easter celebration this year will surround the home coming our son. He’s been in Oz since september and will be coming home for his brothers wedding.
    He’s also got engaged so there will be a family celebration for that too…

  44. Nadia says

    Thank goodness Easter is early this year …. Especially as fab chocolate has been on sale since Boxing Day!

  45. Wendy Tolhurst says

    We go to church in the morning, after the children have looked for eggs left by the Easter Bunny!! Because our children’s ages range over 11 years, to make it fair, every egg is stickered so that they hunt together and share out the goodies!

  46. sarah says

    I make chocolate nests for family and friends with my 5 year old little girl and fill them with lots of different types of mini eggs.
    I make up little clues and hide her eggs around the house so that she has to find them before she can eat them.

  47. sarah says

    Ooops pressed the wrong button and submitted it before I had finished! We also like to decorate hard boiled eggs to look pretty while watching Springtime with Roo on dvd!

  48. Caroline H says

    We have a lovely rural cottage booked and I’ll hopefully be quick witted enough to stake it out and write clues for where the eggs are hidden in the garden. Then a picnic on a hill with egg rolling and big dinner in the evening.

  49. Janette Arnold says

    Vist a National Trust and enjoy our heritage with a walk in the gardens or join in an Easter egg hunt.

  50. Beky Austerberry says

    We are not religious so dont celebrate a traditional easter but we bake lots and spend family time together eating chocolate.

  51. Shona says

    I plan on frollicking through the meadows in my jaunty Easter bonnet. Or stay on pajamas all day and eat an obscene amount of chocolate

  52. Lisa Banton says

    We have an 18 month old, so this is the first year we’ll be planning an Easter egg hunt! We’re so excited!

  53. Yvonne Crook says

    We always get together as a family, do an Easter egg hunt with the kids and have a family meal.

  54. Stacey Le Page says

    I was brought up in a religion that didn’t recognize Easter as a celebration so now I have left and have to under 5 year old boys we go a little crazy making easter decorations, eating hot cross buns and I arrange an easter egg hunt in the garden (left by easter Bunny of course)

  55. Karen Shuttleworth says

    Usually we eat a lot of chocolate, however we now have a little boy so things will change and we’ll have an easter egg hunt just like we did when I was little!

  56. Kate O'Neill says

    We do Easter egg hunts and loads of baking, as well as eating so much chocolate we feel sick :)

  57. fern says

    been working none stop over easter for past 5 years but this year im determined to go home and eat lots of choc with my family :)

  58. Katie Kingsbury says

    Nothing really – don’t believe in it’s origins so it means very little to me. Apart from getting to eat chocolate, never going to turn down chocolate.

  59. charlotte r says

    we have all our friends who don’t have family around for lunch that has to have asparagus as a vegetable and exchange Easter eggs


    depends………have l got time off…………grandchildren available………..just me and hubby……..nedless possibilities

  61. Katherine Teff says

    Now that the small children are big enough, we are going to have an Easter Egg hunt around the garden. Its nice that I won’t be on call this year!

  62. Fran Light says

    I’m not at all religious so my celebration of Easter is quite tame … the odd Cadbury’s Creme Egg sneaked into the shopping basket in the run up to Easter, and that’s about it really!

  63. Michelle says

    Not exactly sure I’d call it celebrating Easter but we have a nice lamb dinner and get the kids looking for chocolate afterwards. Gives us an hour’s peace if nothing else. Come to think of it – that’s worth celebrating in itself!

  64. Michelle Sykes says

    We go away in our caravan and I organise easter egg hunts around the campsite for the younger children with me – they love it!

  65. Rennene Hartland says

    Have the family round for sunday dinner however this easter its my birthday on easter sunday so i will be partying 😉

  66. Jayne Sullivan says

    My plan is to eat lots of chocolate of course ! There is a rugby league match to attend on Easter Monday so a chance to meet up with lots of friends there.

  67. Jane watson says

    Yummy my grandchildren love Easter eggs at Easter time they would love this hamper not sure how long they last x

  68. Katy C Johnston says

    I spend the day with my family and we tend to have lots of chocolate and then make a lovely meal together!

