#Giveaway – Tabasco Hamper – 2013 Tabasco Bloody Mary Challenge

A Spicy Giveaway for the New Year with Tabasco:

Last year you may remember I went to the finals of the Tabasco Bloody Mary challenge.  Sadly, I missed this year’s event – where thirteen of the country’s top mixologists created first a ‘Classic’ Bloody Mary and then their twist on the drink for the ‘alternative’ round.  Held at Hawksmoor Spitalfields, this year the event was judged by Charles Campion, Tony Conigliaro and Tristan O’Hanna.  Up for grabs was a three day trip to New Orleans for both the winners, so it’s perhaps not suprising that the event attracted a line up of contestants from establishments including China Tang at the Dorchester, the Hinds Head in Bray and the London Cocktail Club. Rather fittingly the  winner of the ‘Alternative’ round  was George Collyer  from ‘Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town’, while Marco Piroli from the Lab Bar picked up first place in the Classic Bloody Mary round.

Tabasco Bloody Mary Challenge Just in case you’d like to try here are the two winning cocktail recipes

Classic Bloody Mary by Marco Piroli, LAB bar, London  

Classic Bloody Mary

Serves 1
Prep time 5 minutes
Dietary Vegetarian
Meal type Appetizer, Breakfast
Misc Serve Cold
By author Marco Piroli, LAB bar, London


  • 40ml Vodka (A pinch of salt, celery salt and black pepper)
  • 15ml Sherry
  • 90ml Tomato Juice
  • 15ml Lemon Juice
  • 5 dashes Tabasco® Pepper Sauce
  • 10ml Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 pinch Celery Salt
  • 1 pinch Black Pepper
  • 1 pinch Salt


Step 1 Combine all the ingredients in a Boston glass, add cube ice and roll for few second till cold
Step 2 Serve in a tumbler without ice and garnish with 2 celery stick

Alternative Winner – Mezcallywag by George Collyer of Scaredy Cat Town


Serves 1
Prep time 5 minutes
Dietary Vegetarian
Meal type Appetizer, Breakfast
Misc Serve Cold
By author George Collyer


  • 25ml Black & Pink Peppercorn infused Calle 23 Tequila
  • 25ml Vida De San Luis Del Rio Mezcal
  • 25ml Lemon Juice
  • 10ml Thyme Sugar Syrup
  • 7ml Tabasco® Pepper Sauce
  • 1 heaped teaspoon Tomato purée (Recipe asks for 'bar spoon')
  • 1 piece Chard red bell pepper (3 inches)
  • 1 pinch Sweet Paprika (large)
  • 1 pinch Hot Paprika (small)
  • 1 pinch Salt
  • 2 splashes Lagavulin 16 year old ((recipe asks for 'sprays')


Step 1 Add all ingredients except Lagavulin to a boston glass and stir.
Step 2 Then fill with ice & quick shake with a boston tin.
Step 3 Double strain into a chilled glass & spray Lagavulin on top of the drink & serve.

Now of course to recreate either of these cocktails you’ll need some Tabasco.  The lovely people there have offered me two hampers worth £50 each for London-Unattached readers – a great way to start practising making your own Bloody Mary for the 2014 challenge! Just follow the Rafflecopter below remembering to answer the mandatory question and I’ll pick two winners at random!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tabasco Hamper

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  1. tony allan says:


  2. andy harris says:

    ketel one vodka

  3. Angela Macdonald says:

    my magic ingredient would be a touch of chopped basil

  4. Claire Bodin says:


  5. Jim Milligan says:

    Worcestershire sauce

  6. Claire Eadie says:

    Soy sauce

  7. Tabasco, Himalayan sea salt and added cayenne :)

  8. Tabasco

  9. Steven Appleton says:

    a little chopped corriander & ground black pepper

  10. Martin OReilly says:


  11. Kay Unsworth says:


  12. laura jayne bates says:

    tabasco fiery

  13. Claire Smith says:

    Fiery Tabasco

  14. Some freshly ground black pepper

  15. julie laing says:

    Worcestershire sauce

  16. Chris davies says:


  17. Janet Dring says:

    A good vodka

  18. claire curtis says:

    tabasco sauce :)

