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Save Money – Learn to Cook:

It is that time of year isn’t it?  We all tend to overspend a bit at Christmas time and then January creeps in – bleak and miserable with the Christmas bills to pay.  Well, this particular giveaway, thanks to Debt Free Direct, is designed to help you make your money go further.  I don’t know if you have caught Jamie Oliver’s latest TV series ‘Jamie”s Money Saving Meals‘ but I think it’s spot on for how we all feel at this time of year.  On the last show he demonstrated how making your own pizza pie would give you pizza every week for a whole year, for the same cost as a weekly delivery for just a month – and he managed to make it look really easy too!  And of course with food that you cook yourself it’s easier to make sure you are eating healthy food, because you know exactly what you are adding.



For me that’s part of the reason why I cook my own 5:2 diet recipes.  I know I save money and I have more control about what I am eating – how much butter I use, whether or not I add sugar and what mix of ingredients I use.  Now, I was quite lucky I think.  My mother hated cooking so, when I was in my teens I started to take over making family meals.  Then when I went to university, I was part of a cooking collective – there were six of us in total – each cooking a two course meal one evening of the week (we had Saturdays off) for ourselves and the other five.  A great way to save money and learn how to cook.  But I know I was lucky – and since then I’ve done a lot of cookery classes.

Clams with pasta


Perhaps you could do with some help too.  Of course you can get some great tips online, like this article about how to eat healthy food.  You’ll find a lot more ideas about how to save money on the Making Money Go Further Blog too   But, for the ultimate fast track to learn to cook healthy food, how about joining in some of the cookery classes at Jamie Oliver’s own cookery schools and cafes.  There are three Recipease Centres, two in London and one in Brighton, each offering a range of courses and events.  The lovely people at Debt Free Direct are offering a £200 gift voucher which you can use for courses of your choice – from the extravagant ‘All Trussed up’ to events where your kids can learn to cook pizza, make home made pasta or even create their own chocolate truffles.  It’s up to you how you spend your voucher – but we hope it will help you save money in the long term!

So, all you need do now is to follow the Rafflecopter through and let me know how you’d use these cookery vouchers to help you save money.


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  1. Francesca Tuck says

    I think it will give me some great ideas for different knock down meals which would be superb for me.

  2. Anna Ingram says

    would help me know what to do with leftover ingredients from special recipes, hence not wasting anything.

  3. David says

    I won’t be buying anymore ready made meals which are not just expensive, they are also not very healthy at all.

  4. says

    I think learning to cook from a professional will always help someone to understand wastage better, as they have the knowledge to explain how to use the food more effectively!

  5. Tracey Belcher says

    Taking control of my shopping list and cooking. Buying ingredients in the right quantity and then taking pride in cooking up good food

  6. Kelly Koya says

    It would help me, as I could use it to educate my children in how to cook, so instead of buying a takeaway when I don’t feel like cooking – they can do it for me! 😀


    Ive never known how to cook so if I learned how to buy the right amounts for one and cook accordingly I would save from costly ready meals and waste from larger portions.

  8. Katherine L says

    Home cooked foods can be just as tasty or even tastier than eating out. Taking a lesson at Recipease would give me new skills and recipes to wow my family with at home :)

  9. says

    Great prize! I was watching an episode of Save With Jamie just last night and said so many times “that’s actually a good idea” as I need to really practice not wasting so much! I’d be so thrilled to be a part of this cooking class!! Thanks!

  10. Emily OMara says

    I was going to go on a cookery course anyway, this would save me money by me not having to pay for the course, and also I cook a lot of ready meals which can be expensive!

  11. Jan Beal says

    Planning meals would mean that there would be less weekly wastage and watching how the new recipes are made would instil a new confidence.

  12. Mary Baldwin says

    It would mean that I would stop going for the easy option and ordering takeaway rather than having the confidence to cook from scratch.

  13. Liz says

    My guilty pleasure is a curry takeaway, so I’d do the Indian Thali course so I could learn to cook it at home and save myself a fortune!

  14. Pamela says

    As I am useless at cooking, if I wish to entertain people then I take them out for restaurant meals, which is very expensive and probably not very healthy! If I could learn to cook then I could entertain them myself by rustling up a dinner party and save lots of £££!

