Lov Organics Tea and Giveaway

Lov Organics Tea Giveaway:

It isn’t very often that something arrives in the post unexpectedly that makes me smile, that is beautiful and that is also functional!  I was lucky enough to get this beautiful set of teas from Lov Organics – some of their brand new Lovely Night tea and a little purple eye mask.  Some teabags to sample.  And some tea to give away to London Unattached readers.

Luv Teas


The colours are so vibrant, just looking at the pretty tins makes me smile.

I’ve decided to offer two tins as a giveaway – Lov Pure is a detoxifying blend, perfect for those who are on the 5:2 diet like me, or any other kind of detox diet.  Of course, the base of this tea is green tea, but it also includes some apple pieces, green mate and citrus fruit flavours.  Very delicious and refreshing.  And Lov Good – a spicy blend of aniseed, fennel, liquorice, cardomom, ginger, cinnamon, pepper and cloves.  It’s a tea like no other – but having tried a sample teabag I can vouch that it is a wonderful drink, especially if you need a pick-me-up.

For more about the Lov range of organic teas, pop over to the Lov site .  You’ll learn more about the philosophy of this fascinating company, you can buy online or find the nearest store to you (it is available in John Lewis stores nationwide).

Or if you simply want to enter the Lov Organic Tea giveaway, well, use the rafflecopter below. These teas retail at around £10 a tin and London-Unattached has ONE prize of two tins for a lucky reader.

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  1. Di Wareing says:

    I like the Ginger blend, it’s great!!

  2. adele knight says:

    fennel tea is my favourite :)

  3. Annie Costa says:

    Green Chai Tea

  4. Lemon…mmm…with a lil honey

  5. Lovely night :)

  6. Lynda Avery says:

    Love is Zen but I’m also partial to Darjeeling! (the champagne of teas)

  7. lisa tebbutt says:

    love all tea

  8. what a great giveaway. I love tea. I drink about a quart every morning!!

  9. sam ransom says:

    Any fruit flavour tea and lemon green tea.

  10. Chai – love the strong spicy flavours of cardamom, ginger and cinnamon. I want those tins!!!

  11. Herbert Appleby says:

    chai tea tastes the bets

  12. earl grey :)


    love chai tea and mango tea

  14. Orange-Cinnamon Rooibos sounds fantastic!

  15. steven phillips says:

    earl grey is my fav

  16. Herbert Appleby says:

    Japanese green tea with rice in it

  17. Paulina Panterkowa says:

    i like <3

  18. My favourite is green tea with lemon!

  19. Whittard’s rose petal tea, and the local cafe Huffkins blend of Earl Grey, with pieces of orange peel and cornflowers. These tins are gorgeous, I am such a sucker for tins.

  20. Tracy Nixon says:

    I love Twinings White Tea!

  21. Tracey Belcher says:


  22. Angie Allen says:

    Tescos own brand I always buy it ( great value for money & great taste).

  23. Tracey Peach says:

    Tetley xxx

  24. Honey and Lemon

  25. Sophie Hocknull says:

    Chair or English Breakfast for me :)

  26. Anne-Marie Taylor says:

    I like Green Tea with Raspberry.

  27. Laura Jeffs says:

    Earl Grey’s my firm favourite :-)

  28. laura banks says:

    green tea

  29. sian hallewell says:

    earl grey

  30. EMMA WALTERS says:

    english or vanilla

  31. Laura Baker says:

    Camomile & honey :)

  32. Ashleigh Allan says:

    Green tea with lemon

  33. Phil Darling says:

    English Breakfast

  34. leanne williams says:

    Lemon…mmm…with a lil honey

  35. Amy Beckett says:

    Earl Grey and Moroccan Mint

  36. kirsty cooper says:

    english breakfast tea :-)

  37. Mark Finch says:

    Earl Grey

  38. maureen findley says:

    I love redbush tea

  39. Val swift says:


  40. sandra henderson says:


  41. green tea

  42. Kat Lucas says:

    Honey and lemon tea

  43. Caroline H says:

    The Verbena-Mint is a great combination.

  44. Karen Barrett says:

    Green Chai Tea

  45. These teas look lovely! I’d love to try some 😀

  46. Redbush caramel is my current favourite…

  47. Hannah Oneill says:

    Afternoon tea

  48. Jill Webb says:

    Peppermint tea for me

  49. I am more of a coffee drinker but my mum loves all the flavoured teas!

  50. donna clinton says:

    English Breakfast

  51. Heather T says:


  52. Charlotte Ingham says:

    English Breakfast :)

  53. andy harris says:

    earl grey

  54. TracyJo (@tjsi1963) says:


  55. michael clyma says:

    Green Tea is great, but all teas are wonderful

  56. Christina Brown says:

    Probably green tea :) I love tea!