  19. Amy Beckett says:

    Red Chilli

  20. Paul Wilson says:

    Worcester Sauce

  21. Louise Smith says:

    Chilli Vodka

  22. I’d add a bit of nutmeg!

  23. Tabasco is essential!

  24. Tabasco !

  25. melanie stirling says:

    Worcester sauce

  26. Some chilli

  27. iain maciver says:

    fiery tabasco

  28. Ashleigh Allan says:


  29. Celery salt

  30. frances hopkins says:


  31. christine shelley says:


  32. Graham Brigden says:

    Cherry brandy

  33. maria blythin says:

    tabasco x

  34. Tracey Belcher says:

    OH Tabasco of course 😉

  35. Michael OSullivan says:


  36. A cardamon pod

  37. David Paterson says:

    lots of tabasco

  38. Lorraine Tinsley says:

    A lot of tabasco and a sprinkle of love!! :)

  39. arabella bazley says:

    Using celery salt instead of regular salt. :-)

  40. claire woods says:

    tabasco and cinnamon

  41. worcestershire sauce or perhaps a touch of ghost chilli

  42. Sarahann Tonner says:

    Dash of tobasco!

  43. Angie Hoggett says:


  44. David Mitchell says:

    fiery tabasco

  45. kim neville says:

    Soya sauce

  46. Ruth Harwood says:

    A sprinkle of cinnamon and a drop of Worstershire sauce

  47. John Seaman says:

    Worcestershire sauce


    A touch of dry sherry

  49. a little salt and pepper

  50. Alison Bruce says:

    lot’s of Vodka

  51. Iva Petrovic says:

    Tabasco, and lot’s of it

  52. maureen findley says:


  53. Pamela Morse says:

    jalapeño stuffed olives and juice…also I am a Red Snapper person, I prefer gin to vodka.

  54. Barbara Webster says:

    A touch of horseradish :)

  55. Caroline H says:

    Vegetarian Worcestershire sauce.

  56. Tamsin Dean says:


  57. Katherine L says:

    The recipe above looks amazing but I’d love to add celery salt!

  58. Tabasco

  59. Lynne OConnor says:

    Sweet and spicy Tabasco

  60. esther james says:

    tabasco and worcester sauce

  61. Susan Oliver says:

    Worcester sauce.

  62. I am more a vodka person than tabasco. Love the contest though!

  63. samantha gray says:

    a little paprika

  64. emma falvi says:

    a couple of drops of Tabasco

  65. Phil Darling says:

    Tabasco and a pinch of Cayenne

  66. laura banks says:

    a dash of tabasco and pepper

  67. LINDSEY CLARK says:

    Tabasco and Lime

  68. mark milsom says:

    Alittle very fiely chopped Habanero Chilli Pepper…..certainly spices it up !!!!

  69. A pinch of chilli powder in addition to the Tabasc.

  70. Maya Russell says:

    A dash of tabasco sauce.

  71. Swap out the lemon juice for lime for a Mexican twist

  72. paul vellins says:


  73. Hazel Christopher says:

    Soy sauce and lime.

  74. coriander

  75. katie skeoch says:

    freshly squeezed lemon

  76. lorraine stone says:

    A good quality vodka!

  77. A splash of Vodka and a drop of Soy sauce

  78. vodka

  79. kelli flanagan says:

    A splash of Worcester sauce

  80. Bladdy love tobasco

  81. Yeah that’s right, tobasco

  82. Janine Phillips says:

    a touch of Cayenne

  83. stuart wild says:

    Worcester sauce

  84. Patricia Edwards says:

    a little ginger

  85. Extra tabasco

  86. Tammy Tudor says:


  87. Kay panayi says:


  88. Sheila Reeves says:

    Grey Goose vodka

  89. lime juice and black pepper! :)

  90. clair dutton says:


  91. Will Nesbitt says:

    That would be telling…

  92. some lime

  93. Chocolate – it’s just got to be done.

  94. Danielle woodman says:

    Chopped basil

  95. Chopped coriander.

  96. Mickie Bull says:

    Lea & Perrin’s

  97. rachel higgins says:

    a slice of lemon

  98. Elizabeth Smith says:

    Mushroom ketchup

  99. Stacey Carnell says:

    Vodka! 😉 x

  100. Hannah ONeill says:

    A sprinkling of paprika

  101. kellyjo walters says:

    grey goose!

