L’Eto Kings Road – a little temptation and an almost healthy lunch.

L’Eto Launches on the Kings Road:

I’m not a great fan of launch events, I tend to find them overcrowded and not usually representative of what is to come.  But the l’Eto  invitation looked interesting, while it is not quite on my doorstep it IS only a walk away, and I wanted to find out more.  That particular night I had a second engagement, for dinner, so inspired by the idea it might help improve my fitness I decided to walk.

l'Eto Kings Road Cakes

That was my first Foolish Idea of the night.  While I could walk for miles in skyscraper stilettos in my twenties, my limit now is a quick hobble from taxi to restaurant.  And even though I’d picked out mid-height heeled ankle boots I did regret not walking in flats and carrying the heels.  Oh well, by the time I hit ninety I might have learnt better!

l'eto kings road truffles

I was greeted with champagne and smiles in a buzzing café.  There were salads laid out along one wall, dishes of handmade truffles on the other side and wonderful cakes in the window.  Foolish Idea number two, that I could pop along, have a glass of champagne and then leave!  Of course I did have to do so, but I really regretted having accepted both invitations.

I did, however, mention how perfect the café would be to meet up with a friend of mine who has just had her first baby.  I’d been plotting to meet up with Mina from Kings Road Rocks and we were looking for somewhere that both of us could get to easily (possibly with a baby in-tow).  Finding child-friendly locations isn’t something that I normally have to think about, but I was assured that it would work perfectly, with or without the baby, and invited to return and review the lunch offering.

l'eto kings road, green tea truffles

I went on my way with samples of some wonderful ‘green tea’ truffles (coated in matcha).  An idea I fully intend to copy at home (or pop back and acquire some more at a later date).

Back for lunch a week or so later, the café was still lively and I was surprised to find it almost full on a mid-week morning.  We moved downstairs to the quieter restaurant area.  Beautifully decorated in English Country Home style, it’s very comfy and if it hadn’t been for Mina’s appointment an hour or so later we might just have settled in for the afternoon.

L'eto kings road, soup

It was chilly so I ordered a bowl of soup to start with – a hearty, substantial bowl of vegetables which tasted wonderfully fresh.  Mina’s rather more delicate looking crab was pronounced delicious too.

l'eto kings road, crab salad

If I’m honest, my main course of steak was a little more generous a portion than I expected.  Perfectly cooked and beautifully served, I somehow managed to eat the lot!  And some of the delicious tenderstem broccoli we’d ordered to share between us.

l'eto kings road steak

Mina offered a taste of her pumpkin tortellini, plump little parcels of al-dente pasta filled with a light and fragrant pumpkin stuffing and served with a creamy sauce.  Great use of seasonal ingredients.

l'eto kings road pumpkin tortellini

Now, I was really very full at this stage and Mina needed to leave, so I ordered some coffee and sipped delicately, watching the ladies who lunch.  Upstairs, I avoided ordering any dessert or cake, and thought I’d make do with a virtual representation of the truffles…

l'eto kings road honey cake 2

And the honeycake (which perhaps owes something to owner Artem Login’s Russian origin)

And all the other delicious cakes and cookies on show.

leto kings road cookies

If you can find any fault at all with l’Eto it is that of temptation.  On the one hand there are plates of what looks like deliciously healthy, fresh food.  From experience, everything  IS the sort of wonderfully tasty wholesome food that you can tell has been made that day and that (in the case of the green stuff) IS and good for you without being  in any way a sacrifice to eat.

l'eto kings road healthy salads

But, just behind the salads and savoury food are trays of cakes and over the other side mounds of home made truffles – and who can resist a little self-indulgence for long?

leto kings road truffles

It’s far too easy and far too nice (in my experience) to eat a healthy main course and then succumb.  Of course my third Foolish Idea was that I could avoid doing just that…but then things do always come in threes!


L’Eto Cafe
Kings Road
149 Kings Road

4.5 / 5 stars     
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  1. says

    The food looks wonderful. How lovely that the salad ingredients are fresh to offset all those indulgent sweets. It’s also pleasing to know that some eating places are doing well in the difficult economical climate.

    • says

      I have to admit to being suprised at how busy they were. But it’s a winning formula…great food, comfy surroundings and sensible pricing! (and cakes…did I mention cakes!)

  2. Pamela Morse says

    What a double good thing to do. At least they knew to greet you with champagne to dull the pain. I personally want to knock off the honey cake more tun the macha truffles.

  3. says

    ah.. this makes me so hungry and I just had lunch! what a great lunch and I can understand the concept that the food was so great bec it was fresh that you ate it all. it sounds fabulous!!

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