Halcyon Autumn Afternoon Tea

Halcyon Autumn Afternoon Tea – Guest Post:

My friend Jaim invited me for tea on 3rd November.  I remember when I first started blogging Jaim was always there, giving me hints and tips.  I’m not a great baker, but SHE is and always has been.   Then she vanished mysteriously – it turned out later to do a professional catering course!  So I am personally really disappointed that I can’t make her first tea event…but perhaps YOU can!  Here’s her guest post – do go along and I hope you have fun!

Halcyon Afternoon Tea

I used to dread the end of summer, which inadvertently signalled the beginning of temperature drops and gusty winds. Until one autumn Saturday four years ago, we came upon beautiful Kew Gardens. I remember sitting in the park, as leaves of fiery amber and gold fall swaying to the ground, thinking how beautiful autumn really is.

Yes it was, still cold and windy…but as I’ve learnt over the changing seasons, a good remedy to keeping warm comes in the form of tea, cake, and good company; which is what afternoon teas are made for!

And so if you find these past weeks of rain and darkest clouds most uninspiring, humour it just a little longer by making that trip to our afternoon tea supper club. South-west London may seem like miles away, but I promise you the trip will be well worth it!

Our afternoon tea begins at 1:00pm, with a lovely array of open sandwiches, savoury pastries, and specialty teas as part of lunch if you will. And because this is our very first official event, you’ll be welcomed with a glass of black raspberry liqueur topped off with bubbly champagne as a thank you gesture. After the savoury course, we’ll have a little break where I’ll talk more about the inspiration behind the menu and the future plans we have in store.

Coming back to the afternoon tea, we will bring out tiers of scones, sweet pastries, cakes, and fresh pots of tea. Although the afternoon itself officially ends latest at 5:00pm we will stop serving food at 3:30pm so we can come and chat with you too. We also wanted to allow some time for the food to settle before we send you off feeling happy, warm, and fuzzy inside.




For more information and bookings:

Haycyon Autumn Afternoon Tea


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  1. says

    Reading above, afternoon tea isnt as popular as you think in the UK – in fact its something we go out and do as a luxury / experience ourselves…..we tend to just drink regular tea allll day 😉 your afternoon tea looks delicious! x

    • says

      I think here in the UK at least among my friends, there are two approaches to afternoon tea. If you have children, there will often be tea with cakes after school and a few sandwiches to keep the kids going till supper time. But, the ‘special occasion teas’ are as you say, treats. My London UK based friends DO enjoy a tea quite regularly because it’s a relatively inexpensive way of meeting up with friends, maybe out of town you don’t have tea, but here it’s not that odd!

  2. Samantha G says

    Oh I grew up with my grandmother having tea parties. You all dressed up and if weather was nice it was outside if it was raining the porch would be decorated. I really miss some of the old ways. I love all the ideas. I wish we had something like this here in NJ.

  3. Rebecca says

    Sounds like a great time with delectable food! In Canada we do afternoon tea for special occasions only – hold over from our colonial days I guess.

  4. says

    Oh that photo look lovely and the afternoon tea sounds great. It’s all a pity I have never any chances for that. I guess I have to work on things …

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