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Itsu Body Blitz Menu (and More):

Despite living and working in London and walking past various Itsu locations, a visit to Itsu restaurant in Notting Hill was something new for me.  The point of my visit was to review the new ‘healthy’ body blitz menu, although as you may see, we ate rather more than could realistically be described as ‘healthy’.  The restaurant downstairs offers a wide range of Oriental food via a conveyor belt system as well as a short menu of hot and cold dishes to order.  And cocktails to order.
conveyor belt itsu

Upstairs is waiter service only, with cocktails and food brought to your table.  It’s a little more intimate and would be a great place to meet up with friends

itsu notting hill bar

Oriental food has a reputation for being healthy – and the body blitz options from the menu manage to combine great taste and (hopefully) low calories and low carbs.  I know from my 5:2 diet experience that making tasty low calorie oriental dishes depends on good fresh ingredients and was really looking forward to trying the food on offer.  It was rather a wet evening and both of us were in need of something warm when we arrived so started dinner off with miso soup and hot spiced edame beans.  Both are  dishes from the body blitz menu and were just what we needed!  The body blitz menu is designed to be nutritious as well as low calorie, with high levels of antioxidants and packed with vitamins.  So, neither of us felt guilty at all.  In fact, my companion ordered himself a second miso soup!

miso soup itsu

spiced edame beans itsu

Picking more dishes from the body blitz menu involved finding the right things as they went past on the conveyor belt.  We kept getting tempted…although for the most part I suspect our lapses away from body blitzing wouldn’t have been THAT bad.  Well, perhaps not this rather naughty soft shelled crab…

soft shelled crab itsu

Back to body blitzing, the salmon and tuna tartare was a fabulous fresh dish with delicate oriental spicing and coriander micro herbs

tuna tartare itsu

I picked out what was labelled as Vietnamese chicken – the only meat dish on the body blitz menu.  If I’m honest I did suspect the rosy pink meat WASN’T chicken -but it looked rather good.  And turned out to be wasabi beef salad (we spotted another later on that had been correctly labelled).  I have no regrets, it was a lovely dish – with ultra tender beef complemented by a spicy salad of (I think) celeriac and wasabi.

itsu wasabi beef salad

The sweet chilli scallops were light and nicely presented with a dusting of chilli and the sweetness coming from a vinegary dressing.

itsu scallops

I’m not a great tofu fan, so although I enjoyed the salad part of the ‘tofu and seaweed salad’ I avoided all the bits of tofu.  But, they were quickly devoured by my companion

itsu tofu salad

And, the prawn crystal wraps were great.   I even managed to pick mine up with the chopsticks!

Istu prawn crystal wrap

Of course too much healthy food can’t be good for you right?  So, we cheated a bit with tempura prawns and a very delicious teriyaki eel sashimi which was probably my favourite dish of the eveningitsu smoked eel

And we did indulge in some fabulous cocktails.  In the interest of healthy eating my dining companion also tried the detox apple zinger juice, which looked convincingly like a cocktail.  And then went on to have a rather unhealthy creme brulee!

itsu creme bruleea

All in, we thoroughly enjoyed our body blitz and more.  I’m not entirely sure how healthy it turned out to be, thanks to the dessert and cocktails, and the occasional diversion from the body blitz menu – but then, it wasn’t a 5:2 diet fast day!  Or of course I wouldn’t have indulged!

We dined as guests of the restaurant

Itsu Dining
100 Notting Hill Gate
London W11 3QA

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  1. says

    Looks really fresh and tasty Fiona. I’m with you on the tofu front – to me it is just flavourless but I would enjoy most of the dishes served here. I read that itsu was owned indirectly by Maccie Ds through Pret. Not sure if that is still the case though. I used to go to Itsu quite a lot when I worked in Canary Wharf – loved their miso and broths with dumplings!

  2. says

    I must say you travel in great circles to check out all these great restaurants. WOW.. this one is chock full of great treats!! Soft shell crab and creme brulee look pretty appealing!!

  3. Pamela Morse says

    The conveyor belt is funny, but the small portions seem like a good idea. Pretty fancy preparations..

  4. says

    What a great idea! I’ve never thought of having a conveyor belt in a restaurant, you don’t have to wait long for the food to come along :) Everything looked delectable, you get to visit the best places.

  5. says

    Refreshing that you can eat out in style but still keep the dishes pretty healthy! Not sure if they do this in London, but in NYC places have to give calorie counts on dishes, which makes you definitely think twice before ordering, lol.

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