Alma de Cuba Coffee #Giveaway

New Year Revival Pack – Win Alma de Cuba Coffee!

Anyone else in need of a pick-me-up after Christmas?  I’ve got the perfect solution here – some fabulous fresh coffee from Alma de Cuba.

alma_de_cuba coffee

Alma de Cuba means the Soul of Cuba – the people behind this thoughtful coffee company are working to reestablish Cuban coffee.  Once a leading producer of coffee, according to wiki production declined from 170,000 hectares in 1961 to 26,935 in 2011.  So, Alma de Cuba are on a mission to help the mountain coffee farmers of Cuba, the campesinos, to ensure they have the tools they need.  What makes it special?

 Grown in rich, fertile soils in the balmy climate of mountains overlooking the Caribbean, Alma de Cuba’s coffee beans flourish at an altitude of 800-1,500ft before being ripened by the cooling sea breeze blowing off the sea. This is known to be one of the best coffee-growing climates anywhere in the world.

Each young coffee plant is tended to each day by the mountain farmers – or ‘campesinos’ – who carefully harvest the precious cherries with un-gloved hands, ensuring each one is kept in perfect condition.

The result is a uniquely smooth and strong coffee perfect as a post Holiday Season pick me up. I know, the lovely people at Alma de Cuba sent me a sample – and for me it’s nice enough to drink black (always my benchmark for good coffee!)

Alma de Cuba Coffee Tin

Now if you’d like to win some of this coffee, just let me know what you use to make the perfect cup of coffee.  You might just make it the way my mum did, on the stove top with a saucepan and some boiling water  Or do you have a proper coffee making machine?

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  1. lorraine stone says

    I was going to put “I don’t – hubby does!” But when I DO make my own coffee I make it nice and strong with a dash of milk. Mmm.

  2. Ruth Harwood says

    I have a caffetierre that I use, and I always put the milk in first – it tastes creamier xx

  3. keshia esgate says

    Sometimes instant, sometimes in the perculator – always with milk or cream, no sugar

  4. Gemma Thomas says

    When in work its instant coffee but a good quality one and when at home its in a perculator

  5. Glenn M says

    I use a very battered old stove percolator picked up years ago in Spain. I heat the milk and use an electric hand whisk to give it a foam, remembering to give the pick pan a good few bashes b3fore adding it to the coffee this makes the bubbles much smaller and smoother and produces a nice ‘crema’. It’s real morning ritual.

  6. K.C.Mankell says

    Actually although I have a coffee machine, cafeteria etc., I usually partake of instant coffee as this is quick and quite ok.

  7. Stacey Carnell says

    Just milk mixed with a lovely coffee and then popped in the microwave! Like a latte every time and doesn’t take any longer than normal :)

  8. Caroline H says

    A good brand of instant if I’m in a hurry, cafetiere if I’m not. Always really hot and strong with just a splash of milk.

  9. russell aitken says

    We just got a bean to cup machine in the sales!! Its the best thing ever!!

    Now we just need the perfect bean!

  10. laura jones says

    one of my fave ways is the way my mum used to make with hot milk with instant coffee and brown sugar added just an occasional treat!

  11. Catherine says

    My boyfriend works as a barista so I always get him to bring me some home from work :) Other than that it’s plain instant!

  12. nikki says

    we have a built in coffee machine in our kitchen.grinds the beans and froths,best cup of coffee ever!

  13. valerie mccarthy says

    I use to make cappuccino but our machine is broken. Now, I make instant with milk and sugar.

  14. sarah birkett says

    At home it’s usually instant, but I love a well made cup in a proper coffee machine when I am with friends

  15. Jan Wroblewski says

    I generally use the filter machine – but if pushed for time do the instant – milk and no sugar.

  16. faye huntington says

    i don’t usually, i tend to drink tea at home and coffee whilst out! with love, faye xx

  17. Maya Russell says

    We have a coffee machine which grinds for you! Or, if you already have ground coffee, you can set it to go without grinding. Use it every day.

  18. karen cowley says

    Usually instant coffe 2 sugars with milk, love my coffe, don’t know how else to wake up in the morning xxx

  19. Michael Griffin says

    I bought coffee beans back from Cuba last year. Great ground and served strong and black

  20. Jeremy Hards says

    Black with sugar, just like they drink it in Cuba.

    I would love to win this as Cuban coffe is difficult to find. I always bring beans back when I go to Cuba for my holiday. Lovely country and wonderful people. Can recommend it for holidays if you can afford it.

  21. Liz ferguson says

    It depends. I use a kettle and instant in the morning for my first cup. During the day I use my coffe machine, because I like the smell. I like it strong, milky, one sugar.

  22. Amanda Mallows says

    Instant coffee, in a mug, with lots of milk and sugar – I’m terribly Northern 😉

  23. katie Kathurima says

    normally instant with milk but sometime i get some real coffee then in a cafetiere

  24. Katherine L says

    I use a stovetop or a cafetiere … most day black but once in a while with a splash of milk :)

  25. Lynn Heath says

    In a mug!!! instant and usually drank luke warm as I’m sure that when the kids hear the kettle boil they think that means its be naughty time!!!!