  69. Sharon Griffin says

    i usually meet up with the rest of the family for a nice lunch or sometimes visit a castle . also have lots of chocolate too 😀


    Hopefully the weather will be nice and we can go for a walk on the beach and do a bit of fishing, but failing that we have a turkey left over from Xmas (we ended up with two) and so we will have a kind of Easter Xmas dinner.

  71. valerie mccarthy says

    We boil Duck eggs, let them cool. We will colour the eggs with food colouring which is fun for the whole family. The Easter bunny comes to our home. We buy little plastic eggs to put little chocolates inside, money or little prizes. We hide the plastic eggs around the house for our little one to find them. Also, we hide an Easter basket basket filled with items and a large egg.
    There is only 3 of us for Easter so we will enjoy a dinner and a hike outdoors in the afternoon and maybe a movie.

  72. Julie Guy says

    We usually have all the family round and either have a Easter Turkey dinner or a buffet, with lots of food, drink and laughs.

  73. claire wilkinson says

    baking, crafty stuff easter egg hunt followed by a huge family lunch – normally consists of a traditional roast followed by chocolate!!!

  74. Carly Mckay says

    Church in the morning, back to hand out easter eggs to the family, lovely easter dinner at mums and an egg hunt after then eat loads of eggs watching telly curled up on the settee!!!!

  75. Shelley Jessup says

    Nothing much really. We have a get together for Sunday lunch & visit a few local Easter fetes.

  76. shelley Jessup says

    i can not find your facebook sharer on the left hand side so please can you void that entry however i have shared on facebook, thank you

  77. Rachel Ray says

    We’re not Christian so we don’t celebrate Easter per se but we use the time to celebrate the coming of spring and the regrown of the world. We will spend as much of the time as we can outdoors.

  78. simone lee says

    we have lots easter eggs in morning a nice lunch then lots more eggs watching the film that on tv great day

  79. Gilly Cooke says

    I eat hot cross buns and simnell cake, have an easter egg hunt and then roll home-made paste eggs down a hill!

  80. terina davidson says

    for myself nothing but for the grandchildren its easter eggs,easter egg hunt,visit the local duck pond to feed the ducks & then home for a lovely family lunch.

  81. Rebecca Fall says

    Have the whole family round for dinner and a massive slice of my chocolate Easter cake to celebrate the end of lent

  82. LINDSEY CLARK says

    I always treat myself to a Mini-Eggs Egg & also buy one and send to my friend in Poland, as they dont do chocolate eggs over there, they just paint boiled eggs!

  83. Sue Ovens says

    We have a small Easter tree,(really a twiggy branch) which we decorate with hanging decorated eggs on ribbons, chocolate is good too.

  84. Karen Painter says

    We make lots of decorations including eggs and easter bonnets and then have an easter bonnet parade in the garden.

  85. justine meyer says

    We get up and first see if the easter bunny has been then we have a nibble of egg before breakfast. Sometime during the day we will have an easte egg hunt in the garden and then we watch a family film all together

  86. says

    My parents are coming to visit over the Easter bank holiday and I’m going to try out a new lamb recipe and make a simnel cake, which I haven’t done before. But it’s also my boyfriend’s birthday so the focus will be on him!

  87. Ali Roberts says

    We always have a big family Easter egg hunt in the garden – or in the house if it’s raining!

  88. Carol Baker says

    Eat too much choc – usually play hunt the egg and I like to make my own easter hampers for everyone

  89. Ellie Jacobs says

    We ALWAYS kickoffy with an Easter Egg hunt and the prize is usually a DVD, which we will watch, while eating some yummy eggs. Later on we usually get making basket of decorating bunnies for Easter Bonnets. I am usually “helped” in the kitchen by the kids to cook a lovely dinner, then In the evening, chomp on some more eggs LOL x

  90. christine lucey says

    Have an Easter Egg Hunt for the grandchildren and then a lovely roast for lunch

  91. Christine Clarke says

    I usually work , but the clients I work with really love Easter as they are Autistic so we have some fun

  92. Clare Woodman says

    We go to our local park and take part in a family Easter Egg Hunt with other families, lots of fun but you need to be quick!

