Modern Japanese in the City of London – K10

Japanese food in the City – K10:

OK, so eventually the penny dropped and I got the joke.  The name K10 isn’t a play on that doggy robot K9, but on the Japanes word for the belt delivery service for sushi and sashimi restaurants, kaiten.  It may have taken me a while to make my way over to K10 to review their food, but I’m very glad I made the effort!  It is the sort of place in the city that you can imagine being packed over a working day lunch time, but that on a Friday evening was really refreshingly peaceful.  Not abandoned, just not so full of people that you have to wait for a seat or find yourself squished somewhere undesirable.

K10 staff

My first impression of K10 was of cleanliness.  It is squeaky clean,very friendly and very neat.  And, although it isn’t dissimilar to outfits like Yo Sushi, it’s a little classier and there seem to be some more grown-up options including a good range of sake.  We asked our server for a recommendation and spent the evening drinking her choice of Dewazakura ‘Oka’ sake, a floral, light sake that is served chilled.

K10 review Sake

We *probably* picked rather too many dishes.  But, all in the interest of reviewing the food, you understand!

A few hot dishes included the chili baby squid that K10 is rightly famous for.

K10 Chili baby squid

A plate of chicken gyozo was pleasant with a crispy wrapper and tender filling but not exceptional.

K10 chicken gyozo

But the black cod was fabulous and perfectly cooked.

K10 Black Cod

I rather like the prawn katsu too,  this type of food is very easy to eat and quite moreish.

k10 - Prawn katsu

As well as the hot dishes we picked several cold seafood dishes from the conveyor belt.  

K10 - salmon ceviche


K10 crab

K10 - Salmon Ceviche 2


K10 seared Tuna with miso sauce

Of which, the final, seared tuna with miso sauce was probably my least favourite as I found the miso just too heavy and overwhelming.

For the most part though I think K10 lived up to it’s mantra of  ‘great ingredients make great food’.  There was nothing overly complicated about most of the dishes we ate, but the ingredients did shine through as being ultra fresh and excellent quality

Pricing for the dishes is very good for the City of London.  The cold plates range in price from £2.00 up to £7.50 and the plates are colour-coded – the brown ones in the photos are £4.75 and the green £5.50 so you can see that even rather special ingredients are not over priced.  The hot food dishes range from £3.75 up to £5.50 too.

K10 also offer a delivery service so if you happen to live or work in the City of London, you can have some great, healthy Japanese food delivered to your desk!

K10 Appold St
3 Appold Street,
London EC2A 2AF

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  1. says

    Looks delectable.
    (BTW, difficult to overlook in 2nd sentence: “…but on the Japanes[e] word for the belt delivery service…” Fix by the morning and no one else will know. 😉

  2. says

    that looks like a great way to have dinner. Buffet places/cafeterias are few and far between – the ones that have it have a lot of processed food. Nothing like that around here. Also when you use the word “moreish” are you meaning the Katsu makes you want more?

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