Teapigs Chai Latte Set #Giveaway

Nothing like a Cup of Chai – especially when it’s from Teapigs:

Are you feeling a bit harassed by the idea that Christmas is getting very close?  Me too!  That’s why I was thrilled to get a Chai Latte set in the post from teapigs.  If you’ve never tried chai, it’s quite unlike any other tea you will have tasted.  Lightly spiced, sweet and soothing.  The perfect drink for frazzled Christmas nerves!

chai-latte-kit from teapigs


I’ve been using a aerolatte for a little while now (I got one with some matcha).  It’s a cute little battery operated whisk that you just pop into your hot drink to froth it all up, without any of the hassle of a cappuchino machine.  It makes perfect matcha and hot chocolate too.  Teapigs chai is new to me – neat little teabags that make a perfect chai without all the fuss of mixing up your own spices.

Now, I know everyone is up to their eyes in Christmas preparations at the moment, so I am delighted that Teapigs have offered me a set to give away to one lucky London-Unattached reader.  I think it will be the perfect treat for a lucky winner to help them recover once Christmas is over! Worth a bit over £20 you’ll get some posh Chai teabags, an aerolatte and a pretty glass mug to drink your Chai from. If you can’t wait, or just need a little inspiration for a Christmas gift, pop over to the Teapigs site and take a look – they have some wonderful gifts on offer
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5 / 5 stars     
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  1. Tracey Peach says:

    I don’t have a favourite Indian Dish, perhaps i should experiment & see what I like

  2. Angie Hoggett says:

    I love a good Bhaji!!

  3. kim neville says:

    Chicken pasanda

  4. claire woods says:

    Gobhi Aloo

  5. Lentil Dahl

  6. Pamela Morse says:

    channa masala..the teapig idea is very cute. I like the froth maker, and now notice I have lost mine..must find.

  7. korma

  8. Chicken Jalfrezi

  9. I’m boring – a good Chicken Korma is my favourite…with sides of vegetable curry, onion baji, and plain nan.

  10. I don’t know the name of the dish but it is rice cooked with spices and water from a boiled chicken where the chicken is taken away. Rice then is served with yugort with cucumber. I couldn’t get enough of it!

  11. Being vegetarian, my favourite is tarka dahl.

  12. Lamb pasanda, and a good mango lassi. Love this kit, I have been admiring it already, if I didn’t have to pay for the new kitchen sink which got broken, I would have bought it

  13. Just realised I gave the wrong email address for the bloglovin follow.

  14. To be honest, I do not eat Indian food all that often. I do like this chick pea and potato Indian dish from Tasty Bite.

  15. My favorite Indian dish is tandoori chicken and vegetables. Love Chai as well. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

  16. Victoria N says:

    Chicken Jalfrezi

  17. Janine Phillips says:

    Lamb Pasanda

  18. chicken korma

  19. Katherine L says:

    I’m a big fan of lamb korma!

  20. LINDSEY CLARK says:

    King Prawn Malayan with Mushroom Pilau Rice & a Keema Nan.

  21. Jayne Sullivan says:

    Vegetable Jalfrezi

  22. samosas

  23. I don’t have a favorite Indian cuisine unless it is Chai tea! I love it!

  24. S.Richards says:

    Korma love it

  25. Sag aloo

  26. laura banks says:

    chicke tikka massala

  27. Stephanie Cheung-Tsang says:

    I love chicken korma

  28. Jessica Elizabeth says:

    Masala Dosa!

  29. Kelly Koya says:

    chilli paneer

  30. Phil Darling says:

    Chicken Naga Marsala

  31. Vegetable korma

  32. Monika Pietruch says:

    Tarka Dhal with ‘Naan bread

  33. christine shelley says:

    Chicken masala

  34. grainne marnell-fox says:

    I love chicken korma

  35. lovely prize x

  36. vegetable korma :)

  37. Holly Smith says:

    Chicken Jalfrezi

  38. Francesca Tuck says:

    Chicken Passanda

  39. Kheer

  40. Lorraine Tinsley says:

    A nice king prawn dhansak

  41. Kay Sheridan says:

    I love parathas!

  42. Tink Rhonda Lee Mse says:

    Chicken Tikka Masala.

  43. Tammy Tudor says:

    Chicken Korma

  44. Caroline H says:

    Vegetable dopiaza.

  45. Chichen tikka biriyani

  46. Prawn korma ….naughty but can be nice

  47. Lamb biryani

  48. maureen findley says:

    garlic chilli chicken

  49. Hazel Christopher says:

    Chicken madras

  50. tony allan says:

    Prawn dhansak

  51. frances hopkins says:

    Chicken tikka

  52. Korma

  53. lorraine stone says:

    Chicken Korma.

  54. katie skeoch says:

    got to be pakora, all kinds xx

  55. Andrea Kallmeier says:

    Vegetarian Thali x

  56. sag aloo

  57. Kelly Dutton says:

    Prawn Pathia

  58. faye huntington says:

    good ole’ chicken korma :)

  59. chicken bhuna

  60. michelle muirhead says:

    Lamb Kofta

  61. Graeme Macmillan says:


  62. Chicken madras

  63. Chicken tikka balti

  64. chicken korma

  65. melanie stirling says:

    Chicken tikka biryani

  66. Amy Ripley says:

    Chicken Korma

  67. Nicola Lynch says:

    Chicken Korma

  68. Hannah ONeill says:

    Chicken Madras

  69. Melissa Red says:

    Chicken Korma

  70. ben holding says:

    Sag aloo

  71. Cat Williams says:

    Vegetable Madras

  72. Lottie Wood says:

    Vegetable korma!