  93. Emma Overgage says

    Despite being 22 I am never too old for a little morning easter egg hunt! Then we all visit my grandparents and share out our chocolate :)

  94. Joanne Pooley says

    We do a easter egg hun then we make a basket and boil some eggs and we paint and decorate them then we normally end up going out for a meal as Easter always falls on my partners birthday weekend

  95. Emma Farrell says

    Nothing really – its not a big deal – buy children in the family an egg is about it


    we visit our local wildlife park and take part in an easter egg hunt, the children love it

  97. Sue Harrison says

    Not planned anything yet, but if the weather is decent we might take the campervan away for a few days :)

  98. Diana Shepherd says

    We have a Egg hunt around the garden with about 15 of our friends children, then we go to our mother in laws and have a family roast dinner and a small egg hunt.

  99. SW Lee says

    We give easter eggs to each other and don’t feel guilty eating so much chocolate!

  100. Amy says

    My family get together to give eggs to each other and we celebrate being together again! Its a great time :)

  101. Joanne Mapp says

    Each of my family take it in turns to host a big dinner for everyone. We have egg hunting in the morning, then sit down to a turkey luch

  102. Clare Webb says

    We normally have an Easter egg hunt but with baby due the Easter weekend I’m not sure what we’ll be doing this year! One thing I can be sure of is the kids will have loads of Easter eggs to munch on!

  103. Donna Jauncey says

    we eat lots of hot cross buns with loads of butter and on Easter Sunday a Cadbury Easter egg hunt followed by lamb roast dinner Mmmm :))

  104. Fiona Paley says

    We have a family day where the kids eat a load of chocolate and the adults try to resist temptation.

  105. Sue Bowden says

    We just have a big family lunch, hopefully it’s be a nice day so the childen can play outdoors and the grown ups can chill out.

  106. claire griffiths says

    we make lots of easter items cards easter baskets etc. We also do an easter egg hunt and but chocolate eggs too 😀

  107. Sandra Clarke says

    I send out Easter cards to my close family & we buy each other gifts (usually chocolate!)

  108. Ursulab says

    All the family come to stay, lots of cooking and eating, we play card and board games and eat Easter Eggs.

  109. Helen Thurston says

    Usually go to the zoo if weather nice; stay inside, eat chocolate and watch family film if weather not so good.

  110. sarah pearce says

    we paint eggs and eat chocolate and this year my daughters birthday falls on easter sunday so will be going out too

  111. Linda Thorn says

    i love easter
    and have all my family around
    to laugh and play games with the kids

  112. Caroline Virgo says

    We all get together as a family and have a meal then join in on the Easter egg hunt. Great fun for all! :0)

  113. Sharon McGuinness says

    In the morning I hard boil a couple of eggs which my daughters decorate and we go as a family to roll them down a hill near to our house. We then go to our parents place and have a lovely afternoon eating a meal, having easter cakes. We all get easter eggs and my hubby always gets a toblerone one. A great day!

  114. Allison Ball says

    Normally we will have a big family dinner, then just relax and watch movies or play board games. And eat lots of chocolate of course 😉

  115. Heather smith says

    I have a big family picnic (weather
    Permitting) and the kids get an egg hunt in my garden

  116. Christopher Powell says

    We try to make it as exciting as possible for my daughter finding her eggs, she loves the Easter Bunny to leave clues so she can go hunting the eggs. We usually have a cooked dinner just like at Christmas too.

    Would love to win this for my daughter as she gave up sweets and chocolate for Lent, and has managed to keep it going, really proud of her but she will definitely deserve a treat by the time Easter gets here.

  117. Jane Morfett says

    I do a treasure hunt in the garden for Chocolate eggs and if weather good a family day out.

  118. Jane Adair says

    We climb a mountain ! Honest. It is tradition to climb Slemish mountain and then go for a BIG Irish breakfast. Then we have a day out with the kids :)

  119. Samantha Atherton says

    Make easter crafts, have a easter egg hunt, visit family & have a big dinner

  120. Deborah Wheeler says

    Eat hot cross buns and usually get the family together somewhen over the weekend for lunch or tea

  121. Jo welsh says

    Have some family time brother comes over and family and its abit like Christmas but without the tree and presents.

