From Marylebone to Kings Cross – Bar Reviews: 108 Marylebone Lane and Megaro

The Juicery at 108 Marylebone Lane and ‘This Way Up’ at Megaro:

 Guest Bar Reviews by Adrian York:

On a cold and wet winter’s evening nothing beats going into a warm and welcoming bar. Here are a couple of exciting options for the New Year.

108 Marylebone Lane


108 marylebone Lane exterior

108 Marylebone Lane is a bright and buzzy restaurant and bar complex around the corner from the shopping mecca of Marylebone High St.

108 Marylebone Lane Interior

Until the end of January they are running a pop-up bar called The Juicery offering a range of four rather alarmingly healthy fresh juice cocktails at a hugely reasonable £8. The drinks are more textural than many with a satisfying mouthfeel and incredible freshness. They are perfect for the Pilates women who inhabit this particularly metropolitan of quartiers.

108 marylebone lane calamari

Drinking on an empty stomach is never a good idea so some freshly cooked
Crispy Calamari with spicy mayo (£7.50) provided a delicious foundation for the liquid entertainment ahead.

108 marylebone lane cocktail

A Green Martini with kiwi, cucumber, parsley and mint, Hendricks and Gin Mare
was cool and vegetal-a great opening gambit.

108 marylebone lane cocktail 2

The Beetroot Bellini is a blend of apple, beetroot, carrot, pomegranate and mint topped with champagne. It must be the healthiest alcoholic drink on the planet, a beetroot fizz, so if you are a fan of the deep purple-go for it!

I08 marylebone lane sidecar

The Sidecar on 5th mixes grapefruit, orange , apple, lime and mint with Cognac, Triple Sec and lemon juice which is then shaken over ice. This was a lovely drink-an amalgam of citrus and cognac with a satisfyingly long aftertaste preceded by the juice zing.

108 marylebone lane ambrose Mojito

Ambrose Mojito was a new take on the Cuban classic-raspberry, lemon, elderflower and rose water muddled with Drambuie, Meyers Dark Rum and mint.
Dark, sexy and not too sweet this was a multi-layered taste experience with the initial raspberry hit giving way to the enigmatic flavour of the rum.

The Juicery cocktails are really worth a try but the whole operation at 108 Marylebone Lane gives a variety of dining, drinking and private event options that are worth investigating if you are in the area.

Heading towards the city down the Marylebone Road we come to King’s Cross, an area that is fast becoming a model for urban regeneration with the recent St. Pancras and Granary Square developments. Decked out in bright pastel colours on the south side of the Euston Rd is the Megaro hotel with its modern European restaurant Karpo on the ground floor. Nestling in the basement is The Megaro Bar, an intimate space offering bespoke, homemade cocktails and a selection of accompanying chef’s plates.

Megaro Hotel Bar

We have come for the launch of a photography installation entitled This Way Up at Megaro Bar by Henry Thomas in collaboration with K&i Design Studio. The bar itself is a clever blend of classic and modern with the contemporary urban juxtapositions of the photos giving the basement room a spacious and panoramic feel.

Megaro Hotel Bar 2

In the party atmosphere of the launch we try out a selection of the bar snacks and cocktails. We particularly enjoyed eating the Salsify Fritters, Cervelle de Canut (£4.50) and Earl Grey Salmon, Vanilla, Root Beer Jelly (£7.50); our favourite cocktails were the Lavender Hill Mob Fizz (Beefeater, lemon, lavender gomme, Zedda Piras, soda) and the Monroe three five one (Absolut, amontillado, barrel aged gomme, Perrier Jouet, Chinese courage, Colombian aged gin, plum blossom cordial). With house cocktails at £8.50 and classics at £9.50 the Megaro bar is a stylish but affordable location offering top-notch mixology in a sophisticated but relaxed space, close to the West End but without West End prices.


The Juicery @ 108 Marylebone Lane
108 Marylebone Lane, London, W1U 2QE
(0)207 969 3900

Megaro Bar
23-27 Euston Road, London, NW1 2SD
(0)203 432 5150


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  1. says

    The photos are fantastic. They really show how delicious the food and drink will be. I wish I could taste it–especially that beetroot juice with all those extras. I hope the establishment does well.

  2. Pamela Morse says

    I have been using fresh juice lately for some gin cocktails…it makes a huge difference. I plan to knock off the Ambrose mojito ASAP. Thanks for the ideas.

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