Thorntons Black Forest Gateau Easter Egg

All in the Name of Love – Thorntons Black Forest Gateau Egg Review and Giveaway:

The things I do for my readers!  It is that time of year isn’t it.  Everyone has started getting ready for Easter.  If you are a grown-up without kids, maybe you miss out on Easter Eggs.  Or, do you persuade your partner or treat yourself?  Me, I’m still on the 5-2 diet – which is working very well.  I haven’t given up chocolate on my non-fasting days…but I do try to avoid eating TOO much.

My Thorntons Black Forest Gateau Easter Egg
However, I know how much you all love chocolate and so, I’ve sacrificed my own diet in the interest of checking out this ‘Black Forest Gateau’ egg from Thorntons.

It’s dark and rich.  The ‘black forest’ mixture of squishy dried cherries and chocolate curls complements the intense chocolate really well.  And, it’s a family sized egg.  Or at least one that you shouldn’t be eating all at once.

I broke into my sample egg and have tried just a little bit of it.  The egg itself is very thick and the chocolate obviously good quality, as you’d expect from Thorntons.

thorntons egg cracked

The best of this is that Thorntons have kept five more of these eggs to one side for London-Unattached Readers.  They should arrive looking rather smarter in a special display box

thorntons black forest gateau easter egg

All you have to do is enter using the rafflecopter below and you too could be tucking into the chocolatiest Black Forest Gateau ever for Easter.
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  1. says

    This one looks pretty good, but being a greedy piggy and probably being forced into sharing, I like the sound of the Continental Statement Egg.

  2. David Crichton says

    The black forest egg is the one for me as I will actually be there working on Good Friday. What could be more poetic than eating your first egg in the place it was named.


    Trifle Egg loos great – maybe too pretty to eat! (But I think I could force myself!)

  4. kelsie Taylor says

    Looks yummy.
    Shining Star Egg Looks lovely too!
    I could eat it in a few mins.

  5. Laura Harris says

    Trifle eggs, full o fudge eggs, Black Forest gateau egg….hey, it’s chocolate!

  6. Tracey Peach says

    I would love to try the Tons ‘O’ Toffee Egg. It looks so YummY, I love Chocolate & Toffee

  7. Alison Joyce says

    Love the Dippy Eggs very cute! I’ll be buying these for my niece and nephew :)

  8. sarah clarke feltham says

    wow i love easter eggs and black forest gateaux best of both worlds


    We’d eat any of them! Though the Full ‘O’ Fudge Egg looks mighty fine!

  10. sandra henderson says

    love the Dippy Eggs lots of fun and my sons will love them in their Easter goody bags.

  11. FionaLynne Edwards says

    I love the Giant Bramble Bunny – I would share him with my daughter.

  12. Cat Adams says

    Full of Fudge Egg sounds delicious..but then everything on this site looks delish!

  13. Wendy Lam says

    I’m loving the Trifle Egg (468g). Have you seen how they’ve described it? “gorgeous medley of munchable textures and sweet fruity flavours in a custard twist on our finest creamy white chocolate.” I’m dribbling just reading that. Mmmm…almonds too for the bit of crunch.

  14. Mark says

    The Trifle egg looks very nice! But, being a big cherry fan, the black forest one really had my eye 😛

  15. Barrie Phillips says

    Black Forest Gateau Egg (468g) looks really different so thats my choice – couldn’t tweet because it had too many characters

  16. Aimee R says

    Thorntons toffee eggs have always been my favourite, the ‘Tons ‘O’ Toffee Egg’ sounds delicious!

  17. jennifer thorpe says

    oh wow, such a lovely choice! I think I would choose the black forest egg

  18. Sue Bowden says

    I like the Milk Chocolate Bramble Bunny Model. lovely chocolate and I think great value for money. Think these are wht the children will be having this year.

  19. Nickie C says

    Hubby would definitely choose the Black Forest Gateau egg, so knowing that I’d be able to swipe some of his, I would go for the Full ‘O’ Fudge Egg, because he doesn’t like fudge so I’d get all of mine and some of his…!

  20. Luan Spark says

    I love Black Forest Gataue cake, would love to try the Thorntons Egg. Looks absolutely lovely …. 😎

  21. Isobelle forde says

    Definitely the Black Forest Egg, cherry and chocolate is right up my street, quite retro too, nice memories!

  22. Rich Sollick says

    The Dark Chunky Egg (320g) gets my vote, my wife and kids would like any/all of the rest!

  23. Michaela Williams says

    Marvellously Magnificent Milk Egg looks awesome! One kilo of chocolate!!!
    But think the Black forrest one will be yummiest!

  24. Christopher Powell says

    I saw the Black Forest egg via a post/re-tweet from someone I follow on twitter and had to pop over here to see, it looks absolutely lovely and I hope it would taste as good too.

    Definitely the Black Forest Gateau egg for me.

  25. Hannah says

    It HAS to be Bramble & Lenny 😀 It’s not often enough I find food too adorable to eat!

  26. Karen Whittaker says

    Bramble and Lenny – great for my children who can never decide between white and milk chocolate so always have to have both!!

  27. Deborah P says

    Decisions, decisions….! I love all Thornton’s chocolate, but the Black Forest egg sounds really different and yummy, so would love to try it

  28. Laura Edwards says

    Al the eggs look amazing, I love the black forest gateaux egg – and its my fave dessert!

  29. Louise Comb says

    Well, I wouldn’t kick any of them out of bed for making crummies, but if you push me for a favourite it would have to be the White Chocolate Charlie Chick Model, because it is just sooooooo cute :)

  30. Janice Street says

    The black forest gateaux egg would make a great birthday pressie to me on 21st March xx

  31. Laura Costello says

    To be honest this one looks the best! Closely followed by the continental statement egg yummmm xx

  32. Laura Dye says

    Corny as it sounds, ‘Black Forest Gateau’ egg from Thorntons would be my pick!

  33. Amanda Wakefield says

    Well having seen this now I’d have to say the Black Forest Gateau egg! Looks amazing!

  34. Lese says

    It would have to be the ‘Family Eggstravaganza Gift Collection’ then I can keep everyone happy

  35. Rebecca Townsend says

    I love all of them, but think that the Giant Bramble Bunny is my favourite because he is so cute!

  36. ClairejB says

    Oh, I love the look of the Family Eggstravaganza easter hamper! Yum! :) Something for everyone there!

  37. Emily Hutchinson says

    Well I’d choose the black forest gateaux egg, but the dark chunky egg looks good too.

  38. katarina micallef says

    I absolutely love chocolate and cherry so it would be this one but if not then the full o fudge looks scrummy x

  39. Sarah Redfern says

    ohhh this has made me want some chocolate………. the Trifle Egg looks yummy :-) x

  40. Chris Bell says

    Definately the Full ‘O’ Fudge egg – why? Well, ’cause it’s full of fudge!!! x


  41. rachael jones mann says

    The Trifle egg or full o fudge ! …. the first because id love it ! the 2nd because it would be my fellas fav !

  42. Joelle Gilbert says

    Black Forest Egg. Just adore dark chocolate with cherries. My idea of true easter heaven.

  43. Helen says

    The White Chocolate Charlie Chick is my favourite; he’s so cute and my granddaughter would love to …… eat him!

  44. Louise C says

    I think the whole family would love the ‘Easter Family Gift Collection’, it would keep everyone happy in our house.

  45. Ruth Wollerton says

    Continental Statement Egg – but everything on the site is so yummy. Its hard to pick xxx