  122. Angela - gardenteacakesandme says

    Help my niece with an Easter Egg hunt and any excuse to bake of course

  123. Christine Caple says

    Eat chocolate and hot cross buns and go out for walks if the weather is good enough!

  124. Jennifer Taylorson says

    My son loves an easter egg hunt with his cousins. Its great fun. We then like rolling our eggs down the hill.

  125. Melissa B says

    I eat loads and loads of chocolate!!
    As a Type 1 diabetic, I use Easter as my one (kind of) day off from constantly checking my blood sugar and just go for it.

    And obviously, Cadbury is just the best type of easter egg to be eating 😀

  126. kristy brown says

    I always do a treasure hunt for the kids, with mini missions thrown in…they never seem to realise they are doing chores whilst collecting treasure!

  127. Michelle Williams says

    We usually have a big family meal, then the kids roll their eggs, down the stairs.

  128. Hannah says

    I just love making lots of spring/easter themed crafts and gifting them to family & friends :) possibly some baking this year! I still want to make my own hot cross buns!

  129. Andrew Phillips says

    We give out lots of easter eggs and have the family round for a nice cooked lunch.

  130. Andrew Halliwell says

    I don’t really do anything differently. Maybe a little more chocolate…
    Considering how much chocolate I eat that might be a significant amount though

  131. Andrew Halliwell says

    Is there something different about those two rafflecopter thingies?

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    Aren’t they both the same thing?

    • says

      no, there is a facebook post on the London Unattached facebook page which you can share by going there. You can also share the BLOG post using the button on the side of this post

  132. JULIE BANKS says

    Big family meal, just like Christmas all over again, but with Easter Eggs this time.

  133. Krzysia says

    Go to church to remember the real meaning of this holiday. Easter eggs are always welcome as well:)

  134. Greig spencer says

    nice big family meal for easter- then chill with a film and lots of chocolate cake mmmm

  135. Lisa Ellison says

    I usually let my kids have there eggs when they get them otherwise they get sick, We as a family try to get out for a walk on the Quantocks.

  136. Jeremy Hards says

    I make and send cards before Easter and take the opportunity of the long weekend to visit family

  137. Allison says

    We always go out as a family, parents. grandparents, nieces and nephew. Usually for a meal somewhere followed by a stroll.

  138. Sarah Red says

    We have a easter egg hunt around the house and in the garden (weather depending) then watch the kids scream at whoever finds the most……lol x

  139. Nicola Marie Reynolds says

    We will be going to my parents for a family meal and then spend the afternoon scoffing our eggs and watching rubbish tv!

  140. Chantal says

    Get friends together & have a wonderful roast lamb. Then just chill out watching dvds & munching chocolate.

  141. Nicola McC says

    When I was younger we always used to go and roll eggs down a hill. Now I’m a grown up but a kid at heart, my mum runs an Easter egg hunt for me and my boyfriend! I’m never too old for it!

  142. EVA AVELTE says

    have fun and enjoy the day,lots of chocolate by the way,forget about diet for a day or two

  143. natalie baugh says

    on the morning i hide all of my sons easter eggs around the house, then he goes on an egg hunt until he finds them all. then we eat them all :)

  144. Angie Hoggett says

    I like to have a baking day at Easter weekend and enjoy the fruits of my labour over the extended weekend!

  145. rachael jones says


  146. Louise C says

    Even though the kids are getting a little older (house full of teenagers!), they still love an Easter Hunt, so I think we’ll be doing this again this year. After all, you’re never to old for Chocolate :-)

  147. Victoria Smith says

    Baking. I’ve seen a lovely recipe for creme egg brownies which im dying to try out!

  148. Ruth Longville says

    We go away as a family in our caravan with all our extended family and eat, drink and play Easter games and generally have a jolly good time! Also the sun always comes out too!

  149. Emma Smith says

    We don’t really celebrate Easter as such, but we do make it a time to meet up with family

  150. Lisa Wilkinson says

    We always get together as a family and do something nice. This year we are going to the pub for a meal.

