Morrisons Kitchen Tastes of Home Ready Meals

Morrisons kindly sent me a hamper with a range of their new “Tastes of Home” ready meals.  Now ready meals usually mean “last minute panic” when feeding my 15 year old, but I like the range of meals given and approached them with an open mind.  I was not disappointed and overall very pleased with the results.

Morrisons Kitchen Tastes of Home Ready Meals

First tried, probably the most basic of ready meal, the Sausage and Mash.  Easy to cook in the microwave for 4 minutes, this is probably the fastest meal you can produce on its own.  The pack has depth so provides a lot of mash, and two large sausages covered in gravy.  My 15 year old daughter said the sausages were meaty, the mash very smooth, but it needed a bit of green to bring out more taste and filling.

Morrisons Kitchen Sausage and Mash

Next day, the Fishermans Pie (well it was Friday).  Again, 5 mins in the microwave would do it, but I added a few minutes in the oven to brown the top off.  Lots of creamy cheese sauce and large flakes of haddock made this very filling and enjoyable.  In between mouthfuls my taster commented that it had everything you wanted from a fish pie, but next time could I do some peas to go with it.

Morrisons Kitchen Fishermans Pie

The minced beef and potatoes, was similar in size to the sausage and mash, and remembering the comments about greens I also boiled a few peas and beans to go with it.  So simple to do, I think this still counts as a ready meal.  Served in the ready meal dish, with a dash of HP Sauce, this went down well.  Comments from my ‘taster’  were that the potato chunks were quite large, but tasty and nicely did not turn into mash in the beef mince.  The added greens just made it and overall it was very filling and satisfying.

Morrisons Kitchen Beef and Potatoes

The Chicken and Leek with Roast potatoes was dished up in a real hurry – a true need for a ready meal.  From freezer to table in 6 minutes, and placed in front of a hungry 15 year old.  The chicken piece was large and the saucy creamy with a hint of leek rather than too much.  Poured over the potatoes, which had a nice crisp roasted skin, made for a good combination.  Only comment added was that there didn’t seem to be any bacon – but that could have been masked by the potato and leek aromas.  Overall this was exactly what it was meant to be; a fast, tasty and filling ready meal.  Panic over, one child well fed.

Morrisons Kitchen Chicken with Leeks

Although you could microwave the fish and chips, I put them in the oven for 10 minutes to keep them crispy and golden.  Turned out onto a plate you easily see how large this portion is;  there were more chips than in the picture but some little hands ate a few before I could take the shot.  The fish was lightly battered, the oven cooking keeping it crisp and light, with a large piece of cod which was moist and flaked nicely.  The fish aroma even attracted another guest to the table.  Add some Ketchup sauce and you are in heaven.

Morrisons Kitchen Fish and Chips

Fish so good even the cat wants some.

Often ready meals, or TV Dinners as they are often called are so small they don’t last longer than an advert break.  These Morrisons Kitchen Ready Meals were surprising in that they were a decent sized meal that tasted really good.  They definitely passed the taste test with my 15 year old, and with a good range to choose from it is easy to put a decent and varied meal on the table without all the hassle of preparation and cooking.  Just do some greens on the side too.



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  1. I’ll look out for this brand in the states, I’ve never had much luck with ready made meals, but these actually sound good! Thanks for sharing:-)

  2. Very curious. I don’t often buy ready-made meals, but these dishes look pretty decent.

  3. hmmm I think we need those meals here. We don’t have portions that large unless you deliberately buy a LARGER portion. Looks exceptionally yummy. Love the taster’s comments too.

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