  102. Kiran Parry says:


  103. jenny morgan says:

    soy sauce

  104. Tabasco and maybe a tiny bit of black pepper?

  105. Lynn Savage says:

    Add a little cayenne and tabasco

  106. Champagne 😉

  107. Tabasco

  108. Tabasco!

  109. Emma Ellams says:

    Cinnamon and worcestershire sauce

  110. Tabasco

  111. liquid smoke

  112. Megan Bayford says:


  113. clair downham says:

    chilli vodka and Tabasco

  114. Sarah Davies says:


  115. Kaylie Goldup says:

    Pinch of hot chilli powder

  116. Catherine Culmer says:

    Lots of Tabasco

  117. Meryl Rees says:

    I really don’t know, never heard of it before!

  118. Tabasco and worcestershire sauce

  119. Sherry, celery Salt, Tabasco, and worcesterhire sauce with a slice of lemon

  120. Worcester sauce

  121. Cinnamon

  122. A little bit of garlic!

  123. Splash of Marsala is the key!

  124. Emma Nixon says:


  125. Ian Yates says:

    An extra shot of vodka.

  126. Jane Green says:

    black pepper

  127. Paula Barker says:

    A little Port

  128. Janet Rawstron says:

    A touch of Fiery Tabasco

  129. Samantha J says:

    Tabasco and extra vodka

  130. Lime

  131. alison johnson says:

    extra vodka x

  132. Freshly grated horseradish.

  133. A dash of sherry

  134. Donna Parkin says:

    sweet chilli , i like it hot and sticky

  135. Keith McNeill says:

    A piece of celery

  136. Liz ferguson says:

    Tabasco, please

  137. Andrea Williams says:

    Pass the Tabasco

  138. jessica cook says:

    Sprinkle of pepper x

  139. Ian Dawson says:

    Lime and a vanilla pod

  140. alan burrows says:

    mango sauce

  141. Kathy Cakebread says:

    tabasco and pepper

  142. laura stewart says:


  143. Renee Armstrong says:


  144. Julia Linsley says:

    Tabasco of course !

  145. Tabasco

  146. Anneka Hulse says:

    sweet chili sauce

  147. Deb Alexander says:

    Tabasco of course !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  148. Paul Scotland says:

    Worcestershire sauce

  149. LARA Davis says:

    tabasco all the way xx

  150. Debbie Burfoot says:


  151. Mrs Pauline Wood says:

    Soy Sauce

  152. Tabasco

  153. Tracey Quinn says:

    Worcestershire sauce

  154. Louise Hutchings says:

    Fresh tomato juice, Top Quality vodka, Tabasco, Celery salt, stick of celery! yum

  155. Jayne Kelsall says:

    Definitley Salt

  156. Rachel Craig says:

    Tabasco. Otherwise a sprig of fresh mint.

  157. Nancy Townsend says:

    Tabasco plus Worcestershire sauce.

  158. Clifford Sherwood says:


  159. Dawn Henson says:

    Tabasco of course!!

  160. Michelle Smith says:

    A quality vodka

  161. It has to be Tabasco really!

  162. lauren tourle says:

    vodka, good quality :)

  163. Michael Clyma says:

    Other than Tabasco, a tiny! bit of chilli extract, of added kick

  164. Tabasco of course and a little lime round the rim of the glass

  165. Fresh cracked pepper

  166. nikki tucker says:

    a dash of vodka and a few tiny shavings of a scotch bonnet to wake me up! hot mama!

  167. Andrew Stewart says:

    Grey Goose Vodka

  168. Tim Schofield says:

    Crushed cardamon pods

  169. Definitely some extra hot tabasco!

  170. Worcestershire Sauce

  171. Laura Oxley says:

    I would sub the sherry with a shot of cherry brandy yummmmmmy

  172. Louise Asekokhai says:


  173. Julie Ward says:

    Extra vodka and add some fruit

  174. Michelle Ferguson says:

    Plenty of Vodka

  175. Clint Howat says:

    Worcestershire sauce

  176. Zoe Roxby says:

    Tabasco and a little honey with a lime wedge

  177. zoe bryan says:

    a wedge of lime and a splash of tabasco

  178. Sarah Walford says:


  179. tomato juice!

