Lov Organics Tea and Giveaway

Lov Organics Tea Giveaway:

It isn’t very often that something arrives in the post unexpectedly that makes me smile, that is beautiful and that is also functional!  I was lucky enough to get this beautiful set of teas from Lov Organics – some of their brand new Lovely Night tea and a little purple eye mask.  Some teabags to sample.  And some tea to give away to London Unattached readers.

Luv Teas


The colours are so vibrant, just looking at the pretty tins makes me smile.

I’ve decided to offer two tins as a giveaway – Lov Pure is a detoxifying blend, perfect for those who are on the 5:2 diet like me, or any other kind of detox diet.  Of course, the base of this tea is green tea, but it also includes some apple pieces, green mate and citrus fruit flavours.  Very delicious and refreshing.  And Lov Good – a spicy blend of aniseed, fennel, liquorice, cardomom, ginger, cinnamon, pepper and cloves.  It’s a tea like no other – but having tried a sample teabag I can vouch that it is a wonderful drink, especially if you need a pick-me-up.

For more about the Lov range of organic teas, pop over to the Lov site .  You’ll learn more about the philosophy of this fascinating company, you can buy online or find the nearest store to you (it is available in John Lewis stores nationwide).

Or if you simply want to enter the Lov Organic Tea giveaway, well, use the rafflecopter below. These teas retail at around £10 a tin and London-Unattached has ONE prize of two tins for a lucky reader.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


5 / 5 stars     
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  1. says

    Whittard’s rose petal tea, and the local cafe Huffkins blend of Earl Grey, with pieces of orange peel and cornflowers. These tins are gorgeous, I am such a sucker for tins.

  2. annala2001 says

    either apple and cinnamon or chamomile and spiced apple (spot the theme 😉 ) I love the sound of the Lov Pure one – i used to drink loads of mate in argentina – also good for the 5:2 diet as it acts as an appetite suppressant!

  3. Katherine L says

    I actually have the Winter in Løv at home and I LOVE it! These are amazing teas and the tins are what attracted to me initially.

  4. michelle bennett says

    Just plain old normal tbags 😀 Im quite partial to lemon tea every now and again if i wake up really groggy and need a lift 😀

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