  15. Nrichard Lumbers says

    i think it would make filleting and boning meat less wasteful.
    also i think learning to cook meat properly eg not over cook
    would be beneficial to flavor and the wallet

  16. says

    I’ve always been a very thrifty cook, am known for it and am good at making things stretch when friends arrive, there is always very little food waste in this house and I cook just about everything from scratch but I would like to me more adventurous with fish, I use it but in safe well know dishes. We all love fish in this house and I would love to make more use of the bargains to be had in the supermarket and cook lovely fish dishes for a family.

  17. Sarah-Jayne says

    What a FANTASTIC prize … I regularly cook very mediocre food .. but it would be GREAT to have some proper lessons/advice! Fingers crossed.

  18. Sue Obrien says

    By planning meals using seasonal fresh ingredients. I have also taken on an allotment so am excited to use my own produce too saving even more.

  19. JennG says

    We are really trying to find new ways to eat on a tighter budget but still really yummy. I think this course would help get me going in the right direction.

  20. Stefan Ingram says

    I find it hard to find the best value ingredients for my cooking, so I think i could save money by going on this course

  21. debbie creasey says

    I can’ t cook so eat a lot of ready meals, so hopefully learning to cook from scratch will save me money.

  22. Debbie Preston says

    I hope it would make me confident to cook healthy family meals and stop buying takeaways and ready meals

  23. Valencia says

    The classes would help me utilize all produce, meats and dairy better so that there would be less waste. Please it would just be enjoyable to learn new techniques and dishes.

  24. Tracey Gwynne says

    I would learn to cook flavoursome meals from scratch rather than buy expensive and inferior takeaways and ready meals

  25. Gem says

    With cookery classes I feel I would be better at meal planning, budgeting for food and by cooking a few portions at a time save a lot of money in the long run.

  26. Emma Wolski says

    I would be able to plan for the week! I work shifts and find it a struggle! I would be able to learn how to make batches and freeze more!

  27. catherine short says

    It would help me save money, as i could invite my friends round to sample my new recipes instead of going out to a restaurant. x

  28. Sarah Cooper says

    With a bigger repertoire of meals I could make I could meal plan much more efficiently and we would spend less on takeaways.

  29. Claire Nelson says

    Sometimes I see things at the supermarket that are reduced on the fresh counters but have no idea how I could use them so I would feel more confident buying them.

  30. Jenny barker says

    Have really started to try and shop and cook fresh but only have a few things I’m any good at making the family like these if I had the confidence and skills to cook more really think I could save money on my shopping and have the family eating better would love for my kids to really start to enjoy dinner again :0)

  31. Wendy Tolhurst says

    I would hope it would help me to stock up on essential cupboard items so that I can be more versatile with recipes and use food items I already have.

  32. Stuart bates says

    Always glad to have help planning and budgeting. I’s far too easy to get into a routine of the same tried and trusted dishes!

  33. Jeremy Andrews says

    I think it will save me money as I often throw food away which goes off as I never worked out a good meal to go with it during the week.

  34. Charlotte G says

    I think it would inspire me to try new things and in time save on buying prepackaged meals as I would be cooking my own meals :)

  35. alison clark says

    I’d like to go on a chocolate course as i love godiva chocolates but they are very pricy be good to learn how to make my own , however i love buying and trying new and good foods so i would probably end up spending more!!!

  36. Christina Cooke says

    I’d save money purely because it’s cheaper to buy the individual ingredients for a meal than buying ready made meals!

  37. Naomi Buchan says

    I love the idea of the chocolate truffle making, it would save a fortune at Xmas and Birthdays to make a box of treats myself. It would also hopefully make it a little bit more special for the person receiving them x

  38. Susan Oliver says

    Hopefully I would learn how to cook some different foods other than my usual meat and two veg. If I could learn to make meals with just veg I would save heaps of money.xx

  39. janet brown says

    Was lucky enough to be in Jamie oliver Money saving meals
    and now I have very little food waste now.Thanks to Jamie showing ways to use up food waste
    Brilliant series.

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