Bootcamp or Bust and some Simple 5:2 Diet Ideas from Unearthed

Preparing for Bootcamp and a 5:2 Diet Update:

I’m excited.  I’m off to Bootcamp in Spain next month.  I’m also terrified. Although I’ve done reasonably well following the 5:2 diet, partly in an effort to improve my health,  I’m in no way a fitness freak and this particular invitation to review has elements of madness about it.  I’m sure everyone else will be younger, slimmer and fitter.  And I’m not entirely convinced I can do it.  But, it would be churlish and bad karma to turn something that has to be good for me down!

Revival Boot Camp

Of course part of the justification for me is that I might reach my final 5:2 diet target weight and genuinely move into maintenance.  At the moment I hover somewhere around 2 kilos over the weight I’d like to be and I’m struggling to get there.  A week of exercise, ultra healthy eating and (probably) no alcohol might just do the trick.

Meanwhile I’m in preparation mode.  I’m following an exercise routine that I’ve half invented and half borrowed from the 30 day squat challenge using my cross trainer to add some aerobic element to the challenge and so far all seems to be going well.  I’m hypothyroid, so I tend to be a little achy all the time and bizarrely daily exercise seems to HELP the aches.  I’ve borrowed my friend’s teenage daughter’s waterproof trousers, rucksack and hoodie and I’m treating myself to a new pair of trainers and set of swanky gym kit (a little motivation!).  And I’m trying hard to follow the 5:2 diet.

I’ve always liked Unearthed products and I’ve always bought them, so I was pleased to be offered a chance to sample some of their new range.  They always do seem to have products that you can keep in the fridge for those occasions when you don’t feel like cooking but you want something special to eat.  And, they have plenty of things that work well for someone following the 5:2 diet.  I’ve always used the marinated prawns as a standby because they have an excellent shelf life and you can eat them hot or cold.  But the Squid Less Fish rings were particularly intriguing.  At just 189 calories for 100grams, they could make a perfect 5:2 diet meal, particularly on a day when you don’t feel like cooking too much.

I had some green prawns (uncooked) to use up, so my 5:2 tapas dish used a mixture of squid less rings and prawns, together with a couple of tomatoes, a little chilli and a clove of garlic.  Cooked in a teaspoon of olive oil, the entire dish was around 230 calories per person.  That’s using a full pack of the squid less rings and about 50 grams of green prawns to serve two people.

Unearthed Squid Less Fish Rings

I served the seafood chilli tapas with a large portion of padron peppers (60 calories including the oil to cook them) and had a fun, Spanish style evening meal that really didn’t feel like diet food at all.  I’ve got a few more samples to try from Unearthed.  I’d already bought and eaten the prawn and chorizo pinchos, which are delicious but perhaps a little high in calories for a fast day (339 calories per 100g), and the banderillas (70 calories per 100g) and no doubt I will buy more little treats to hide in the fridge to keep me going while I prepare for bootcamp.

Of course if I don’t make it home, you are welcome and indeed encouraged to come and raid the fridge!


Disclosure:  I received a few samples of Unearthed products, one of which I used making the seafood chilli tapas.


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  1. I think you need to post some photos of you doing squats during bootcamp Fiona ;-p
    Good luck to you x

  2. Pamela Morse says:

    Churlish..I love the word..and you would be..I think your day to day balance of high life and 5:2 shows you will do well. No need to go to extremes ..even if they push you. You have a head on your shoulders. The big deal is taking some kind of new education or discovery back home with you. You will have fun also because it will be warmer than London..

  3. this sounds really good. Is this food line available in the US? I agree with Pam. You seem to manage pretty well ( I just went off my wagon so to speak and about to get on. Something about leaking pipes and no hot water made me realize that I like creature comforts and when I don’t have them, then I EAT)

    • I don’t know about unearthed in the US, I will ask for you. It’s a great range of the sort of food you can put in the fridge and pull out when you want something really tasty without having to cook.

  4. Looking forward to seeing the follow up story Fiona. Hope the blisters are on the mend. Still think you should have let me take a photo of you boxing Marty!!

    Have made my adaptations of quinoa porridge, toasted spicy pumpkin seeds, banana/peanut on rice cakes since I got home (and bought a smaller portion plate!)…and still no alcohol too. (See my halo shine) ;)

    • well done! well, I haven’t really been home since I got back to the UK…on one coffee a day and alcohol cut right down though…did the spicy pumpkin seeds work? I thought they were a great snack idea

      • Yes, carry some with me now when travelling. Need to rethink the banana/peanut butter as I was heaping too much peanut butter on. My adaptation of the plum crumble is a favourite. Feel to have lost a few more pounds but scales are kaput so just invested in better (magnetic) ones. Travelling last 3 days so harder to control diet! (Esp when socialising is a must).

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