  57. I am a huge tea drinker, ginger, lemon, and fruit teas are my favorites.

  58. Janice Mackin says:

    I love nettle tea with lemon.

  59. Heather Shaw says:

    cherry and cinnamon

  60. Kay panayi says:

    Red bush

  61. Peach tea!

  62. Katie Witherington says:

    Earl Grey is def my favourite tipple in the morning

  63. Stacey Carnell says:

    Green Tea! :)

  64. Emily Farr says:

    Obviously Earl Grey!

  65. saffron khan says:

    Green Chai Tea

  66. Joanne Peters says:

    Jasmine Green Tea mmmmmmm

  67. Faye Huntington says:

    Twinings Breakfast! With love, Faye xx

  68. frances hopkins says:

    Yorkshire tea 😉

  69. annala2001 says:

    either apple and cinnamon or chamomile and spiced apple (spot the theme 😉 ) I love the sound of the Lov Pure one – i used to drink loads of mate in argentina – also good for the 5:2 diet as it acts as an appetite suppressant!

  70. Green tea with jasmine

  71. Mickie Bull says:

    Lemon Tea

  72. Georgina Ball says:

    Anything citrus

  73. Earl grey :)

    Would you like to enter my giveaway?

  74. English Breakfast!

  75. Julie Davies says:

    Green tea with lemon is my favourite

  76. Earl Grey – my first tea love! I like to try new tea flavours but I keep returning to Earl Grey

  77. Emma Baker says:

    green tea

  78. Tom Baines says:

    Partial to a bit of red bush

  79. Joyce van den Camp says:

    Green tea!

  80. Janine Phillips says:

    Rose and vanilla x

  81. esme mcrubb says:


  82. Katherine L says:

    I actually have the Winter in Løv at home and I LOVE it! These are amazing teas and the tins are what attracted to me initially.

  83. Ben Audsley says:

    english breakfast is lovely!

  84. Mary-Ann Pollard says:

    assam or chai

  85. Diana Semionova says:

    Earl Grey :}

  86. Diana Semionova says:

    I like Earl Grey :}

  87. Amy Jacobson says:

    I love earl grey tea!

  88. Earl Grey

  89. Sarahann Tonner says:

    Green tea with lemon :)

  90. Sue Harrison says:

    Earl Grey

  91. Catherine Amaro says:

    english breakfast

  92. Fiona Mallard says:

    I love Earl Grey with blue flowers as a loose tea, or the Lipton Moroccan tea bags

  93. andrea Miles says:

    Lady Grey subtler than Earl Grey

  94. Jasmine tea

  95. Tamara Payne says:

    Fresh black tea from india

  96. Earl Gray with blue flowers

  97. Chai makes me feel chrismassy!!

  98. Kristy Brown says:


  99. Lemon tea

  100. Claire Butler says:

    pomegranate green tea

  101. DAWN TOTTON says:

    Earl Grey tea.

  102. Jenette ogborn says:

    my favourite is the original blend :)

  103. Claire Smith says:


  104. Kevin Bloomfield says:

    Original blend.

  105. I adore lemon tea!

  106. Saran Benjamin says:

    A nice cup of Earl Grey :0)

  107. Helen Aiken says:

    Green Tea with Cranberry is my favourite.

  108. Anne McCutcheon says:

    Earl Grey

  109. Alice Hindley says:

    Earl Grey

  110. Alison Smith says:

    English breakfast 😀

  111. I’m a huge Earl Grey fan

  112. michelle bennett says:

    Just plain old normal tbags 😀 Im quite partial to lemon tea every now and again if i wake up really groggy and need a lift 😀

  113. vanessa baker says:

    just the plain tea bags but do like a lemon tea in the morning

  114. I love Chai tea :)

  115. Belinda Matthews says:

    Green Chai Tea

  116. Green chai – I’m a chai monster fan!

  117. Karen Lloyd says:

    I love camomile, so relaxing.

  118. Mark Palmer says:

    English breakfast

  119. I love green tea with lemon.

  120. Deborah Bird says:

    English Breakfast

  121. Helen Maddock says:


  122. Gemma Snell says:

    Absolutely love Earl grey

  123. Antonia Rookley says:

    Lov Good is my favourite

  124. Ellen Stafford says:

    Chai – yummy x

  125. i love a fruity tea or every day tea the most but wouldnt say to any really i like them all! x

  126. M HOCKENHULL says:

    English breakfast :)

  127. pretty boring but english breakfast tea

  128. Hayley (Larley Haylar) says:

    English breakfast

  129. PENNY RUSSELL says:

    I love all tea especially mint tea

  130. Alisa Moore says:


  131. Helen Garner says:

    Anything with a bit of fruit in it

  132. I drink cold organic tea all day like the water.

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