  180. Christina Brown says:

    Jalapeno vodka 😀

  181. Pam Lawrence says:

    Small shot of fino sherry and a pinch of five spice x

  182. Melanie Dye says:

    My home made chilli vodka

  183. jayne hall says:

    vodka and lime juice

  184. tabasco

  185. My magic ingredient would be a rasher of crispy bacon. Delicious! :)

  186. Caroline Blaza says:

    Worcester Sauce

  187. Ronni Astroff says:

    You mean besides Tabasco? Wasabi, of course.

  188. Kevin Honey says:

    Coarse ground black pepper

  189. TABASCO !!

  190. Lisa James says:

    oooo ahhh hot stuff I love it.

  191. I’d add a sprinkle of black pepper

  192. nicola hardman says:

    a dash of ginger

  193. Margaret moe Dunlop says:

    plenty of tobasco

  194. Catherine Whittall says:

    Jalapeno tabasco yum

  195. Cayenne & more Tabasco :)

  196. Worcester sauce

  197. Zest of lime

  198. Allan Wilson says:

    A drop of Vanilla essence

  199. Dianne Brewin says:

    A hint of chilli vodka

  200. tequila

  201. Andrew Rowlands says:

    chipotle tabasco,and a splash of gin

  202. Tabasco

  203. Spencer Broadley says:

    Frozen slice of lemon or lime to chill and give a bit more taste. By having frozen slices you dont need ice

  204. tabasco of course

  205. ESME MCCRUBB says:


  206. fresh grated ginger

  207. Jane Davies says:

    Basil or Soy Sauce ! Thanks :)

  208. Mary Chez says:


  209. Laura Pritchard says:

    A kick of chilli!

  210. holly broomhead says:

    A garlic stuffed olive for garnish…mmmm

  211. Herbert Appleby says:

    coarsely chopped and roasted chili and cumin garnish

  212. Deborah Torr says:

    Tabasco of course!

  213. Rey Chunara says:

    Lots of Tabasco

  214. katie Kathurima says:

    extra shot of vodka and Tabasco

  215. Freshly ground black pepper (and quite often Tabasco!)

  216. Michael Griffin says:

    worcester sauce

  217. sef alleyne says:

    lime juice

  218. Don’t think I have one, keep it simple I think is best.

  219. Amanda Mallows says:

    Russian Vodka

  220. Andrew Bacon says:

    Tabasco and celery salt without a doubt!

  221. Kate ONeill says:

    Tabasco and celery salt

  222. stephanie campbell says:

    Worcestershire sauce and tabasco of course


    A tiny bit of curry powder

  224. green tabasco

  225. Jean Bolsover says:

    Without a doubt, Tabasco!

  226. Pam Gregory says:

    A touch of pepper

  227. Marc Jackson says:

    Blended carrot.

  228. Tracey Gwynne says:


  229. Tabasco

  230. A bit of Lemon

  231. nicola barter says:

    Lime :)

  232. Tabasco of course

  233. Tabasco

  234. Worcestershire Sauce

  235. Tabasco

  236. Nathan Webb says:

    a hint of mixed herbs

  237. Sarah Norgrove says:

    70% Jamaican Cocoa Dark Chocolate Bar grated on top of the bloody mary

  238. Miriam OToole says:

    Habanero Pepper

  239. lucia jefferson says:

    henderson’s relish

  240. sarah fleck says:

    Tabasco of course :-)

  241. Andrew Timms says:

    orange zest

  242. emma collins says:

    extra vodka and tabsaco

  243. A big dose of love !

  244. Stephanie Whitehouse says:

    Why mess with the classic recipe – it’s perfection already?

  245. Kate Edwards says:

    a ghost chilli!