  151. Lesley Bain says

    We start the day with a fantastic easter hunt in the house. The Easter Bunny leaves written clues all over the house with small prizes and eventually their egg to be found. Then we head off with family out for an easter lunch and afterwards find a big hill to roll our eggs :)

  152. Joanna Smith says

    An Easter Egg hunt followed by baking Cream Egg Brownies together (the most gorgeous things I have EVER tasted) and a lovely big Sunday roast!

  153. Claire Appleton says

    An Easter egg hunt in the morning then dinner at my mums in the afternoon with all the family! :)

  154. helen newton says

    A few bottles of wine for me and hubby lots of chocolate for the kids and everyones happy :)

  155. Christine Bray says

    Dinner out this year grand kids usually call round Easter morning for their eggs…

  156. Anthea Holloway says

    we organise an Easter Egg Hunt in the garden with our grandchildren and make sure the dog is indoors because he finds them quicker than anyone else can!

  157. cheryl lovell says

    We organise an easter egg hunt for my son. I have been told that I have to make it harder this year because he is a big boy now! lol

  158. adrian blampied says

    we open eggs then we cook a lovely shoulder of lamb for lunch followed by movies and family time.

  159. Leigh Larkin says

    We always get my mum’s side of the extended family together and recently our house is the venue! Numbers grow each year – this year we have 24 people to sit down! But we love it!

  160. Kevin Dooley says

    Not alot really, if the weather is nice then perhaps i could hide some mini eggs in the garden for the kids to find, that would be fun.

  161. Carrie Brimmell says

    An Easter Egg hunt in the garden with my son and all his friends. Can’t wait, I’m having so much fun planning it!

  162. Sarah says

    Don’t celebrate Easter but certainly do buy lots of half price chocolate after it’s finished!! :s

  163. Isabell Whitenstall says

    WE always roll our coloured hard boiled eggs down a hill near us, and if we are lucky with the weather have a picnic

  164. Helen says

    A family get together, each of us taking it in turns to host, followed by an Easter Egg hunt in the garden if the weather is good or in the house if not.

  165. Pauline Appleton says

    I have all my family around for dinner, hand out easter eggs to my grandchildren

  166. Kerry Pope says

    We always go for a family walk and then all return to our home for an easter egg hunt for our little boys. I also bake lots in the run up to easter, my little boys love making easter egg nests and smarties cookies. Delicious!

  167. Karen R says

    We don’t do that much really. The kids get Easter eggs, and perhaps we’ll go and do an Easter egg trail somewhere

  168. Beth Bowdler says

    Nothing now that the children have grown up and flown the nest. In the old days we used to have an hilarious Easter egg hunt in the garden. Oh my, happy days x

  169. says

    Hot Cross Buns and chocolate eggs.
    As Max gets older I want to do the egg hunts in the garden – but he’s too little and the dogs would eat them all

  170. Caroline James says

    We got to church on Easter Sunday, have a slap up Easter meal and devour chocolate eggs.

  171. Ashley Alden says

    For Easter, generally we just visit the relatives to exchange gifts for a few moments – nothing fancy.

  172. Karen Lowe says

    We go to the local Easter Egg hunt. Also helping run the PTA Easte EGG-stravaganza!!

  173. Sarah Williams says

    We take the children to our local church for sunday service, then have a egg hunt in the church grounds and come back for a nice lunch and the children look to see if the Easter bunny has visited their own house with eggs.

  174. Val Pownall says

    Easter eggs with treasure hunt for the children. Great fun! And a big roast dinner.

  175. Emily Jane Ann Nelson says

    We have a lovely family roast. Followed by an easter egg hunt in our back garden! I also buy the little ones something small each because they get spoiled rotten! I buy my partner his favourite and he buys mine! ( Creme Egg) Mmmmmmmm Xx

  176. Robbie Fordom says

    we always hide all our boys easter eggs all over the house (and garden if tis nice) for them to hunt for :) love it 😀

  177. Gemma Williams says

    Easter egg hunt in Nannys back garden with my daughter and nieces and then family meal,

  178. Kathryn Kendall says

    Eaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat choooooooooooooooocolaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate. (Oh, and go to church, but I’m totally focused on the chocolate eating ; ) )