  73. Tamil Fish Curry – yum yum yum

  74. Mark Finch says:

    A chicken Masala

  75. I love my mum’s saag!

  76. I love keema naan!

  77. sarah birkett says:

    I love indian food but it has to mild, korma or malayan curries are veyr very good

  78. Sam Cornford says:

    Chicken dopiaza

  79. Leanne V mckenna says:

    Pasanda :)

  80. Kerry Manners says:

    Chicken korma 😀

  81. Korma

  82. Lamb tikka massala

  83. Michael Clyma says:

    Kauai Prawns, so moorish!

  84. Michael Clyma says:

    Kadai Prawns, so moorish

  85. katie kerr says:

    korma and aloo paratha

  86. Clint Howat says:


  87. Fiona Mallard says:

    Lamb Rogan Josh

  88. Sheila Reeves says:

    Chicken shashlik

  89. Emily CLark says:

    Paneer tikka masala – great veggie option!

  90. Lamb Rogan Josh – mmmm!

  91. Christina Brown says:

    Aloo saag :) I love the spinach!

  92. Butter Chicken

  93. I love a Peshwari Naan with just about anything

  94. Teresa Lee says:

    Chicken tikka with spiced rice

  95. Isabelle Smith says:

    korma yummmmmmmmmmm

  96. Kel Ellen Hirst says:

    Chicken tikka biryani

  97. katherine b says:

    lamb biryani is my favourite! x

  98. Kathryn Tatters says:

    Chicken Madras

  99. My local Indian does a lovely honey cream one, it is meant to be mild but I get them to make it spicy for me!

  100. Emma Carvell says:

    Vegetable Jalfrezi!

  101. arabella bazley says:

    I never know the names of my favourites because they are always from some little backstreet cafe abroad where the local workers eat and the food is stunning but you order by the type of meat, not by the type of curry. Having said that I did have an amazing whole curried lobster at a restaurant in England, probably in Hull or thereabouts, and I have never found anywhere else serving it. Not being in London limits your resources!

  102. Gary Topley says:

    Chicken Korma.

  103. Amanda Mallows says:

    Peshwari Naan – yummy!

  104. Ellen Stafford says:


  105. Goan Fish Curry

  106. Amelia Makes says:

    I am so soft when it comes to indian food so i dont go for anythiing hotter than a korma! haha

  107. Rachel Gilbey says:

    Chicken Korma

  108. Chicken Malayan or korma

  109. Mark Palmer says:


  110. jennie jackson says:

    Chicken Bhuna

  111. Stephanie Whitehouse says:

    I love a byriani – but can’t spell one

  112. louise bennett says:

    chicken tikka

  113. Kelly Hooper says:

    Chicken Tikka Masala

  114. I’m obsessed with Chai tea and chai latte at the moment. :)


  115. sheila bound says:

    Don’t like Indian food but do like Chai latte

  116. Catherine Short says:

    Chicken madras

  117. Lamb rogan josh :)

  118. Victoria Morrison says:

    Chicken Kashmir with bananas – nom – and a nice peshwar naan

  119. Joanna Sawka says:

    tandoori chicken

  120. chicken tikka passanda.

  121. James Kelly says:

    I always order Chicken Rogan Josh, and Garlic Naan

  122. leanne williams says:

    I love a good Bhaji!!

  123. julie laing says:

    rogan josh

  124. Jackie ONeill says:

    Chicken Balti

  125. Gemma Poulding says:

    Lamb Balti

  126. Amy Beckett says:

    Any dish with lamb in – Lamb Rogan Josh Yum Yum

  127. Chicken Korma :)

  128. Megan Davies says:

    I love most of it to be honest. Cannot go wrong with goan fish curry tho.

  129. Anna-Marie Donnelly says:

    Has to be Chicken Tikka Masala with garlic

  130. helenthemadex says:

    has to be chicken Tikka for me

  131. My favourite is Chicken Tikka Biriani 😀

  132. linda curtis says:

    lamb rogan josh

  133. chicken tikka I love we have at least one a week

  134. It’s a toss up between chicken tikka and chicken biriani. I’m a fan of chicken.

  135. Mickie Bull says:

    King Prawn Bhuna

  136. Sag paneer

  137. Tikka Massala

  138. Sally Poole says:

    Bombay Potato

  139. chirag Patel says:

    chicken biryani

  140. Cris Curran says:

    Chana Masala… yummy!! @criscurran

  141. Lindsey Jones says:

    Tikka Masala

  142. Just hand me the samosas!

  143. My favourite is Pakora

  144. Meat Biryani

  145. Kirsten Barthy says:

    Saag Paneer

  146. Hayley Mulgrove says:

    Chicken Biryani

  147. I am a weakling and generally stick to Korma.

  148. Chicken Jalfrezi

  149. Diana Semionova says:

    Lamb Pasanda :)

  150. ann hamilton says:

    chicken tikka

  151. A chicken passanda

  152. Caroline James says:

    I like shami kebabs

  153. Can’t beat a great Korma; from our local takeaway it is the best EVER!

  154. antonia richardson says:

    chicken korma

  155. katie smith says:

    chicken tikka masala

  156. laura jayne bates says:

    always chicken korma

  157. angela sandhu says:

    Being indian, I don’t have a favourite dish – depends on my mood!

  158. Laura Wilce says:

    I love a mixed grill with salad and mint sauce. I just like all the different meats and flavours, plus it doesn’t seem too rich.

  159. Sarah Pybus says:

    Chicken Surryah – only ever seen it at one takeaway but it suits my taste buds down to the ground, creamy and full of flavour.

  160. @dollylaboo says:

    dhal – and naan

  161. I love chicken korma and sag aloo!

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