  246. Joan Abrahamson says:

    A good shot of tabasco

  247. caroline kelly says:

    A bit of heat

  248. Tricia Cowell says:

    Tabasco :)

  249. Pleasant company with whom to enjoy it! :-)

  250. Tabasco

  251. Pamela Cook says:

    It has to be Tabasco sauce!

  252. Tabasco and a dash of lime juice

  253. Peter Hackett says:

    stick of celery

  254. Deborah B says:


  255. caroline hird says:


  256. Emma Matthews says:

    Tabasco sauce and ground black pepper :-)

  257. LHidderley says:

    an interesting spice

  258. Emily Hutchinson says:

    A tiny bit of cinnamon would make an unusual addition.

  259. Debbie Phillips says:


  260. Becky Shorting says:

    a posh vodka!

  261. Tabasco

  262. steve cooper says:


  263. Greig Spencer says:

    dark chocolate

  264. Rennene Hartland says:

    Tobasco xx

  265. Tabasco definitely

  266. John Forster says:

    Garlic salt

  267. Gary Snape says:


  268. Some chopped up chillies!

  269. donna davis says:

    English mustard, for a bit of a kick :)

  270. A nice strong chilli!

  271. Smoked sea salt.

  272. bacon bits

  273. A little pepper with the worcester sauce

  274. Stuart moreton says:

    A woman called mary and maybe a touch of tobasco and sea salt

  275. tabasco definitely

  276. gemma clark says:

    It would have to be tabasco, but a decent vodka is also a must

  277. Hint of garlic!

  278. Frances Wood says:


  279. Steve Miles says:


  280. lowri earith says:

    smoked paprika

  281. tabasco

  282. Helen Atkins says:


  283. laura jones says:

    fresh chopped basil

  284. jennie jackson says:


  285. Claire Butler says:


  286. keith crooks says:

    Tabasco rules ok

  287. Flo Foxes says:

    a twig of Lemon Verbena

  288. Sarah Rees says:

    Extra Tabasco for a bigger kick.

  289. Ant Wright says:


  290. Ellen Nixon says:


  291. I had a great bloody mary the other week, as well as tobacco they added cayenne, it had a big kick and was delicious!

  292. claire turvey says:


  293. Milk – I am tee total.

  294. rebecca nisbet says:

    a gorgeous man to drink it with! I don’t know…urm…ryan gosling or something

  295. Sam Stevens says:

    a twist of lime and some salt and pepper

  296. Sue Jackson says:

    Tabasco. :-)

  297. NICOLA TERRY says:

    Worcester sauce

  298. Robby Price says:

    Tabasco sauce with extra vodka

  299. rosemary sheehan says:

    Tabasco with a drop of port

  300. jessica agyin says:

    chopped corriander

  301. Daniel Stacey says:


  302. julie camm says:

    chilli vodka

  303. izzy smith says:

    Tabasco sauce

  304. Hazel Rea says:


  305. Tabasco :p

  306. Christina Jarrett says:

    Tabasco ofcourse :) xx

  307. tabasco of course

  308. Mark Rayner says:


  309. Jeff Miller says:


  310. Beki Lacy says:

    Always Tobasco and Grey Goose!

  311. tobys proud mummy toys says:

    A dash of Worcester Sauce

  312. Emma Wolski says:

    Clam Juice

  313. Rebecca Gransden says:

    Freshly ground pepper.

  314. Tabasco obviously

  315. Semi skimmed milk

  316. Always celery salt. Love it!

  317. Natalie Crossan says:

    Tabasco – mmmm 😀 x

  318. Georgia Keogh says:

    A bit of lime juice 😀

  319. Angela Morgan says:


  320. Laura Vitty says:

    Sprinkle of salt and some fresh garlic

  321. olivia kirby says:

    garlic and chopped gherkins!!

  322. Susan Hoggett says:

    tabasco it gives the kick

  323. Kellie Robertson says:

    a little dash eh hot sauce

  324. mai Elhusseiny says:

    Tabasco and lime

  325. lime

  326. melanie sears says:

    lime juice

  327. Jill Donaldson says:

    Worcestershire sauce

  328. Natalie White says:

    Obviously a splash of Tabasco! It adds a little fire :)

  329. Hayley Todd says:

    A dash of horseradish and lemon juice adds a brilliant kick!

