Matcha Review and Giveaway from teapigs

Matcha – a Food Trend (Nearly) Missed!

I’ve been writing London Unattached for about 18 months now.  And, during that time there have been various trends that have passed me by.  It’s never intentional on my part – I see wonderful things and fully intend to try.  And then, life catches up on me or I can’t find whatever it is in my local supermarket or I simply can’t work out how to use it.  In any case I don’t regard myself as a fashion foodista.

Matcha is one such trend.  Last year some of my baking friends were making fiendish looking green matcha cupcakes. I hardly ever bake and had no idea that the stuff they were using was actually a form of organic tea that is ultra healthy and claims to have 70 times the antioxidants of orange juice!  Apparently the high levels of amino acid L-theanine in matcha helps to raise energy levels (just like caffeine) but keep you calm and focused.

I was sent a sample of teapigs organic matcha to try and regardless or not of whether it works I really do like it.  Unlike normal tea, you put a tiny amount of the bright green powder into a mug, add hot water and then whisk so that you end up drinking a suspension of tea leaf powder in water.  It sounds weird, but, the flavour is a bit like cut grass – very fresh, green and pleasant.  And, I am still loosing weight on the 5-2 diet.

This is a very high quality organic product and a month’s supply retails for about £25.  So, I was delighted to be offered two packs to give away to readers of London Unattached along with two magic little battery operated whisks that mix up your matcha but can also be used to froth milk for hot chocolate etc.

Teapigs Organic Matcha

If you want to try teapigs organic matcha now, teapigs have given me a discount code to use – once only!  All you need do is enter the code at checkout.

Promotional Code – LU13

This is 15% off teapigs organic matcha.  (excludes matcha kits, can only be used once).

All entrants will also be contacted by teapigs to confirm this offer once the giveaway is closed.
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  1. olivia kirby says

    Chase after 3 children, drink hot water and lemon, eat relatively healthy : loads of fish, fruit and veg, smile lots and sleep as much as I can!

  2. Christine Dodd says

    I exercise every day – either walking, a dance class, pilates or yoga. I have a heart problem so it’s really important to stay healthy and I make it my number one priority. I’m a keen gardener too and that keeps me fit.

  3. says

    arg Im obsessed with matcha. Never baked with it though – I imagine it loses alll of its amazing properties if you do. I do yoga to eat healthy and eat plenty of veg. Not taken the step to go veggie just yet though :)

  4. Tracy says

    I run and bike and walk my dog. And I’ve been vegetarian for more than half my life, eating lots of colorful fruits and vegetables and legumes and low-fat dairy. And I love matcha ice cream, which I made recently.

  5. Kimberley Stone says

    I visit the gym 5 or 6 times a work, varying the classes/session each time. I’ve just completed a 6 weeks bootcamp. I also eat sensibly and drink plenty of water.

  6. stephen says

    thanks for lovely prize give away.. away from my hectic day teaching school children, i try to attend weekly badminton session in a club as well as work out in a gym

  7. Wendy Lam says

    I make sure every meal has at least a portion of vegetable or fruit incorporated into it. I let myself eat everything in moderation and take regular walks, dancing to music as I do the chores. But most important I try and stay positive and happy because I truly believe that is the secret recipe to being healthy.

  8. sian hallewell says

    Not as much as I should do! However, I don’t smoke, don’t drink, am not overweight- so it can’t be all bad!

  9. Karla Mayers says

    I really want to win this for my mother who has hepatitis c and starting treatment next week to be cured, and she has wanted this tea in the past but it was too expensive. Organic green matcha tea is just what she needs as she starts the treatment

  10. Jill Burton says

    Ha! Not enough! Been trying to get in about 3 fruit and veg a day, slowly working my way up to 5, with smoothies and fun snacks. And I’ve put my name down for a marathon relay team so I’ve been dragging myself out for a run/stumble along the road like a lunatic.

  11. beverley whiteman says

    i turned 40 last april and had put on quite a bit of weight so joined my local gym, i go 5 days a week and do a legs bums and tums class on sundays it takes me 20 minutes each way to walk to the gym and i have never missed a day off ,since april i have eaten healthier and have lost 2 stone,i have started drinking lemon and ginseng tea which i am loving .i drink plenty of water and my skin is so much better.

  12. Monica says

    Matcha mixed into ice-cream….. MMMMM. Also I’ve made great matcha layer cakes with cream cheese frosting… So good, and no need add colouring as the natural green comes out beautifully!

  13. says

    I tried to do Gwyneth’s 45 mins a day of cardio but failed miserably. Now I try and go to the gym 3 times a week and some random yoga lessons.

  14. sophie buckle says

    I walk my dog and my toddler round the block regularly and i try to eat atleast 5 fruits and veg a day and i drink gallons of water

  15. margaret whalley says

    I have cut out sugar, its surprising how much hidden sugar is in everyday foods. Also getting at least 20 minutes a day of exercise every day. Seems to be working :)

  16. Caroline Scott says

    I follow a “clean” diet which means avoiding all processed foods as well as refined sugar and refined white carbs. I eat a lot of healthy fats and oils (olive, argan, etc) and steer clear of hydrogenated transfats found in a lot of processsed food.

  17. christine mutter says

    Drink water most drinks and walk as much as I can i.e get off the train/bus a stop earlier, walk to the shops instead of driving etc

  18. Jeremy Hards says

    Cycle to work, when the weather is reasonable and try to watch what I eat. The latter is more difficult!

  19. Rebecca Townsend says

    I take my dog for very long walks twice a day and then go either swimming or running in the evenings. I also aim to eat at least 7-10 fruit & veg per day.

  20. Rachel Hartwell says

    Lots of walking and running around after my daughter, eating healthily low fat and drinking lots of water

  21. Katie smith says

    I have a horse so muckicking out, poo picking fields, luggin Haynets!! The list goes on, obviously riding is exercise too!!

  22. Claire Trevor says

    I go to the gym 3 times a week, and swim both days of the weekend, as well as trying to eat reasonably healthy!

  23. Hannah Whitling says

    I have to be honest and say that I dont do much really. I do have a dog though so am out walking her on lengthy walks a couple of times a day, which I know helps my general fitness. I would like to do more but its a lot easier said than done for someone like me.

  24. George Worboys Wright says

    I eat home cooked, healthy food made from good quality ingredients and try to keep portion size down!

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