Kitchen Party Pop Up – Cocktails, BBQ and More

Kitchen Party Pop Up:

I might have ignored the invitation to review ‘a new fully immersive dining, drinking and entertainment concept’  if I hadn’t scanned down through the invitation and realised it read like a ‘who’s who’ of  the London food and drink scene at the moment.  With luminaries like Blanch & Shock providing the fine dining menu, Bourne & Hollingsworth the cocktail bar and with those crazy Russian Revellers trying to lure all of us into Eastern Europe via Clarkenwell the Kitchen Party Pop Up had to be worth a visit.  And as it turns out I might just have found the perfect meatfest for Father’s Day!

cocktail - Kitchen Party Pop-up

We arrived for cocktails at Fourth Wall.  I haven’t been to Bourne & Hollingsworth, but I have tried their cocktails before at Rev J W Simpson and enjoyed them a lot.  My Hollingsworth Fizz was a long refreshing drink of gin shaken with cucumber, green tea and fresh lemon juice, topped up with soda.  The Hedonist who was my companion for the evening was feeling a little poorly and ordered Port in a Storm – dark rum and port shaken with bitters, ginger syrup and fresh lime and topped with ginger beer.  Just what the doctor ordered (though I preferred mine!).  Cocktails are priced between £8 and £10, so you won’t blow your budget if you do indulge in more than one.

Rack and Ruin Grill

Now a moment of panic set in.  I had asked in advance if Rack & Ruin, where we were going to dine, would provide a pescatarian meal.  A peek around the door at the amazing contraption stacked with meat did make me wonder!  But, all was well – they are happy to cater for fish eaters or even veggies, although they prefer advance notice for reasons that will become clear.

Russian Revels at Kitchen Party

Rack & Ruin is the most informal of the dining experiences at Kitchen Party.  I’m sure that Blanch & Shock are providing the type of inventive British food I’ve enjoyed on a few occasions already in the form of their four course tasting menu, while the Russian Revels experience is a theatrical event which includes games, theatre, dressing up and film screenings.  I was even advised that on this occasion guests were being ‘interrogated’ before being allowed downstairs to eat!

rack and ruin - prep

The communal dining area of Rack & Ruin replaces shabby chic with industrial angst.  A vast stainless steel grill stands like a teepee over a charcoal fire pit – and the asado sits primed with huge portions of meat at the rear of the room.  Diners sit around a family style table and eat from wooden trencher boards.  And, the South African braai chef stands controlling everything to ensure your meat is cooked just so.

rack and ruin - open asado

Even the stalwart Hedonist was slightly unnerved and asked again.  Yes, he was going to be fed – river trout in a bag as his main ‘course’ with everything else perfectly suitable for a pescatorian.  He did have to suffer watching the rest of us engage in Ultra-Carnivorism of the most extreme kind.

We started with some perfectly respectable pates and dips – Mackerel, Hummus and Tzatziki before moving on to the meat.  Now,  my portion was deliberately scaled down.  I’d already eaten a four course lunch earlier in the day and I was trying (and failing) to be restrained.  It’s absolutely no use coming along expecting to eat a couple of sliders and a sausage.  Think Big.  For £25 you will be offered more than you can possibly eat – all delicious, succulent and fresh off the grill.  And, foil baked potatoes with herby butter together with a mixture of grilled vegetables.

Rack and Ruin Meatfest

The Hedonist’s trout actually looked pretty good too.

Rack and Ruin - Trout in a bag

There’s even a dessert of peach and ice-cream.

peach ice-cream dessert

I left Rack & Ruin staggering under my ‘half portion’ of meat!  It’s fun – communal dining at it’s easiest and most unstructured.  And, the meat is delicious.  Do go – and DON’T eat lunch first!

rack and ruin - grill chef


You can find out more about Kitchen Party from their website.  It runs on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.  I believe the plan is to host a whole range of culinary projects over the next few months so do check out what is on offer!

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4 / 5 stars     
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  1. Pamela Morse says

    The gin and green tea is going on my list of new flavors in cocktail world. I have heard of tea cocktails, and drink tons of I will start to combine them. Good fun!

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