  330. Jenette ogborn says:

    vodka x

  331. Kerry Locke says:

    Celery Salt adds the perfect tangtastic taste

  332. Paul Chadwick says:


  333. Angela Williams says:

    freshly ground black pepper

  334. Sharon mead says:

    a really good british vodka

  335. liked and shared

  336. liked and shared

  337. Kirsty Harrington says:


  338. Paula Phillips says:

    Worcestershire sauce

  339. Margaret Nokling says:


  340. maureen moss says:

    A few drops of Tabasco to taste.

  341. Peaches Golding says:

    The perfect consistency of tomato juice allows the Tabasco sauce to have the right ‘bite’.

  342. julie baxter says:


  343. Karen Lloyd says:


  344. Lisa Ellison says:


  345. Sarah Lewis says:

    Sweet chilli sauce

  346. X HOT tabasco

  347. Kathryn Tatters says:

    chilli or anything spicy

  348. Diana Semionova says:

    Lime :)

  349. Ross Beardsall says:

    Would use tabasco sauce with lime juice for that extra bit of kick!

  350. Chocolate might be different 😉

  351. keshia hughes says:


  352. Brandie Browne says:

    Fiery Tabasco

  353. Kirsty KJaybaby Caffrey says:

    Worcester Sauce – or a few dried chilli flakes x

  354. Would have to be Tabasco.

  355. Vicky Thompson says:

    Tobasco wow :)

  356. Tabassco Sauce.

  357. Samantha Rummens says:

    little chilli powder

  358. A squirt of fresh lime juice

  359. Stuart bates says:

    celery salt

  360. Gillian Hutchison says:

    A wee drop mustard powder

  361. Katherine Coldicott says:


  362. Steven Montgomery says:

    Hendersons relish

  363. elaine stokes says:

    some palm sugar

  364. Richard Turner says:


  365. David Jackson says:

    Tabasco sauce

  366. jessica newman says:

    some fresh chillis

  367. tracey gibbons says:

    chilli flavoured vodka

  368. Gillian Hale says:

    I am allergic to tomato, so I would never have one, but I but Marmite in everything else so I would have to go with that!!

  369. crispy bacon yummy :)

  370. michelle pierce says:

    Tabasco sauce of course!

  371. Zoe Wilkinson says:

    dash of Worcestershire sauce or tabasco

  372. Emma Boitoult says:

    Take away the celery!

  373. Freshly squeezed lime juice instead of lemon.

  374. clare dyer says:

    celery stick

  375. Joanne Benham says:


  376. Maria Jane Knight says:

    A pinch of black pepper

  377. Sarah Mills says:

    Worcester sauce

  378. donna clinton says:

    I would say black pepper i love it, add it to loads of different concoctions!

  379. carla whittaker says:

    I’d have to substitute standard tabasco for the habanero one spice it up a bit

  380. Eleanor Bennett says:

    Worcestershire sauce

  381. more vodka! 😉

  382. Mark Whittaker says:

    Bison Grass Vodka

  383. Laura Claridge says:

    A pinch of black pepper! :)

  384. Patricia Walker says:

    a smidgen of paprika

  385. chirag patel says:


  386. KAREN TAYLOR says:

    A drizzle of maple syrup to balance out the tomato : )

  387. Jennifer Rhymer says:

    A squeeze of lime and a touch of vodka :)

  388. leanne williams says:

    good plan!

  389. Wendy Guy says:

    A good splash of Tabasco

  390. Karen Martin says:


  391. Suzanne Crossley says:

    A dash of Tabasco and vodka

  392. Worcester sauce

  393. Damien Broom says:

    Worcestershire sauce

  394. Helen Craigs says:

    Love Worcester Sauce :)

  395. carol phile says:

    cinnamon and Tabasco

  396. BARBARA S says:


  397. Mark Palmer says:

    Black pepper

  398. Petra Beck says:

    Szechuan pepper

  399. A Butler in the Buff to serve it to me. 😉

  400. Chris Fletcher says:

    A bit of horseradish never goes amiss!

