Godiva Truffles with Harveys PX

A girl can never have too much chocolate – Godiva Truffles and Harveys Pedro Ximenez:

I have a bit of a thing about truffles.  I like making them myself, though I am too lazy to enrobe them (all that chocolate tempering – I’m sure mine would end up a complete disaster), so I miss that nice crisp chocolate shell which makes for truffle perfection.  And, I’m a little limited in how many flavours I can try by what happens to be open in my cupboard or fridge.  In any case, master chocolatiers like those at Godiva do it so much better that I jumped at the chance to review some of their new chocolate truffle signatures range.

Godiva Truffles Box

It seemed particularly appropriate to be eating one of the nicest boxes of truffles I’ve tried for a while for National Chocolate Week.

Godiva Truffles inside

Godiva truffles are available in various sizes.  My box of Truffes Signatures had nine truffles in total and six flavours.  These are new exclusive flavours including my absolute favourite Truffe Speculoos which somehow managed to combine a hint of that lovely toasty caramel flavour you get from speculoos biscuits with a rich chocolate truffle.  I DID share this box with a friend so didn’t get to taste all the flavours – she told me that of the ones she tried la Mousse Vanille was the best  and described as having a light, slightly citrussy filling.  Other than a personal taste for those that were not made from the really dark chocolate (Amere), we both thought this was a fabulous box.  We managed to make the box last for two nights – it would be the perfect size to share after dinner for four because each truffle is quite special and needs (in my opinion) to be savoured so you really don’t want more than one or two at a time.

The truffles come in an elegant, good quality box wrapped in that waxed paper that always reminds me of my time spent in Brussels, where many of the top chocolatiers in the world have workshops and where Godiva itself was founded in 1926.  Having worked in Brussels for nearly a year, staying at the wonderful art deco Metropole Hotel, they brought back rather good memories for me of eating Godiva chocolates over there.  Of course, now you can buy them from Harrods and Selfridges as well as from their own shops in London or online.


What to drink with our truffles?  I’m no expert at wine and chocolate pairing but these are rich truffles than for me need a full bodied accompaniment.  I’ve been sipping on a little Harveys PX – a wonderful Pedro Ximenez sherry.  If you’ve never tried PX before, prepare to be amazed at the rich chocolate and liquorice flavours.  As an accompaniment to chocolate it is perhaps only for the sweet toothed.  But it also works very well poured over vanilla ice-cream.  I might even try adding a little to a chocolate based dessert or cake!  And I am going to try some at Christmas with mince pies too.  It’s classified as a Very Old Rare Sherry, with an average age of at least 30 years and is blended in Jerez in Southern Spain.

The Truffes Signature range starts at £15.50 for a box of nine truffles. Check the Godiva website to order online or find them at Harrods, Selfridges or in their own stores on Regent Street, Fenchurch Street or Covent Garden,

Harveys VORS Pedro Ximénez (50cl RRP £21.76) is available from Waitrose, Booths and TheDrinkShop.com.

And if that’s not chocolate enough for you, there are lots of wonderfully chocolate events this week for National Chocolate Week


Disclosure:  I was sent a bottle of Harveys PX and a box of Godiva truffles to review.  I was under no obligation to write and all views expressed here are my own.



4.5 / 5 stars     
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