  26. alison berry says

    Mainly use instant, white with 1 sugar, but when we have friends and family around I use the cafetiere!

  27. Melanie Gardiner says

    Before work and during it’s instant, but as soon as I get home and at weekends I use a cafetiere

  28. K Mayers says

    Always black, usually with a little bit of sugar. I either boil the kettle or use a Tassimo machine to mix it up :)

  29. Paul says

    I don’t like the pod machines so use the new forms of instant coffee (some are now really good) or from bean. I like plenty of milk or an expresso

  30. natalie fairhurst says

    i have 2 coffee machines at the minute, 1 at work a delonghi, and my personal favourite a GAGGIA deluxe

  31. Rachael Barratt says

    I am so bad at making coffee but I love it the best with a shot of caramel and frothy milk!

  32. Sarah Forrester says

    as we LOVE our coffee we have it in many different ways! We have a Dolce Gusto & a Tassimo buy use a cafetier if we have a special coffee.

  33. Stephanie Whitehouse says

    I have one of those stove top things that pushes the water up through the coffee

  34. Toni W says

    I like the new instant barista style coffees, easy to make but taste fantastic….just add water and milk! :)

  35. gemma clark says

    I have a cafetiere which is nice sometimes but I do like heating up milk and then adding coffee gingerbread syrup to make a to die for gingerbread latte….mmmmmmm

  36. Helen Tobin-Perry says

    I love it a number of different ways depending on when n where but at home on my own I’m limited to my instant with a dash of milk x

  37. claire matthews-curtis says

    I drink instant coffee but I do have a perculator for when I fancy a fresh ground coffee

  38. Karen K says

    I’m really bad, I buy the instant sachets of mocha/latte etc… so just need to boil a kettle. If I want proper coffee I go to a cafe or coffee shop!

  39. richard hill says

    spoon of coffee in mug then 2 spoons of sugar then hot water then milk and stir,grab the biscuits go put your feet up and dunk the biscuits in the coffee mmmmm yummy

  40. NICOLA TERRY says

    I use instant coffee. Put my granules in the cup while the kettle is boiling, add a dash of milk and stir to get a froth. Then add the water while still stirring then top up with more milk

  41. Katie Walker says

    Depends on the time. We have normal coffee in the morning with milk. Maybe a posh caramel latte later on out of the tassimo and sometimes in the evening a decaff cafetiere. We like coffee in this house !

  42. Susan Carter says

    If I am feeling extravagant or in need of a treat I use the coffee maker. Otherwise just a quality instant.

  43. Lauren Old says

    I use instant coffee, or at work I use Puro beans, grind them up and filter them in the coffee machine. Tastes amazing!

  44. Patricia Walker says

    I use a filter machine and drink my coffee strong and black. If I’m feeling indulgent I also add a flavour such as cardomon pods or hazelnut syrup

  45. zoe lucas says

    for quickness Kettle milk and one sugar when i have more time i use my Coffeemaker and have a flavoured coffee black and full of flavour

  46. tobys proud mummy toys says

    Always with lots of milk and a little sugar and always prefer filter coffee when I have the time . These days rarely as a busy mummy find the time to make a coffee let alone sit down and enjoy one . Years ago when I lived in Vienna it was great going to all the coffee houses where you can chill for hours pour over the newspaper and they even serve a glass of water and small ginger biscuit to accompany your coffee ah blissful

  47. Champaklal Lad says

    Place hot boiling water in a cup, then add coffee granules slowly – mixes smoothly no lumps, same technique for soups

    • Champaklal Lad says

      Oh yes add milk as well.

      Alternatively place milk and water in a pan, heat up and place in a cup. Add coffee granules to cup, no lumps and also a hotter and richer coffee taste with the hot milk, keeps the coffee warmer than the kettle method

  48. Cheryl says

    I use a coffee machine to make a latte – and I’ll sometimes add a dash of Hazelnut syrup as a treat

  49. rebecca nisbet says

    put kettle on, whilst that’s boiling put coffee in cup either mellow birds or kenco millicano then add the milk and 2 sweeteners, put in microwave for 30 seconds, then pour water once boiled.
    Or drive to town, go to Costa, request a large caramel latte, put bank card in machine, type in pin code and take coffee, add 2 sugars then go.

  50. Kel Ellen Hirst says

    A coffee shop 😉 or the best I can do at home is using my tassimo machine & costa pods


  51. Chris Fletcher says

    we use a cafetiere when we have time – usually its instant though when I’m running late!

  52. lorna q says

    I use a cafetiere first thing in the morning, instant through the day and then I like a latte in the evening.

  53. Lynsie Lynn says

    I make my coffee with freshly ground coffee (yay for grinders) in a cafetiere. And I drink it the only way it should be drunk: Strong, Black and NO sugar :)