  401. nikki cook says:


  402. Vera Bahounkova says:


  403. natalie cooper says:


  404. Sheri Darby says:


  405. Sarah Mcknight says:


  406. Liz Griffin says:

    I like a lot of lemon in mine

  407. Lani Nash says:

    a dab if garlic salt

  408. Friends to share it with

  409. yes!

  410. Champaklal Lad says:

    WASABI – hot hot hot – it’ll make you sweat

  411. David Price says:

    Tabasco is essential

  412. Gail Bennett says:

    Tabasco would of course add the magic … but some shredded basil leaves add something a bit special too :-)

  413. Antonia Rookley says:


  414. Sundried tomatoes.

  415. Tabasco

  416. Debbie Preston says:

    An extra shot of vodka and tabasco

  417. Hot sauce!

  418. Grey Goose Vodka

  419. Joanna Sawka says:


  420. Tabasco

  421. Hayley Mulgrove says:

    I would put Pepper in it, mmmmmmmmm

  422. Helen Garner says:

    Black pepper

  423. lisa tebbutt says:

    has to been Tabasco

  424. Charlotte G says:

    Tabasco, tried a sample about a year ago and loved it!

  425. Susan Carter says:


  426. Kevin Minihane says:

    Worcestershire sauce

  427. Tina Holmes says:


  428. Karen Whittaker says:

    Best quality Russian vodka

  429. Janet Thornton says:

    A splash of both vodka and tabasco

  430. Nick Hopkins says:

    A little salt

  431. tiffany callan says:

    a pinch of rock salt

  432. tabasco x

  433. Adrian Clarke says:

    Scotch bonnets!

  434. sarah evans says:

    smokey tabasco

  435. vicki hennie says:

    clilli as i love it hot x

  436. helenthemadex says:

    Basil very finely chopped

  437. Jacqueline Roberts says:


  438. Sarah Parker says:

    Worcestershire sauce

  439. Anna-Marie Donnelly says:

    Worcestershire sauce

  440. Adam Wright says:

    Tabasco Sauce! :)

  441. Julia Wulff says:

    A dash of Sriracha

  442. Lisa Miller says:

    Nice fresh tomato juice

  443. Caroline James says:

    crushed pink pepper corns.

  444. Wanda Malt says:

    Lemon juice

  445. Emma Price says:

    Some smoked crispy bacon to go with it. It really really works!

  446. Kirsty Woods says:


  447. Naomi Buchan says:

    Absolute vodka and Tabasco

  448. Marco Mazzolini says:


  449. sharon Williams says:

    Celery salt, lemon, tabasco, worcester sauce, celery and grey goose, lots of ice

  450. Lian Hunt says:


  451. jodie harvey says:

    tabasco and lemon

  452. becca staples says:

    Tabasco and a squeeze of lemon x

  453. dawn thompson says:

    Horseradish yum yum!

  454. Sophie Hedley says:

    Tabasco :)

  455. Deb Hambleton says:

    Chilli Vodka

  456. Sarah Pybus says:

    Born in Worcestershire, what other sauce could I say? :-)

  457. david bernie says:

    slug slime

  458. bridget smith says:

    Worcestershire sauce

  459. Bryan Huddleston says:

    Grey Goose Vodka, fresh chillies and Tabasco

  460. Claire Nelson says:

    Some black pepper

  461. Susan Freeman says:


  462. Jon Payne says:


  463. Holly Boyd says:

    Good alcohol, no point using the cheap stuff.

  464. Vodka and chilli

  465. Eleanor Powell says:

    lots of vodka!

  466. Gale Grant says:

    Tomato juice from sweet cherry tomatoes

  467. victoria thurgood says:


  468. richard hill says:

    lots of vodka and cinnamon

  469. Wendy Tyler says:

    All the usual plus Umami Dust x

  470. Kel Ellen Hirst says:

    Lime vodka would go nicely!

  471. Tobasco

  472. Lesley Styles says:

    Tabasco of course!!!

  473. Jeremy Andrews says:

    A hint of Ginger

  474. claire little says:

    lots of vodka

  475. Lucy Durling says:

    My magic ingredient would be the vodka but it would have to be grey goose.

  476. Alisa Moore says:

    celery salt

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