Colonial Common Pop-up Whisky and Bourbon Bar

Whisky & Bourbon bar launches for London Design Festival

I am not really a whiskey or even a whisky drinker.  I do like the occasional single malt, but for the most part I try very hard to avoid drinking spirits simply because I think I give my liver much too hard a time without the help of anything else!  But I do remember reading about Teroforma and thinking what a great idea they are.  Small hand-carved cubes of Vermont soapstone, whisky stones are  designed to perfectly chill cask-aged spirits without diluting or over-cooling the drink.  Of course they’d be great for white wine that hadn’t had quite long enough in the fridge too I guess, although they might not look quite so pretty.  An American interpretation of a centuries-old Scandinavian tradition, Teroforma stones are available in London from some of the leading department stores for £20 for a set of 9 stones.

Colonial Common Pop-Up London Design Week


Quite a brilliant idea then, to showcase Whisky Stones® beverage cubes in a special nine day American whiskey and bourbon pop-up at the London Design Festival.   where you will be able to combine whiskey tastings and cocktails with bluegrass music, low-country cooking and high design. Colonial Common is an experience-rich bar, tasting room, and design shop which invites show-goers to celebrate all the uncommonly intriguing aspects of the American small-batch bourbon and sipping whisky culture.  Colonial Common will host experience-driven events each day from live bluegrass bands such as Lands End Trio and The Barker Band with food trucks and partners such as Beard to Tail and the Yummy Yank, and some cocktails from a whole range of mixologists from Social Eating House, Aqua at the Shard and more. 

So, you’ll get the chance to see the Teroforma Whisky Stones in action, and have a lot of fun too!

I’ve never been to the London Design Festival but, this might just be enough to tempt me out to Shoreditch where the Colonial Common pop-up is taking place.  There are also around 300 other events happening in London, so, there should be something for everyone.

Colonial Common runs from 14th to 22nd September from 4pm to 9pm each day.




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